Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference Live Blog

Rob is up next

LOL Rob just looked at baackground screen oddly…no idea why

So what do you think this whole expeerience mean in retrospect

 Back on teh first movie people were aksing me how I would feel when it ends

It’s going to take 10 years to settle in my brain

I’m bewildered that it’s ending

I don’t even tthink fans and Stephenie know why they connect to it

If he could go back in time what advice would you give yourself

Drink vodka not beer

Get a 6 pack as early as possible and you’ll be a much more successful actor

I don’t know it’s actually great gett ing the terror and the actual surprises

 We visited Germany in Olypic stadium and thousaunds were there screaming how do you prepare for that

What was the last scen he filmed

beach in St Thomas

It was hilarious that we end in tropica; beach after spending so much time in cold pacific northwest

Was sad to let Edward go, up until last shot found Edward frustrating and confusing on how to play it right

I needed to find teh falibility and weaknesses and play that. Hard because so many have their unique ideas

Best thing to leave behind saddest to leave behind

Sad to not play a well know character again and to keep going at a character. Having new directors stopped him from getting lazy with it

Worst part playing a part where you can’t hurt or die how do you relate to that and was struggle on how to hit that tone

How will Twilight impact career

You can’t be afraid of typacsting I hope peopel accept me as other things I get offered other roles

Hopefully in 10 years  peopel remember it well

It will be amazing if this tenacious fanbase is teh same in 10 years

On first film

We were all new it shaped us

Going forward is this level of success on this film intimidating on a career level

I would like more control on my public image.

It’s impossible apart from Denzel Washington to control your success (jokes) you take what comes

Superheroes are garanteed big money but thats not always fulfilling

Sometimes many small roles are fulfilling but even times you’ll get cut from any picture

there are no guarantees

Is he glad it’s over

As soon as someone says franchise it has negative connotation Burger King is a franchise it’s scary as an actor you feel like you have no control

On fame is he bigger in UK than here

It’s relatively similar

He says he gets more abuse in UK press it’s cultural

On MacKenzie

I like working with kids and animals and everyone says you shouldn’t but I like it because they are so natuarl you feel like you aren’t acting. Liked being onscreen dad

On other vamp franchises

Really liked Blade, he’s not perse a vamp fan like zombie movies instead. He says (jokes) it’s more like being a pyscolocal problem

Really like on BD2 Rami Malek’s Bejamin character calls Rami a great actor

First time meeting Taylor and Kristen

Taylor: I remember him that wig (rolls his eyes)

When I was on Potter I remember Dan Rupert and Emma and thinking they are actors and I’m not and I was starstruck because of inexperience. Was a bit star struck of Kristen. He’s still starstruck on the Potter trio

It was so intimidating back then with people losing their mind over a casting announcement



  1. I have to agree: The banner behind them was amazing. I’d love to hang that in my living room… Beautiful.

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