Camping Rules for Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere

Here are the rules for the registration process for those of you interested in camping out for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere!  The whole process is different this year, sp be sure you read all the details. 

Attention Twilight Fans, the World Premiere of The Twilight Saga finale, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is nearly upon us.  In order to give all faithful fans a fair chance to take part in the festivities planned leading up to the premiere, Summit Entertainment is putting in place some new procedures for this year’s fan camping.  

Due to the high demand to attend this year’s Fan Camp and the limited amount of space available,


 The process to attend this year’s Fan Camp will happen in 4 phases:

 Phase 1: Fan Camp Registration

Phase 2: Fan Camp Drawing

Phase 3: Fan Camp Ticket Notification

Phase 4: Fan Camp Check-in

There are approximately 1,200 Fan Camp tickets available in total.  Each ticket is for one (1) spot at the Fan Camp.  Fan Camp spots will be determined by a random drawing to be conducted after the Registration Period has closed. The winners of the drawing will be notified by email with instructions on how to pick up their tickets and when to report to Fan Camp for check-in.

This year all campers will be in the same Fan Camp area.  Selection for a Fan Camp ticket does not guarantee eligibility for any other fan events, prizes or drawings.  All special fan events and prizes will be determined by additional and separate random drawings.


 Phase 1 – Fan Camp Registration

 Fan Camp Registration will open at 12:00 PM PDT on Saturday, October 13, 2012 and will close at 12:00 PM PDT on Monday, October 15, 2012 (the “Registration Period”).


In order to register, fans must visit the registration page during the Registration Period and follow the instructions to fill out the registration form with the requested information, including, registration type. There will be 2 different types of registration:

1)      Individual Registration –  One (1) person registers for himself or herself only. The following information must be entered and must match the person’s ID when arriving at Fan Camp:

a.       Full Name

b.      Date of Birth

c.       Email Address

d.      Home Address


2)      Group Registration –  One (1) group manager registers for himself or herself and up to nine (9) guests (ten (10) people total). The following information must be entered for all members of the group including the group manager and all of the information listed for each member must match that member’s ID upon arrival:

a.       Full Name

b.      Date of Birth

c.       Email Address

d.      Home Address

Fan Camp Registration Rules


1.       Fan Camp Registration  will begin at 12:00 PM PDT on Saturday, October 13, 2012 and will end at 12:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, October 15, 2012 (the “Registration Period”).  Registrations must be submitted during the Registration Period in order to be entered into the drawing.

2.       Only one (1) entry per person will be accepted, regardless of which type of registration type is used. Only the first entry will be recognized and duplicate entries will be deleted, regardless of whether such duplicate entry is as an individual or as a member of a group.  Names submitted during registration must match IDs.  Registrants may be notified by email if we believe an entry is a duplication, in order to confirm eligibility.

3.       Fans can register as a group at time of registration.  All group members’ names must be submitted with the group applications. Groups will be limited to ten (10) members.  If a group member has previously registered as an individual, that group member’s name will be removed from the group registration.  

4.       1,200 spots are tentatively  available at the Fan Camp.  Camp spots will NOT be assigned as first come, first serve.  Once registration has closed, we will conduct a random drawing of all registrations submitted during the Registration period in order to determine the 1,200 recipients of the Fan Camp spot tickets.


Phase 2 – Fan Camp Drawing

Following the close of registration at 12:00 PM PDT on Monday, October 15, 2012; all eligible registrations will be automatically entered into a random drawing system that will randomly assign Fan Camp tickets to registered individuals and groups. 

Registered groups that are selected by the drawing will have their members ticketed together and assigned the same check-in time for Fan Camp.


Phase 3 – Fan Camp Ticket Notification

Registered individuals and groups that have been selected by the random drawing will be notified by email with their ticket details and assigned check-in times starting on or about Tuesday, October 16, 2012.  Registrants that were not selected in the drawing will not be sent a notification. 

If the email notification is returned as undeliverable, the ticket(s) will not be assigned to such registrant and an alternate registrant may be selected by random drawing.

Check-in times will be assigned and specified in the email notification.


Phase 4 – Fan Camp Check-in

 The check-in times will begin at 8:00 AM PDT on Thursday, November 8.  No lines will be recognized before this time and any ticketed guests that arrive before their assigned check-in time may be subject to disqualification from camping and may not be admitted into the Fan Camp.

Ticketed guests will be assigned one of the check-in time windows listed below.  Ticketed guests must arrive during their designated check-in time.

