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Midnight Sun CoverWe have several give aways that we are sponsoring and multiple ways for you to enter to win some great products and signatures from Stephenie Meyer thanks to Fickle Fish Films and TheNovl

First – Leave a comment here on the Lexicon about what moment you are most looking forward to reading about in Midnight Sun.  We will pick one winner from the comments posted to receive a copy of Midnight Sun along with a signed book plate. This contest is open to all countries and international followers.  

Second – We will have a twitter contest for a second give away of the book along with a signed book plate.  Again, this is an international contest open to anyone. Check  our Twitter feed for details.  

Third – We are hosting a give away on Instagram for TheNovl Midnight Sun Box. This box includes a copy of Midnight Sun and a signed bookplate along with a whole host of other goodies!  We will choose one winner from our Instagram followers. Because of the content of this box, this give away is open to only the US.  

All winners will be chosen on Sunday Aug. 9, 2020.


  1. I’m looking forward reading about Edward’s perspective on the meadow scene. I think that’s a key scene in the book.

  2. Bianca Cisneiros says

    I’m most looking foward to see edward’s thoughts when he first kissed bella!

  3. I have been hyped since the announcement of the release and I am excited to everything EVERYTHING about the book, but what I want to know the most is Edward’s past since I always wondered what happened before he met Bella (I was always hoping for the author to release a prequel to be honest to cover this part, it seems so interesting) and also Alice’s thoughts when she saw that she will become friends with Bella and that Bella will become a vampire.

    Thank you for this opportunity ?? have a nice day.

  4. The part I’m looking forward to the most are the times that Edward spends at home with the rest of his family. The view the reader gets from Bella’s POV of the Cullens is limited. I’m looking forward to seeing Alice’s personality is it more impish or childlike or genius or all of the above. Is Rose really sweet and caring and it is just her fear for her family causing her to be so cold to outsiders?

  5. Anne Campbell says

    I’m looking forward to reading all of it from Edward’s perspective, but especially the moment he realizes he can’t read Bella’s mind. It sets up so much intrigue and a connection between them in a different way.

  6. I’m super curious to read Edward’s ‘mature’ POV about his Love and how He is feeling that feelings

  7. The moment in which he has to say goodbye to Bella as she goes to Phoenix… I really want to see the pain and struggle and force of love that was going on in his head?

  8. Dying to see his perspective of what happens in the ballet studio!!!!

    • Also, I’m one of the few Midnight Sun Virgins left (just went and looked at the old thread on the forums…I wonder how many of us are still left!). I can’t wait to get my hands on it after all these years!

  9. I’m just excited that we are after all this years getting the book
    I really am looking forward to read how the Cullens interact as a family when there aren’t humans nearby and to learn how they cope with living with “relatives” with special abilities because let’s be honest between Alice and Edward there’s no privacy and also to finally be able to read the meadow scene!!!!

    Thank you for the chance

  10. I’m looking forward to Edward reading Bella’s letter and when jasper and Alice tell him she’s escaped!! ??

  11. Dance studio!!!

  12. I’m looking forward to learning about what Edward is truly thinking as he falls in love with Bella; why he pushed her away in the beginning; what happened to make him suddenly change his mind; and most of all what he was thinking during the crucial meadow scene. I cannot wait to read Midnight Sun. Thanks, Stephenie Meyer.

  13. Johanna Franco Ibañez says

    Since I read twilight for the first time I’M DYING to know The moment Edward realize that Bella isn’t with Alice and Jasper at the airport.

  14. I’m looking forward to the meadow scene! I’m sure it will make me emotional lol I’m also looking forward to the scene where Edward is trying to find James because we don’t get to see any of that in twilight.

  15. I want most to read the ending. To see if Edward already had thoughts of leaving as a possibility. I just want to feel his feelings.

  16. Monique Messman says

    I’m looking forward to hearing Edward’s thoughts while they are in the meadow and when he had to rid her of James’ venom.
    So excited! There are many other scenes I’m looking forward to as well!

