3 Breaking Dawn Part 2 Questions Explained

I’ve seen several of the same questions pop up a few times over the weekend. I have even been asked these same questions on my facebook page and even by friends over the phone!  Heck, I was even pulled to the side at church yesterday and asked to explain one of what I am now calling the “frequently asked questions” of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Keep in mind that these are MY – Lori’s – answers and no one else’s.  So take it for what it’s worth from someone who’s almost been around since day one of the fandom.  

Also, there be spoilers here!  If you haven’t seen the film, I encourage you to look away now!

I’m not kidding.


Question 1 : Why do Bella’s eyes change color so quickly?  

Bella’s eyes are nice and red for the beginning of the film.  But by the time Irena spots Jake and Nes playing in the snow, Bella’s eyes are golden.  


There is about 3 months between Bella’s transformation and the point where Renesmee is in danger. In those three months, Bella does not feed on anything but animals, unlike most new born vampires. It’s my take on it that because she feeds only on animals right from the start, the redness of her eyes fades. However, keep in mind that we have never been told exactly how long a new born’s eyes stay truly red unless they are feeding on humans. We only know that they are very strong for the first year of their vampire life.

Also, it’s been pointed out how often Bella’s eyes are brown. I’m not sure why, but the film makers keep putting brown contacts in Bella’s eyes. This is understandable for the first time she meets Charlie, but I’m not sure why she wears the contacts to meet J. Jenks. The venom moisture in the vampire’s eyes dissolves contact lenses very quickly, so she would only get an hour or two of wear from the contacts before they would be ruined.  Just keep in mind the next time you see the film that if Bella’s eyes look really brown, she is wear contacts… even if we’re not sure why.

Question 2: Why does Marcus say “Finally” when he dies?

I LOVED this moment in the film!  LOVED!  This goes back to how Marcus feels about his life in general.  Marcus’s mate was Didyme, who was also Aro’s sister.  Didyme and Marcus were going to leave the Voltri to have a life of their own.  Aro wanted to keep Marcus for his ability to see relationships.  In order to cripple Marcus and make sure he remained with the Volturi, Aro killed Didyme.  With nothing else to live for, Marcus spends his days waiting for the end to come.  His statement of “Finally” is the perfect ending to his misery.  

Read Marcus’ full bio here.  

Question 3: How can Alice see the wolves and/or Renesmee in the future?  

Good question!  I don’t have a perfect answer.  To be honest, I didn’t think about it myself as I was watching the film.  It was pointed out by several fans, and immediately I agreed that she shouldn’t have been able to see their fates.  She also shouldn’t have been able to see Renesmee and Jacob in the future with Edward and Bella.  I’m working on finding a good answer for you!  Right now, I’m leaning toward saying that what Alice saw was the future of the vampires.  She saw how the vampires would die or who they would kill, even if it was a werewolf.  She was seeing the future through the minds of the vampires, who happened to be dealing with werewolves or Hybrids.  But she couldn’t specifically look into a wolf’s future or a hybrids future.  So Alice could see that Edward and Bella would be happy, and part of their happiness was that Renesmee and Jacob would be happy together.  It’s a bit far fetched, but that’s what I’ve been able to come up with.  Until we hear a better explanation, that’s what I’m sticking with.

What are your other questions?  Feel free to ask away and I will do my best at answering them!  Answered by Lori Joffs.




  1. Why wasn’t the actress who played Bella’s mom, Renee, in the ending credits? Was this just a huge oversight? Or is something else behind this?

  2. Actually, it could of been a hidden ability. Like Bella has shield and can share it with someone else, Alice might be able to see anyone’s vision as long as it has regular vampires in the visions.

  3. Okay, first of all. You all need to learn to spell out words and use proper grammar.

    Second, she is showing him his future. Which would mean everything being seen is what he would be seeing. That’s how I made sense of it.

    Third, you should automatically forget about the books when watching a movie because three-fourths of the time it’s gonna be way different.

    • No, that still doesn’t work. If that’s the case, she should have been able to see Bella when Jacob saved her in New Moon, because she was seeing Bella’s future, not Jacob’s. The same with Bella when she was pregnant with Renesmee. If what you are suggesting is true, she should have been able to see Bella’s future, just not Renesmee’s. And these things have been established in the movies, not just the books, so they do need to be taken seriously.