 8:00 AM PDT – 10:00 AM PDT: Group 1

10:00 AM PDT – 12:00 PM PDT: Group 2

12:00 PM PDT – 2:00 PM PDT: Group 3

2:00 PM PDT – 4:00 PM PDT: Group 4

4:00 PM PDT – 6:00 PM PDT: Group 5

 Ticketed guests who do not arrive within their check-in time will forfeit their Fan Camp spot and the next registered guest/group in line will take such spot.   In the event that that Fan Camp spots remain at the end of the entire check in, ticketed guests that failed to arrive within their check-in time may be given alternate Fan Camp spots if space permits.  Only ticketed guests will be permitted into the Fan Camp, however, we reserve the right to admit non-registered guests at our discretion.




1.       No lines will be recognized before 8:00 AM PDT on Thursday, November 8, 2012.  Any guests that  arrive before their assigned check-in time may be subject to disqualification from camping and may not be admitted into the Fan Camp.

2.       Due to limited space, ONLY standard sized pop tents will be allowed (8’x8′ [64 sq. ft.] or less). No oversized tents, staked tents, or other such tents will be allowed.  Any guest that attempts to use a tent that does not meet these specifications may be removed from the premises.

3.       ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL OR WEAPONS allowed on premises.

4.       No cooking or open flames are permitted in or around the Fan Camp.

5.       No horseplay. If anyone dumps food or beverages on another camper, they may be subject to removal from the Fan Camp, NOKIA Plaza and/or LA Live. 

6.       No amplified music. All music devices must be used with headset or earphones.

7.       Smoking is only allowed in designated areas OUTSIDE of the NOKIA Plaza boundaries.

8.       Guests are responsible for their own property. Neither LA Live, AEG, nor Summit will be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

9.       Everyone must keep their camp spot clean at all times. A fine will be enforced for anyone that litters on Nokia or Los Angeles City property.

10.   Guests must only use the restrooms designated for guests and respect all businesses in the surrounding area.

11.   Guests must follow the rules and directions of L.A. LIVE Management/Summit Security at all times.

12.   We reserve the right to reassign camping spots at our discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

13.   We reserve the right to modify these Rules of Conduct and the Fan Camp spot selection process/drawing at any time, in our sole discretion and it is the responsibility of each fan to periodically review the Rules of Conduct and other procedures for changes.

14.   All guests understand and agree that LA LIVE, Summit and AEG have the right, at their sole discretion, to remove any guest from the Fan Camp, the LA Live premises or from any activity at any time and for any reason.  Guests will be removed if such guest’s behavior at any point is uncooperative, disruptive, or may or does cause damage to person, property, or the reputation of the LA Live, Summit or AEG.

15.   Any guest that is not eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of check-in must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. 






EDITED as of October 4, 2012 3:00pm

We and  other Twilight sites compiled a list of the most common questions and concerns. Summit is currently working on a Q & A FAQ to address all of them.  We submitted two rounds of questions just from our site alone. They are working on answers. I hope to have these shortly.





  1. I have a question…I would like to attend the premiere however am pretty sure that I won’t be able to camp out due to back problems (had 14hr surgery at 11 years old so it gives me problems today). I was wondering if I was able to win a wrist band would I just be able to stay in a hotel or do you HAVE to camp out?

    • Twilight_News says

      We’ll put your question in the batch we’ll send off later today. In the past they have made a handicapped provision.

      • Thank you…If i were to get chose I could easily provide medical records to Summit. Lol

        • Twilight_News says

          It could come to that have those at the ready

          • It will be no problem. My mom works at the hospital so she can get them for me.I’ll probably bring her or my sister with me to the premiere.

          • that is if I even got chosen to go. It’s my dream so I really do hope it works out.

          • Would u be able to follow me on twitter I’m lionandthelamb2 that way u can DM me any details I may need. I’d appreciate it greatly.

    • peaches davis says

      hello i was wondering if they will be giving out wrist bands for the bleachers
      like last year in case we don’t get to camp out we are a group of twihard fan that has been to every primer
      and we don’t plan on missing out on the last one we camped out last year had a blast it was worth waiting to get picked an register for hours and we slept on the streets for the others but we didn’t get notified about the registration please HELP WE WILL DO WHAT EVER WE HAVE TO DO TO BE THERE please give me info on what we can do the Sega’s biggest fans
      and we registered last year and camped out does that make us campers this year that would be great
      we cant wait where exited and sad at the same time this is the last one
      ps please respond we greatly appreciate it twihard forever

  2. I’m 16 and I live in Brazil, I’m going with a friend of age, she will be responsible mine there. It’s possible I enter?

    • Twilight_News says

      Here’s what they say: You would need some type of documentation that that individual is your legal guardian for that period: “Any guest that is not eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of check-in must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. “

  3. So does a group of 10 recieve one of the 1200 camping tickets or 10 of the 1200 tickets??

  4. Question: If we can’t stay at the Fan Camp cause of work what is it still possible to attend the premiere on Monday, November 12? Or what are the different possibilities to attending the premiere?