  17. I want to see the baseball scene and the meadow scene and the ballet studio.

  18. Claire Richard says

    There are so many things I’m looking forward to!! I can’t wait to finally understand all of what Edward does and doesn’t see – Bella spends so much time believing she is giving her emotions away, but I wonder how he really interprets what she doesn’t say. I am also so excited to have everyone else’s thoughts.

  19. Taylor Ethier says

    I’m excited to see what happens when Edward arrives in Phoenix and finds out that Bella is with James. Also curious to see Edward’s perspective in the blood-typing scene

  20. Karina Vela says

    I fell in love with twilight at the age of 6. I watched twilight on the big screen for the first time and fell in love with the plot!?? After seeing the movie, I could not stop wanting to know more and see more! I began to wait for the new movies to come out and found myself counting down the days for the releases. Being so young I did not stop to think that there could be any books for these movies. But of course there were and when I found out I was ecstatic!!? I went to my city library and read the books as many times as I could! But still it was not enough! This was the moment that I knew, Twilight had made me fall in love with reading. I decided I wanted my own copies and so I began to search for them! During this time, my mom began thrifting, and she invited me with her. I would love to go to the section of books because my love for reading had grown and I was hoping I could find some other books that I could read! And to my amazing surprise, I found many copies of the Twilight series on these book shelves. Automatically I became sad, because I couldn’t understand how someone could just give these books away just like that. But then I decided that if no one wanted these books, that I would give them a loving home where they were going to be loved and cared for, and especially read over and over again. I began reading and reading until I couldn’t stop, until my mom told me it was time for bed, but still I could not stop. I continuously read and watched
    the books and movies over and over again, and I have never found myself and will never find myself getting tired of them anytime soon! I think for me, being a hopeless romantic at such a young age, I fell in love with Bella and Edward’s love story. Although it was pretty much the same type of love story (guy falls in love with an ordinary girl), there was something more fascinating and more intriguing than any other book/movie series I’ve ever seen or read. As of this year, I had no idea that Stephenie was ever going to come out with Midnight Sun. I did not know anything at all about this book that would soon become my favorite book out of all the series only because it was going to be told by my most favorite character of all time, Edward. And there are many fans that probably deserve this copy much more than I do because they have been waiting for so long, as for me I’ve been only waiting a few months! But if anything, because I have not waited as long as the others, I don’t believe it makes me someone that loves Twilight any less than the other fans. I don’t think I will ever stop loving twilight, ever. So to have a signed copy of my most favorite book by a wonderful author, would be a dream! But to finally answer the question, me being the hopeless romantic that I am, I have been waiting to see what about Bella intrigues Edward to her. Why and how he fell in love with her, the description of his feelings and his thoughts about her. How he fights himself from killing her only because he loves and cares for her too much to ever live without her. And not only his thoughts, but the thoughts of the others around him. I just cannot believe we have been blessed to receive this book. I don’t think someone can thank Stephenie Meyer enough and tell her how grateful all her loving fans are for finishing this book. For some it may seem small, but it means something much more greater to me, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful!

  21. I’m so excited for Midnight Sun! I want to read Twilight and Midnight Sun together in tandem!

  22. Thanks for this giveaway. I’m so excited to read all about what happen in Phoenix. This intrigues me for so long. I can’t wait

  23. Charlotte says

    I am excited to read when Edward finds out Bella left the airport and then when he saves her. I’m also looking forward to the dinner in Port Angeles and the meadow scene. Also I love the part when Edward carries Bella to the nurse because she faints at the sight of blood from blood typing in biology. I think that part is so funny and ironic! I’m also curious what Edward hears in everyone’s mind and finding out things I never knew before. Thank you for doing this giveaway! I’m looking forward to reading Midnight Sun because I love these books and they mean so much to me.

  24. I’m super excited to finally read Edward Cullen ‘s mind in this amazingly beautiful love story, eternal as Edward and Bella themselves!!
    Thank You for this great opportunity, much love from Europe ??????

