Video: Nikki Reed and Liz Reaser Talk Wig Drama & Possible Reboot


  1. Never could understand the awful wigs honestly, they should have had Taylor let his hair grow, as much as they made off those movies, they should have had a more natural look instead of the blinking neon signs above their heads reading I HAVE A WIG ON. LOL Always hated the CGI cartoon wolves too, all of a sudden you felt like you were yanked into a cartoon, like when the wolves meet down by a river or lake to discuss Bella pregnant. ugh I am sure they all have things they hate and wish they could re-do also. Still can’t wait Nov. 15th! yay

    • I never really gor over those wigs…. or the disaster of the make up, by the way. I think it would have been way easier if they had cast blond actors. There are plenty of them in Hollywood. Nikki is a pretty girl, but in the movies, she just look like a brunnette wearing too much white make up and a wig. You just have to compare her to…Amanda Seyfried, for example. It can’t look natural.

      Please, don’t misunderstand me. I like the actors well enough. But most of the characters just look wrong to me. I watch True Blood and, really, the make up is way better. And it’s a TV show. Come on!

      I wouldn’t complain about a reboot, if they waited a few years.

  2. Kinda happy to hear that even Nikki wasn’t too pleased with the wigs she got stuck with. With the budget’s getting bigger with each movie, I would have thought they would’ve put some effort in getting some real looking wigs.

  3. It’s really sad that wigs on tv shows (that have a smaller budget) look better than the wigs in these movies.