  5. Hi,
    I personally think that hhey should just stop the registration at 1200.Then those who did not get to register, just show up to take the spot of those who did not register, but did not get there at designated time. That is what was done at The Hunger Games. They should have said this months ago that it will be a lottery! Many fans are coming from another country and for what now….possible not even getting a wristband? This is a good way to piss of the fans that made The Saga as huge as it is. Very dissapointing, and highy unprofessional. 🙁

    • I agree…This will leave a soar taste for a lot of fans who are traveling long distance. I already purchased my tickets since I’m traveling from Virginia. It should be first come first serve, no different than everyother fan event.

      Suggestion: Only allow 1 ticket registration per person and once there gone they’re gone. No different than buying a concert ticket. If people don’t arrive during designated time then it goes to standby fans. Have designated line of 100 people, first come first serve, who will be given those tickets.

      • me too. I’m travelling from Texas… I already booked my flight ticket….I’m so disappointed about the rules..

        • CRISLOVEKRIS says

          What can i say!! Im traveling from Venezuela (3700 miles)

          • Cris! I will recognize that nickname anywhere! I hope to find them online to know ASAP that you will make.
            Hopefully to TWILIGHTLEXICON and others blogs can discuss with the Summit that we are several foreigners. The mixed to lenguages!!! I see comments from Sweden, Spain, Brazil, England, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela of course.
            I pray for to very soon us to be laughing at these things!
            Kiss from México!!!
            (((espero que se entienda con mi ingles de cuarta)))

          • Cris! send me an email please! us awkward people from the exterior need to stick together, also i’m going alone and need to know SOMEONE hahhahah

      • From Australia Here already spent nearly $6000 after booking flights in febuary

    • Twilight_News says

      I’m pretty sure they are taking who ever wants to register to make it a fair lottery. This way people on faster servers or in prime time zones don’t beat everyone out. At the end of the day LA/Live Nokia is private property and and LA public streets and they have to do what those entities and LA PD allows

      • Stacey Buckley UK says

        To be completely honest, I’m gutted about the whole thing. Why change the goal posts for the last premiere. I booked my flight to come over for this back in July as there was no word from summit re the premiere and all if their premieres had been organised the same. I understand the reasons but would have thought the registration process could have been organised a long time ago. You now have a lot of annoyed fans who have poured their own money into coming a long way (myself from the UK) to camp for this. Unfortunately now I have spent £700 on on a lottery ticket. Way to go summit, well done indeed. Last

      • i was just wondering becuz i am traveling from Palm Springs is there anywhere we can take showers at!!!

  6. I would like to attend the event but due to work I would not be able to stay at tent city. Do you have to be a “camper” to get a wristband to attend the premiere?

    • Twilight_News says

      In the past camping was required

      • youngatheart57 says

        So are you saying that if you don’t camp out, it wouldn’t even be worth the effort to come down that afternoon to try and see something? I was thinking that I might come down just to see what a world premiere would look like, not that I would be able to see any celebrities.

  7. Yna Barcelona says

    I was wondering just like the others , if you can’t camp out would we still be allowed to join the premiere and get. Wristband?

  8. I have a question…

    Say you don’t get an email and don’t get to be part of tent city…. Do you still have a chance of standing around the red carpet for chance of seeing the stars/getting autographs/pictures or is that only available to the people inside Tent City?

    I’m from PA, so I want to know if it’s still worth going if I don’t get an email…

  9. Question/Suggestion: If you do not win a camping ticket will there be a second drawing for you to reserve a spot at the premiere? It would be nice to know that the fans who are willing to travel thousands of miles will still have an opportunity to see the red carpet event.

    • Twilight_News says

      I’m pretty sure they believe the space avialble will be fully occupied by campers, but I’ll check.

      • Thank you 🙂 Luckily we’re also visiting a friend so it isn’t a total washout. I’ll just pay the price and shorten my trip 🙁 won’t be the same though.

  10. Eduarda Fernandes says

    We’re 16 years old, we live in Brazil and we are going to LA with a friend who is over 21 years old and is being legal responsible for us. We’ve would like to know if we can get into the camping with her?

  11. what if your group has only 3 people do we each have to register individually or as a group?

    • Twilight_News says

      Your choice, you could take either option. Groups go up to 10 total but can be of a lesser number

  12. My only concern is if we are signing up in a group then what happens if the “managers” computer experiences a problem or mail gets bounced back? Does that mean everyone in the group loses their spot over a glitch? That creates hurt feelings and more. It’s a once in a lifetime chance. We don’t need those problems to occur.

