Bella’s Engagement Ring

The folks over at Twilight Teez will shortly begin taking orders for Bella’s engagement ring. (12:00 mountain time…that’s 1:00 central, 2:00 eastern, and 11:00 pacific on July 18th) Just as was the case for the Bella’s signature bracelet, there are a limited run of signature edition items.  See their site for details. Owner Brian will be happy to answer your questions.

EDITED:  This just in from Twilight Teez

EDITED: This just in from Twilight Teez:

"I am writing this to inform you that Twilight Teez has exceeded our server capacity.  We were running a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and felt that we were doing just fine…until 5:40 PM Arizona time when we exceeded our server’s memory capacity.  I am writing to you to let you know that we are diligently working with our hosting provider to move our site to a full dedicated web server which will more than meet our needs.  We should be back up and running within 12 hours if not way sooner.  I was wondering if you could post a note to this effect to let people know what is happening and why they can’t view the site, and that we should be back online and operational well in time to launch Bella’s Engagement Ring at the appointed time."