      It is an oversight and I believe Stephenie herself has said that it’s a problem but they allowed it because it was the only way to do that scene successfully.

  4. NightClubFoot says:

    I got a question about Alices’ vision shared with Aro in the movie.
    Alice lets go of Aro’s hands saying “It doesn’t matter what you see…” yadda yadda yadda, which eventually leads to the fight scene.
    But if Alice broke the connection with Aro, how does Aro continue to see a vision, of the complete fight scene, ending in his firey headless death? Surely If they broke the connection he no longer sees the vision / future.
    I’d swallow it if this was a dream in a dream, (pardon the Inceptionism) but it isn’t, its a telepathic connection, made once, broken twice. It just smells a bit fishy to me.

    • No no is not like that, Alice never let’s go of Aro’s hand in real time… When the vision ends that’s when you see Aro let go of Alice hand and she says now you know bla bla unless you decide on another course… When you see aro let go of Alice hand that’s in the vision.., Alice shows aro a vision where he already decided to fight them … That was aros intention all along, that’s why Alice was able to see that future of the fight… But then by Alice showing aro what would’ve happen because of that intension of him, she was able to change aros mind and therefore the course of action… So in short words that part that you mention, that was the vision of what was meant to happen because of aros intention of fighting the Cullen no matter what…

    • I’d say it’s at that point – the point where she drops Aro’s hand – that the vision begins. She’s showing Aro what happens if he continues with his quest for power regardless of what she shows him. So therefore, we can assume that, had Aro continued with his quest for power, the first thing that would have happened would have been that Alice let go of his hand and stepped away. However, that didn’t happen. He merely watched it happen in her head.

      • NightClubFoot says:

        I get what you’re saying but it just reinforces my confusion. This isn’t the ghost of christmas future and ghost of christmas past.. how can Alice show him “an option”. She can only show him, once, what’s going to happen in the future. If she lets his hands go before he can see it all then what happens after that is the present time. Or not 😉

        • She doesn’t let his hands go before. When she lets his hands go that is part of the vision. She is showing Aro what will happen based on his current decision, and that includes her letting his hands go and backing away from him because he refuses to change his mind.

  5. The vision was implanted in Aro’s head by the jungle vampire with the ability to make others see what she wants. That’s why that whole scene with her implanting the jungle vision in Edward’s head happened. When Alice turns and says “Now,” we at first think she’s talking to Bella, but she’s talking to that character – telling her to implant the fake vision.

    • Aro can read Alice’s mind while he’s holding her hand, so he would know if she has made an arrangement for a fake vision to be implanted in his mind. If there was any suggestion from anyone’s mind that this vision was fake he wouldn’t have walked away. He would have stayed to attack. The only explanation is that it is one of Alice’s genuine visions of the future. Nothing else will make him walk away.

      • I should’ve said Alice had the thoughts put into her head at that moment, then Aro would’ve been just seeing what she was seeing at that moment. It’s the only thing that explains why that scene with Edward and the jungle vampire was in the movie at all.

        • Zafrina can create an illusion that a person sees in the world around them, but there is no evidence in either the books or the movies that she can put the illusion into somebody’s mind as a vision or thought. Aro would have been able to tell the difference between something he was seeing from Alice that was a vision of hers and something that was an illusion Zafrina has created.
          Moreover, SM herself has said that it was a vision of Alice’s.

    • ok watch the dvd the 7 part documentary the section called fight… there Stephenie meyer explains that the only way to have an action sequence is to bring alice early to the scene to show aro a taste of the future because of his decision to fight the cullens… lets not forget that in both book and movie aro goes there with the mentality ok killing them and taking alice with him as a reward basically because thats what he does to collect powers… so yeah from the moment alice knew the volturi were coming she saw a vision of the outcome because aro had already decided to fight the cullens… is not a perfect explanation is we follow the mythology of the books… but lets not forget that for cinematic reasons not everything can go exactly by the book and thats what stephenie has said many times… just watched the bonus features and everyone, cast produces, writer and stephenie explain all of this to you better.
      twitter @strefanieRibarra

      • Yes, that’s clearly why they did it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just breaking book- canon though, but movie-canon also. While there are certainly things from the book that aren’t used in the movie, they had already established in the movies that Alice couldn’t see the wolves or Renesmee. SM has acknowledged in other interviews that they just had to ignore this for the sequence to work. So it is a plothole, but one that leads to an entertaining scene!