  13. I had a similar question like Mar. I am planning on attending the premiere with my mom but she has back problems and would not be able to camp out. Is there a way we’d be able to still attend the premiere if we stay at a hotel instead of camping out? Could you please email me any info that you get back from Summit regarding this question. Thanks!

  14. I´m coming from Brazil to Los Angeles only to the premiere. What if I´m not selected. I need to buy my tickets. How can I do this if I´m not sure? Luciana.

    • Twilight_News says

      There have never been sales of only premiere tickets. It’s always been camping out to see the stars. when people have gotten in (and it hasn’t been everyone) it’s been a last minute surprise

  15. Will all 1200 campers get a wrist band to attend the premiere or is that a separate lottery that will be held once tent city is in place?

    • Twilight_News says

      We are asking for a clarification in that. We believe as per suggestions fan site made on a phone call prior to this coming out that if you are camping you get to be there to see the actors on the red carpet. Seeing the actual movie was only ever done once for more than an lucky few.

  16. If you register with a group — but you cannot check in with your group, does that mean the whole group loses their spot, or just you?

    • Twilight_News says

      Good question! We will ask that.

      • I have a similar question. My friend and I are gonna register together but she is still unsure if she will get there on time because of work. Would I loose my spot because shes not there with me? And if she cant go after we havr being chosen, can I still use that registration? We dont wat to registerseperatrly because we want to be together but Im really worry about this… :/

  17. Are they going to make any type of statement for “non-ticketed” people. i.e. people who registered but did not win the lottery. Theoretically, they could choose 1200 people for tickets, and only 300 could actually check-in.

    • Twilight_News says

      I think that’s where the “at their discretion thing” might come in, but it would be really bizarre for someone not to show up for this

      • I think a lot of people may register without knowing WHY/WHAT they are registering for. Some people may just want to see if they can “win”. Some people that will wait until Oct 16 to buy plane tickets will find that they are too expensive. there are so many reasons why people might not attend.

        They will have the same problem they’ve always had. the ‘standby’ line could be larger than the 1200 people.

        • Twilight_News says

          Good point adding this to the ask list

        • JaimeOCTwiMom says

          I agree with Melissa – I think this whole process sort of stinks b/c 10,000 people may register thinking its to just get in to the premiere… OR thinking if they win a camping spot (but show up on Monday Nov 12) they will get in… they should have just had everyone register online (then that guy using his fingers one by one on a laptop last year) and bring your ‘online registration’ with you. Then have them do their picks again or a lottery or something for order of people on Nov 8th.

  18. If you are selected and you get your wristband, can u come and go as u please for example to go eat, back to the hotel to shower or change as long as u come back???

  19. If I were to get a wristband to camp out along with my mother, would I need to be at the camp site every day? Or would I be able to leave and return? She would be staying every day though, but if I’m not there on Friday for the full day will I lose my spot?

  20. When they are drawing names at random, will they only choose from individual registrants and the FIRST person from the group registration? Or will ALL names be in the lottery and whichever name comes up, they will find out if they were an individual or a group?

    Also, if you register as an individual, does that mean you’re pretty much camping alone? Or can you check-in with your group even if they were chosen for a later/earlier check-in?

    I’m just wondering if its beneficial to have everyone register alone so your group has more names up in the air to get picked from. But if individuals can’t check-in as a group, then that defeats the purpose.

  21. I really do suggest they make it on a first come first serve basis. People who dont want to camp out can easily put in their information just to decrease the odds of others… Why not do it like the hunger games premiere? It was quite successful..
    Also, I suggest that if they do keep it this way that they decrease the registration period to 24 hours or so. It would decrease the amount of people who sign up narrowing it down to he most dedicated fans…
    I really do hope I get a spot ): come on summit make this fair please!!

  22. If you are selected, are you allowed to leave the camping area? I was planning to have a hotel for my stuff and to shower. Plus I’m sure I’d need to get food/water somehow considering I’m from our of state and can’t bring all my camping gear with me.

  23. Hi, I’m going to LA from Latin America, and I’d like to know if I don’t win the lottery, there’s other way to get a ticket? Don’t they have a limit for registrations? Can you suggest them to stop the registrations at the entry 1200? I may be wrong – But I have the feeling that a lot of people is going to register – and only few will show up.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! I feel that more unticketed campers will show up than those ticketed

      • That is what happened in Hunger Games a lot of people registered and not a lot showed up. So they were even telling people to call their friends and they had wristband left in the end of the day

        • I heard about it, Anon. That’s why summit has to change their rules, to give opportunity to us. It’s the last premiere! We deserve it!