  25. Shayla J Marshall says

    These characters mean so much to me! Their love story introduced me to the world of reading, and I can’t even begin to describe how much that’s meant to me! I’m beyond excited to read the whole novel, but the scene I’m most looking forward to seeing through Edward’s eyes is the moment they first kiss! Can. Not. Wait! I LOVE the draft she posted all those years ago so much, thrilled to finally get the whole story!! And to just reread it like there’s no tomorrow!

  26. Valerie Madrid says

    I’m excited to learn about Edward and Esme human past life. Along with when he first met Bella in the science room.

  27. Samantha Jones says

    I am most looking forward to the Blood Type chapter because it has the blood typing AND the Lemonade bottle cap scene! Eek! ?

  28. Vielka Santiago says

    I am very excited to see the moment in the meadow, it was my favorite chapter in twilight and that is such an important step in their relationship … and the moment he leaves the plane and realizes that she was not there and the madness from there to the rescue…

  29. I cannot wait to read about his past and how Edward felt with when he found Bella’s bleeding leg at the end.
    As well as what he thought during the baseball game BEFORE and AFTER James.
    And of course, his thoughts when James is hunting Bella. There is just so so much!

    • I forgot to mention: it was Twilight that made me realize I wanted to write. So, thank you, Stepheine Meyer!

  30. I really want to learn more about his past & what he thought when he saw Bella’s leg was bleeding & how he felt BEFORE & AFTER James came into view during baseball. When I was done reading Breaking Dawn, I knew I wanted to be an author @ 14. Thank you so much, Stephenie!????

  31. I’m looking forward to learning more of who Edward is as a character and going along on the journey with him! i’m excited i can not thank Stephenie enough!

  32. Oh gosh! There are so many things I’m excited to learn about and experience in Midnight Sun. If I have to choose, though, I would say I’m super excited to see how Edward reads people’s thoughts. That must be so overwhelming for him sometimes. Also, I’m very excited to see how he views Bella.

  33. Jessie Cochran says

    I’m excited to read Esme’s and Carlisle’s thoughts when Edward brings Bella home to meet the family. I love Esme and Carlisle so much, and am excited for any new content with them in it!

  34. Kat Wilson says

    I am excited for so many things in this novel, but the most, by far, is the insight that Edward’s mind will grant us into the minds of others. Yes, it is rather Aro of me, but I so very much want to know the things that he has heard or seen through the minds of others. Especially and more so, into the mind of the lovely Alice. The things she has seen and how her mind works and the minds of the Cullens. I want so greatly to know what everyone’s minds are up to and how the work in comparison to one another! This is by far one of the most excited things I’ve been looking forward to since we first learned of their existence when the first book came out. I know she doesn’t plan to write further books in his perspective, of which I greatly understand. I do hope, however, that perhaps her muses will kiss her with the idea to go into the stories of other characters backgrounds like each of the Cullens, the Volturi and more!

  35. I’m so looking forward to read the meadow scene because of the obvious, the draft didn’t have that part but I also love the idea of Edward and Bella being connected to that place and how magical it is. I also want to know how are the nights for the Cullens and maybe secrets from Edward’s rebellious years!

  36. Sheen Tyagi says

    I’m most excited to see what Edward sees in the minds of the guys the day Bella arrives, because he goes on boasting to Bella that you don’t even know what they thought; I want to know Edward’s first reaction when he sees her (in person)…. Does he swoon over her as she did? Does he get attracted to her instanteously? I WANT TO KNOWWW haha. I also am excited about the meadows and the prom and the moment she tells him that she knows what he is.
    Also, I want to know how he feels about Bella being with his family.
    Basically, I want to know A LOT OF THINGS haha.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  37. Reading the dance scene.

  38. Andrea Cisneros says

    Estoy emocionada por leer toda la frustración de Edward al conocer a Bella, y como poco a poco se va enamorando de ella. También quiero leer lo que pensaron los Cullen cuando Edward llevo a Bella para conocerlos, así como las emociones de Edward al enterarse como Bella se escapo de Alice y fue tras James.