  6. Why doesn’t Charlie realise Renesmaes growing and getting SO much taller every time he sees her even though he knows that it’s only been a few months and she was a baby when they met

    • If you remember, Charlie is on a “need to know” basis. He first referred to Renesmee as Edward and Bella’s niece, but Edward corrected him and said, “Our daughter”. And then Charlie looked at the baby again and said, “She has your eyes, Bells.”, and Bella just looked at him and smiled rather big, thus leading Charlie to say “Oh yeah. ‘Need to know, I guess'”. So while he doesn’t say anything about Renesmee’s rapid growth, he knows, he just doesn’t ask questions.

  7. Jose Ferreras says:

    Actually, if you recall, they keep that in the movie. Alice shouldn’t have been able to see the fight AT ALL since it involved the packs. She can’t see the future that involve pack members. For instance, she wasn’t getting visions of Bella while she was hanging with Jacob, until she threw herself off of that cliff. Jacob and the pack weren’t there, which is why she was able to see Bella jump, but she couldn’t see that Bella survived it because Jacob fished her out of the water, blocking the vision. Just saying. So, the fact that she was able to see that vision in Breaking Dawn Part 2 just shows how the crew must have had no knowledge on the matter. It’s sad, honestly, because they just added that scene hoping it would make the movie look cooler. The Twilight Saga was never meant to be a action saga, so who gives a fuck about the fight anyways?

    • Well, it’s conceivable Alice could have seen some of the fight, just those parts the wolves and Renesmee were not involved in. After all, in the book Alice is able to see ‘around’ Renesmee in the scene with Charlie, and can see Bella a bit even while she is pregnant with Renesmee (although she can’t see much). Even in the fight in Eclipse with the newborns she can see the fight when it doesn’t involve the wolves. So it’s conceivable that, by this point, she has learned to see around the wolves to a certain extent. That still doesn’t explain why she can suddenly see them just fine, though, especially since, in BD part 1, she clearly couldn’t see Renesmee or the wolves.

  8. Athena Smith says:

    Quick Question……what was up with the scene on the web that showed an older Bella and Jacob with a white haired Billy? Was this just a fake out of the suprise ending or was it left out of the theatrical verision of the movie?

    • I’d say that’s an outtake from Eclipse. It would be Bella’s scenario from the book, when she kisses Jacob and thinks about what the future would be like if she chose him. They filmed it, but it didn’t work, so it was cut.

  9. How do u make eyes red cos i want to do it

  10. Melissa says:

    Did anyone see Felix get killed? I was looking for an Emmett v Felix matchup.

  11. Why was Billy Black not on Breaking Dawn PART 2?

  12. GloriaV says:

    This was an interesting discussion thread. I’m surprised that nobody came up with a couple of obvious possible exceptions that would allow Alice to see the battle:

    1. It was theorized by Carlisle early on that Alice couldn’t see the future of the werewolves because when they change form, it completely disrupts their connection to the past (paraphrasing). But the wolves never changed form during the battle and the time immediately preceding it, so Alice could have seen what their immediate future would be.

    2. There was one huge obvious difference about the situation on the battlefield that might have allowed Alice to have her vision: Bella’s shield. Bella noticed earlier when she expanded her shield that people inside the shield were not shielded from each other. She also noted that if the alpha wolf was inside her shield, then it extended to all of the wolves through some kind of mystical connection. When Alice arrived on the scene, Bella had expanded her shield to the maximum extent to ward off Alec’s attack, and it was explicitly stated that Alice passed through the shield, so she must have been inside it at one point. Maybe the reason Alice could see the future of the wolves and Renesme was that they were all temporarily linked together inside Bella’s shield.

    • I don’t buy that either. If that’s the case, why couldn’t Alice see them when they were on their way to watch them train during Eclipse? They had already transformed before they got to them, so she should have been able to see them if your first theory is correct. There are numerous instances when Alice can’t see them when they are human all the time and when they are wolves all the time. As I read it, Carlisle’s theory is more concerned with what the fact that since the wolves can transform it changes the their entire nature, so the mere fact that they can do this makes it difficult for Alice to ‘lock’ onto them, regardless of which form they are in at the time. At no point in any of the stories can Alice see the wolves’ future and she should have seen it at least a couple of times here and there if your theory is correct.