          • Joaquin Romero says

            Lana, we also think that we deserve a place in the camp and on the red carpet, and buy avion tickets and booked the accommodation, we are in Argentina, we are trying to get someone from Summit or Lionstage consider the foreigners.

    • EXACTLY!!

  24. Hi, I have an ID question. They want us to provide our home address, but they are also saying it must match my ID. Well, I live in NY, but still have my VA driver’s license. Does this mean I need to give them my incorrect home address (to match my VA one) in order to comply? Just seems odd to me considering that’s not where I actually live right now. Thanks!

    • Twilight_News says

      I think they are just trying to prevent fraud, but I’ll see what they truly need

      • Thank you! I also have a friend who has her PO Box on her DL, so that isn’t even a true address. I’m going to assume right now that we’ll need to use her PO Box to register with?

  25. Where will the registration link untimately be posted? it says “This website”…does that mean Will there be a direct link or will the link be published through you?


  26. Just courious as to why we are waiting so late to do this? Plans need to made, plane tickets purchased and work shifts covered and the fact that we are going to be given apx 3 weeks to do that makes life more difficult than it should be. Can someone please tell me the reason behind the late dates? I live in Baton Rouge, LA and I’m an ER nurse – it takes planning to be able to attend these things ( or at least for me anyway). Please consider the options of moving up these dates, we could be done with this by Friday lol.

    • I think they’re doing this to discourage people from signing up… Sigh this is being approached the wrong way…

    • Twilight_News says

      This is pretty much the same time frame they usually announce camping details, though I grant you the lottery is new because of the limited space and vast number of people who have been asking.

  27. Hi!I’m from Venezuela and I don’t have any type of ID that “could match” my address…is it ok if I just show my ID that says I’m from Venezuela?

    Another thing, a friend is not 18, so, does the document saying she is with a legal guardian, have to be in english?Because the certified one (given by the goverment) is in spanish


  28. Can I get a contact number for Summit or Lionsgate? My sister is 17 and has already purchased her plane tickets and everything… just wondering if there is ANY OTHER way besides a legal guardianship paper that I can get to allow her to camp with me? A certified/notorized letter from somewhere?

  29. I forgot to ask…the drawing also includes the spot on the red carpet? or how will they organize the people there? Thanks!

  30. When you are registered and checked in, can u come and go as u please to go eat, shower or walk around as long as u come back????

  31. What website will publish the registration site on the 13th.. This one?
    Also, is the number wristband you get the number in line you will be at the premiere?

  32. twilight_mom says

    Will pregnant women be put in a safe spot on the red carpet??

    • Twilight_News says

      I think with any crowd situation they’ll do the best they can, but it’s a lot of standing and crowds by nature can be unpredictable. It’s something probably best discussed with a medical professional before making a commitment . We are asking about a handicapped provision, I don’t know if pregnancy will be covered by that. We’ll ask.

  33. Hi, What’s going to happen if someone wins the lottery but doesn’t shows up in the day? The ticket is going to be avaiable to other people? How they will organize people in the spots? (Like – Group 1 – First line | Group 2 second line…?) It’s the same lottery or they will have another lottery to define the position of each of us? thanks.

  34. My husband is attending with me. He’s a wounded veteran from Iraq and he has a service dog. Can you find out if there will be handicap areas? I just don’t want the dog to get trampled. We can provide documentation if necessary.

  35. I’m wondering if an auomated confirmation email will be sent when registration is completed. Just to feel safe that it was received and no “glitch” lost the registration in cyberspace. If the pizza place can do it….LOL

  36. Hi. I was wondering, so even if you register, you might not get to camp and attend the premiere? If the drawing will be random then should we wait to purchase plane tickets and other things once we know if we were one of the randomly choosen people to receive a fan camp ticket?

  37. This is my first Twilight campout. I bought my plane ticket back in February, purposely arriving 8 days early (I researched the pattern and guessed what the date of the premiere would be, and I was correct) because I wanted to be in the front section of the line, thereby securing myself a spot directly against the barricade for the premiere. I’ve been to plenty of celebrity events and my personal opinion is that if I am 3rd or 4th row back from the barricade, it’s not even worth going. A far-away glimpse means nothing to me.

    So based on this, am I totally screwed now? Assuming I even get a ticket, you can’t line up before your check in time, if I’m in the 3rd check in time then hundreds of people will be in front of me, etc.

    How does it work the day of the premiere? If there is no “front of the line”, who gets to line up into place first? Is it just a mad rush when they say “GO”? Because I’m not a pushy person, thats why I wanted to come 8 days early, so I could be there fair and square. And now I’m so disappointed, I’m considering not going at all.