  39. The baseball scene!

  40. I’m excited to read the moment edward saw bella for the first time! i’ve been dying to know every little thing that was going on in his head. also, when he left.. what was he thinking about? he is extremely passionate so more or less, i’m just really excited to hear edward’s side of this story!

  41. I’m so excited for the moment where Edward watches Bella sleep. I just found this heart-mealting. That he could be doing anything else with his time but chooses to spend his time with her even when she’s asleep. I also am excited for his reaction when she says his name in her sleep.

  42. I’m most excited to hear Edward’s thoughts during the baseball scene – the transition from a fun date to the threat of a daunting foe should be captivating to read. And, I want to see how he reads the tracker!

  43. Beth Burner says

    I am most excited to read his thought while he is tasting her blood as he saves her life and sucks the venom out from James’s bite! But my favorite was already in the first chapters from years ago… I liked their interactions after she passes out on the sidewalk after blood typing in Biology…

  44. I’m interested in the whole story of Edward but I would like to see, how he perceives people, how he has the ability to read minds, I would like to know what the thoughts of all people are like, and how he reacts them

  45. I’m really excited to read what Edward was thinking in the meadow scene and his thoughts when he would sneak into Bella’s room at night. Honestly just everything in general, it’s hard to just pick two!

  46. Im looking forward to learn about edwards past and how he adjust to living from human to vampire. To know if he ever had a relationship when he was still human. To just know about his life when he 1st met bella. To see what he did in alaska after the 1st time he met her in biology. Im so freaking excited for this. My bday is on the 20th! Hoping i get to be chosen ?

  47. Erin Schned says

    What I was looking forward to most were the parts of the novel where Edward was away from Bella, particularly at the beginning when he leaves Forks after almost killing her in the beginning, as well as the entire part leading up to Phoenix at the end.

  48. Melissa Diaz says

    It actually breaks my heart that she won’t continue the other three books in his point of view there’s so much that you can touch on, that no one knows. I know you are going threw a lot of fans begging you to continue Edwards Point of view. And I know it probably becoming annoying and a bit painful. But as a fan and writer with respect to your feelings, I will give you reasons as a writer why it may be needed. I know you believe that people should understand Edward from this point on, but that isn’t true for many locations! Now in order;
    1. New moon, the majority of that book is in Bella’s POV and you never see Edward, until the end after he leaves in the beginning. That gives you a creative range, that gives you a whole other area to go, you can even go into Alice a bit. Doesn’t have to stay in his POV ether. And honestly Based on fan fiction others don’t have your voice on these characters. You are the parent of this story you feel we’re its meant to be in a way fans can’t.
    2. Eclipse, understandably I see why his point of view here is a bit redundant here. But there are lots of reasons for it. His anger and jealousy with Jacob. How he got to the point of asking her to marry him. And after his POV from the New moon, it will be interesting to see where his mind is after the Volturi comments.
    3. The last and final book, Breaking Dawn. There are so many areas his point of view matters that they didn’t Get. But the ones that I’m sure fans, and that you will have fun with are; Their first time, before he heard their daughter when Bella was pregnant, and after, and when Bella let him in her mind, and how he saw it how it made him feel.
    Now I know all those may not feel like reason enough, but that’s the point of view from your fans. Edward’s story is different, his view is different and his point of view is needed. And is fair. Adding the fact that Edward is able to read minds it adds more to everyone’s story! To do his books give you a connection to everyone that you do not get the chance to view from. In a lot of ways, I feel his POV is better wanted than Jacob’s. Honestly look at 50 shades, people love grays versions more than Anas. So give it a thought, I think completing Edwards POV will make your fans more than happy, And yourself more content!

  49. Emily Johnson says

    I have reread these book so many times that I have lost count. I’m really looking forward to know what Edward was doing when he missed school after Bella showed up. It’s going to be amazing!!!!!!!

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