      As for the second one, there is no evidence that Bella’s shield has any effect on how Alice ‘sees’ the wolves’ future. Why would it? Bella’s shield (which she has always clearly had guarding herself, even when she is human) hasn’t affected or changed Alice’s visions for anyone at any point. Also, since in the movie Alice is all the way over with Aro, it is unlikely (and there’s certainly no sign of it in the movie) that Bella is extending her shield that far.

  13. GloriaV says:

    That would be funny, but I don’t think they could run very fast under water.

    The Volturi have plenty of money. The whole group, including soldiers, wives and witnesses, were undoubtedly taken by private bus or helicopter to the airport nearest Volterra, where their private jet is always standing by – probably something like a leased 747. They flew to the nearest jumbo-jet-capable airport to Forks, probably SeaTac, having their well-paid minions handle the customs and immigration clearance process. Then they took several chartered buses and limousines to the remote mountain road near Forks nearest to where Demetri said the Cullens would be found, and they zipped in on foot from there. No need for them ever to be seen in the sun. If it wasn’t cloudy or night at their departure or destination airport, they would simply park the jet in a hanger for the transfer, or use a sheltered walkway to get to and from the vehicles. Plus they probably have enough human servants to act as a security screening force just to keep prying eyes far away. It would be like any wealthy celebrity wanting to stay anonymous and keep the Paparazzi out of camera range, so it wouldn’t even be suspicious.

    The Cullens too travel by air, just as Edward did to visit Bella’s mom in Florida, or later for the honeymoon in Brazil, or when Alice took Bella to Italy. They just take care to schedule arrival at night, or to enter and exit the airport through a covered parking garage, or to cover up completely in the sun if necessary to appear briefly (gloves, hat or head scarf, big sunglasses, turned-up collar etc). Nobody would notice anything.

  14. When bella and edward are in the meadow (BD PT2 last scene)and they ate talking about how no one has love each other more than them, then they say with one exceptionc, whos the exception?x

    • Bella says Now you know that no one has loved more than I love you (or however it was worded) and Edward says..with one exception. He was talking about him loving her … he was saying that he was the exception

  15. When bella and edward are in the meadow (BD PT2 last scene)and they ate talking about how no one has love each other more than them, then they say with one exception, whos the exception?x

  16. kirsty-jayne says:

    I think alice was able to see the wolves in the movie because of her gift developing. I don’t think it’s 3 months isn’t enough time because look how much Bella was able to strech her shield, and in the book it wasn’t until the volturi came she was able to strech her shield to cover everyone when she was having difficulty right before and even lift it at the end. It took determination to control, not time.

  17. There is no explanation for why alice could see the fight, otherwise it would have been written in the original twilight saga books, (duh) they obvioulsly changed it cuz it made the movie more suspenseful…

  18. Answer me this smart one if Bella only power is shield why could she send that clip thing to him at the end of part two

    • I came across the explanation for Bella’s stream of images while looking something else up. She wasn’t actually sending him anything, but gave him access to her thoughts. The practicing she mentioned was in reference to her learning how to drop her shield, thus allowing him to read her thoughts. The images were, essentially, everything she had seen/thought, which had included him, since she met him.

  19. Why wasn’t like half the cast in the last twilight movie? We didn’t even see Leah’s face or seths?

  20. Hey, since you seem to know your stuff so well I’ve always had a question in mind every time I did a Twilight Saga marathon. All the way at the end of breaking dawn pt.2, Edward reads Alice’s mind when she’s having the vision of him (Edward) and Bella? And Renesme and Jackob. I put a question after Bella because they never showed her face in that vision. Was that done on purpose? Because it messes me up thinking about it every time.

  21. I don’t know why or if but I wanted to ask does Jacob Black die in breaking dawn part 3 and how??

  22. trinity Lay says:

    did bella wont to take alex and jane out of the equation?

  23. During the birth why does Edward stand there like an idiot staring at Bella and the baby instead of giving her the venom ASAP. She nearly doesn’t make it because he waited so long. Does this bother anyone else?

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