    • Me and my friends are the same, we are coming over from the UK and booked our plane tickets and hotel in January, and now to be told they are changing the way they do the camp out is just disappointing!! we have been excited about this all year and have been saving up so we can get there since its the last one we wanted to go to the world premiere instead of London where we usually go! and now it all seems pointless. we just have to register and hope for the best!! im so disappointed with Summit as usually its first come first serve which is how it should be and how it always has been in the past!! It would have been nice for some more notice that things would be changing not a month before the premiere when people have already booked tickets to get there. They obviously havnt thought about the fans who would be travelling from other countries and how it effects them.

    • I’m right there with you. I’ve been planning this for a year after giving up on contests that I never win and now I have to leave it up to chance again after requesting off from work 5 months in advance (would’ve done it sooner but couldn’t). It’s dissappointing when you wait four years for this and then a month before your dreams are just about crushed.

    • Last year they had us in sections according to our wristband #s. the lower your # the closer you were to the barricade. HOWEVER, I will tell you once the main stars (K,R,T) come around its pretty much free game. I was 3 or 4 “rows” back (wristband #619) and managed to shimmy my way to the very front and lucked out. You really wont know until the day of the premiere. Even then its crazy w. everyone pushing.

      • Yea, I was front row last year and a lot of row two came into the front row, they did not space the number out well, they could have fit more people in the front row and you could still get front row bleachers, that is in the last numbers possibly.

      • Last year, we were in the front row of the bleachers and everyone at the top rushed down once the star sstarted showing up. It was crazy! I managed to get my niece back into the front and I stood up on the bleachers so I could get good pictures. Worked out OK in the end. Our wristband numbers were 692 and 693.

        Not so sure how this year will work out though with the whole registration thing. We shall see!

    • JaimeOCTwiMom says

      to Liz… I know it sucks the way they are doing this but even if it was the way it was last year… A- you can’t line up first no matter what… and B-you can never be guarenteed a front spot because somehow all of these websites (including this one) get first priority… whatever that means. Last year for Breaking Dawn they asked everyone to form groups in a parking lot and then Charles (the head of security) walked through the crowds and picked out groups randomly for the order of line up/camping like picking out your dodgeball team in gradeschool… no method at all… it felt very uncomfortable and quite frankly a little unfair. Once we got picked – we had to stand in line for over 12 hours on our feet because the whole process took too long… not to mention there was no security for the line we were placed in thus people had all of their friends, and their friends friends showing up from airports etc and ALL jumping in the line making the line even longer and pushing us all even farther back. It all sucked.
      Was it worth it in the end? Yea it was exciting to be there and all but yea if you aren’t on the front lines, then you cant really get any pics or anything.. your best bet was to be placed on the bleachers (OFF the red carpet) and be placed in the front row there… That happened to us for Eclipse and yes we felt very lucky!
      My opinion with this whole process this time is that the online registration is smart only because what took so long in the line was a guy entering your personal information on a laptop computer and he couldn’t type for sh!t so it took FOREVER… so doing it online is what we had been saying all along. However, this random lottery of all who register seems slightly unfair only because i’m sure over a period of two days some 50,000 fans are going to register, OR MORE.. and not know what they are registering for and screw it all up. So we all plan to go anyways whether we get picked online or not because my guess is that more than half who get picked will NOT be there at their designated time on November 8th.
      So my advice to you is go…. but if you are so deadset on only getting the front row on the carpet… then you may want to pass because there is no way you can guarentee that unfortunately 🙁

      • Twilight_News says

        “and B-you can never be guarenteed a front spot because somehow all of these websites (including this one) get first priority”

        I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about here. No member of the Twilight Lexicon staff camped out this year or any year at a premiere and stayed at tent city. We did come by to visit some people and take some photos and video to cover the happening, but that is it. In fact, one of the staff members of His Golden Eyes did camp out and ended up in tent city 2 last year and ended up eventually on teh bleachers row 2. I’d hardly call that preferential treatment or first priority.

        The only way in which we were “on the carpet” was a a news team along with several other websites where we were able to interview actors, directors, etc and put those videos up for the people who come to this website to enjoy. We are not there to get photos, autographs, etc it’s as a news group.

      • His comments “point B” is not true, I was in the front row in the top 50 and we are not (my sisters and i) of any group or blog. But it’s true that Charles kept waiting a long time for many people but it was because of this blog or any other, my cousin and girlfriend did have around 850 o 860 number in the line.

        I so sorry your last experience.

  38. When can we get our plane tickets?

  39. So if I register as a group, can my group members also register as a group or will that be considered as a duplicate entry? Thanks!

    • Yes i was wondering this too!! it doesnt say anything about it in the info

    • I’m pretty sure that is considered a duplicate entry. It says in the rules any duplicate names will be deleted. And when you register as a group, you must enter the names of your group members as well. So if your whole group is typing in the same names, obviously it’s going to raise a white flag which would more than likely result in your duplicates will be deleted. (My opinion)

  40. TeamEC1918 says

    What if you register with your group n your group is selected but some don’t show last minute, will that affect the rest of the group??

  41. What is the point of camping out starting on Thursday (4 days b4 the premiere) if they r giving out tickets to the event? The only point I see in getting there 4 days b4 the event is so u can get a wristbands. Seems pointless to make ppl camp out on the streets for 4 days when u know b4 u get there if u get a spot or not.

    • You’ve obviously never done this before. The point of camping out is to hang out with your friends. Yeah, it is DAYS that you spend out there, but it really doesn’t feel like it. Plus while you’re camping, Summit always brings out special surprises. Even if you have a not-so-good spot on the carpet, you still get to see a few of the actors while you’re camping. Worth it to me.
      And it doesn’t hurt that it gives major PR to Summit when the fans are all gathered up like that. Hah

      • No I haven’t done it before and I would love to camp out for the weekend with my friends (sat, sun, & mon seems reasonable). But getting there by Thurs morning presents a challenge for my friends getting time off of work and I’m a breatsfeeding mom so the longer I’m away from my baby the harder it is 🙁

  42. I guess my biggest concern lies with this: what if a bunch of people who register to go, very well knowing they can’t afford it – or know for whatever reason in reality they can’t go – are the ones who end up getting picked? It doesn’t seem fair that it’s a possibility that there are those people out there that will, in essence, possibly ‘screw’ the rest of us over. Is there some way for them to give more spots back out/have standby if that would happen?

    • There are already dozens of people tweeting that they are going to do just that….register just to try to “win”. they have no intention of going. and this is happening WITHIN the fandom. Give it two weeks and watch the crazy people outside the fandom will do the same just to F*** with things. I don’t know why Summit didn’t think of this??? everything that Summit is trying to avoid, by having a random selection is still going to happen. there will be hoards of people there…unregistered/unticketed/had no idea there even WAS a registration people. They consulted no one it seems. unbelievable.

      • Zoe Middleton says

        Very good point. Registration or not they are going to have hoards of people there.

      • JaimeOCTwiMom says

        This is why we plan to just go anyways Melissa…. because my guess is that more than half the people who get picked will not be there at their designated time or at all. this whole lottery was a stupid idea. The online registration was the only smart thing so that they have our info for our safety (which is why they take our ID info year after year when you show up to camp)…. but we should have been able to print out our registration and be able to bring it with us….. not this random lottery selection in advance.

    • I had a very similar question. Will there be a confirmation that those who are chosen will have to send back to confirm that they will be attending?

      What if people who registered, get picked, but for whatever reason are unable to come, and know in advance, advise Summit in advance. Will those spots be randomly re-assigned? Or will it be a surprise once campers get to LA and all of a sudden a couple humdred spots are now open, but no one from the fandom is able to fill them because we didn’t get picked, so we didn’t go.

    • twilight_mom says

      This is why I think they should allow the first 1200 people who register get a spot, cuz the true fans that already have their plane tickets/hotels reserved will be the ones signing up right when registration opens. Having registration open from the 13th-15th allows too much time for those non-serious fans to register, just to try and “win” when they have no plans on going. This is such crap! Soooo many people on twitter are saying that they are going to register just to see if they win. NO FAIR!!

  43. if we register as a group with 10 people… is it okay if each of us has our own tent?
    and if, on the day, for some reason one of the group can’t make it, will the rest lose their spot too?
    are visitors allowed in the camping area if they’re gone for the red carpet? i’m coming from toronto regardless of whether i get a spot and really want to be able to hang out with all my new twi-friends.

  44. Joaquin Romero says

    Hello, we have several questions!

    We are a group of 7 people who travel from Argentina and a friend rather than traveling from Brazil, however we have many doubts about the draw, wanted to know if it will give preference to those who traveled from other countries or if there will be a way to sign up for those who are foreign. We hope you give us a bit of an advantage considering the distance we travel and the economic effort that we had to do. (and I apologize if this bothers anyone but I hope you understand)

    We also wanted to know if the order (number) of the camp will be the same for the red carpet.

    Finally wanted to ask if a person who uses a walking stick has preferential she has a medical card with your back problem.

    I hope you understand my questions’m not very good LOL

    • With all do respect Joaquin, what your asking is not only unreasonable but unfair as well. The whole point of this lottery system is so everyone has a fair chance regardless of their location or background. I understand that saving up for this experience is expensive and taxing, but you aren’t the only one going through it.
      The premiere is an amazing experience no matter your place in line, Summit puts in a lot of time and effort to make it so. Just take everything in stride, if your meant to be first in line, it’ll happen.

      • I agree Jessica, I don’t like the lottery thing anymore than anyone else but just because people are coming from different countries they shouldn’t get special privileges , I’m coming fom Florida with my husband and daughter and already bought plane tickets and hotel a couple of months ago and just hoping for the best not asking for special favors.

        • I think if people travel from far away, like you or foreigners, should be taken into consideration their efforts. In eclipse i saw many people who NOT were in the camp and went straight to the carpet, last year was the same.

          Yeah!!!, maybe my name in the lotto it’s no good buuuuuuut San Diego it’s to near and i can wait for the places from which they not come.

          Really i think, 200 number reserved to the travelles it’s fine.

          Only 24 hours to registration, no more to 1400 or 1500 fans, to prevent sabotage

  45. Am I the only one NOT upset with this? I feel summit is doing the very best possible and they should be given a lot more credit. I get the feeling that a lot of the people are newbies, which is cool, but they don’t understand how ugly it gets with out organization! I’ve been to every premiere and me and my friends have been screwed over..EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I feel this is the fairest way possible, and i am more than happy with it! Also, take in to consideration, last year was the biggest camp out no doubt, and a few of my friends came up the day before the premiere and got wrist bands. Their numbers were somewhere between 800-900. So given that, 1200 is A LOT more people. I’m sure everyone who registers will be able to get a spot. Everyone, just take a deep breath and let everything play out.

    • I’m also annoyed, we traveled from Mexico, and all expenses paid trip and now we will not be possible for selected. It’s horrible! Last year we were in camp 3.

    • I am sorry about your past experiences,but I went last year and I got a prime spot on the Black Carpet and met all the cast. I showed up the night before and waited it out like everyone else. Your friends would have had to been their later than 6AM, if they were in the 800’s. Their was only like 700 of us when 6AM roled around. I think it should be first come first serve like it has always been. Those people that can not show up to tent city at he assigned time,should not get ahead of those that come early late. Also, I do not get how this works. Is this just for tent city? Or is this the same line for wrist bands? That is always been the way it has been. Now it seems like they are separating the events.

      • I don’t understand if the line of the camp will be different from the red carpet, it’s very confusing!

      • Well, I for one have not had the opportunity to meet all the cast yet, it’s my dream to make that come true come November if I get lucky enough, I’m sure that Summit/Lionsgate is trying to do this the best way that they can, it just makes people nervous when they hear that names will be randomly selected, especially since this is it…the last movie 🙁

    • I actually like the idea too…it just has a major flaw. If everyone that registered was 100% going to attend, the plan is virtually flawless. The flaw lies in the fact that out of 1200 people, it’s *theoretically* possible that 1199 *ticketed* people don’t show up at check in. I stated above that dozens of people are tweeting that they are going to see if they can win a spot…and they are admitting they have no intention on going. they just want to try to win. The Hunger Games registration proved this mentality.

      My advice to people travelling from other countries…go to another premiere where you are sure that your efforts will be rewarded.

      • the advice is a little late lol i travelled from Australia last year and was very lucky and were in the first 50 i had such a fantastic time and made some very close friends i enjoyed it so much that back in febuary i booked flights again for this year not only for myself but my 2 daughters when they were on special as obviously tickets usually increase also paid for non refundable accommodation so far totalling over $5000 i will be sorely disappointed if we do not get in considering how long we have had it planned for can only hope for the best worst case scenario i will have a reunion with my twi friends and we will camp outside the barricades lol 😉

  46. What website did you find the camping information? – the official website. I want to be prepared for when I have to register.

  47. Also how are they going to prevent people from registering who are not sure they are going?That hurts the chances of someone else who knows for sure they are going.

  48. I have mixed feelings about the new process, but understand it’s probably the only way they can organize this. The whole 6 AM rule just didn’t work in the previous years. The only thing I wish they would do a bit differently is to keep registration open for a shorter time, maybe 24 hrs. If it’s open for an extended period of time, I’m worried some locals will just register for the heck of it and either not show up or just show up, grab their wristband, and not camp out. It’ll also weed out a lot of registrants who are mixed on whether they even want to go or not. I’m sure the most dedicated fans will make sure to register ASAP. I also hope the website won’t crash. Those are my few concerns.

    • I second the 24 hour suggestion. Please send this up to summit lexicon…!

    • The new problem….there will still be a line. a standby line.

      • JaimeOCTwiMom says

        Yep and we will be in the standby if we aren’t picked cause as i’ve already mentioned in other comments. because of how cruddy this whole set up is and people who plan to register and dont intend on going.. we know more than half who are picked wont show up i’m sure.


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