Breaking Dawn Part 2 Revised Info on Fan Premiere Camping

Below is the latest update from Summit. The information can also be found here –  which is the official website where registration will take place.




Is there an advantage to registering as an individual vs. as a group?  If so what?


There is no advantage – you’re entered into the drawing one time whether you enter as an individual OR as a group manager.  For group registration, only the group manager is eligible to be picked for the rest of their guests.  Guests are not counted as individuals, but they receive one chance at entering as they would if they had entered as an individual registrant.


In the drawing, is a group considered the same as an individual?


Yes.  See above.


How will it work for those who were selected but can’t camp? Can they still come to stand on the red carpet or the bleachers?


Only fan campers will be permitted access to the red carpet/bleachers to view the arrivals.


If someone is selected from the drawing but, due to unforeseen circumstances, can’t arrive at tent city at the time designated, is their spot forfeited?


If you do not arrive within your time window, you will move to the end of the line and you will not be 100% guaranteed to have your spot.  Special circumstances may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


If someone has already booked their plane ticket and doesn’t get selected for the drawing, can they still come down to tent city to hang out and participate in events?


No, tent city and pre-red carpet events are for fan campers only.


If one member of a group can’t come at the last minute, will the entire group be turned away?


No, that individual’s spot will be forfeited.  Following the drawing everybody will be ticketed as individuals but groups will be assigned the same check-in time.


How are wristbands being distributed? Are they being mailed or put on the day of arrival at tent city?


They will be distributed on day of arrival at the designated check-in times.


Is there a provision for people who are handicapped and unable to camp out? These people do have medical documentation to support this.


Yes, and these cases will be handled on an individual basis. 


Do fans have to camp, or can they just get their wristband and come back on premiere day? If fans don’t camp out, is there any shot of seeing the premiere on the day itself?


Camping is required for red carpet/bleacher participation.  This is the same as it has been in all previous years.


Is it 1,200 individual spaces or 1,200 spaces and another 1,200 group of ten? In other words, how many total people are allowed?.


There are a total of 1,200 individual spaces for all fan campers.


Do under-18s need the guardian staying with them so that both need to be selected, or can the guardian merely sign them in at the check in?


Guardians must choose the group option for registering with their minor.  The guardian must register as group leader and be present with the minor at all times at the Fan Camp.


There is no guarantee fan campers are seeing the movie right?


Correct, we cannot guarantee access to see the film.


Group check in: does the entire group have to check in together at the same time if selected, or can one representative do it? There is some concern that if one person’s plane gets delayed that an entire group could be disqualified.


Groups must check-in together.  The group will not be disqualified by an individual’s member’s absence.  Special circumstances for individuals may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


When fans register, will they receive an automated email confirming that their registration has been received?


Yes, there will be an automatic confirmation email sent out immediately following registration.


Will international fans have the same access to the drawing as domestic fans? 




Will there be a standby line?


There will be no standby line.  There will be 1200 individual spaces for fan campers.  If you don’t get a spot at the Fan Camp via the drawing you will not be able to attend.




  1. Summit response says

    Lexington please let them know this is not going to work, their is still the issue, that many will enter and not end up going,we need a stand by line. This is just not right, they are messing everything up

    • Twilight_News says

      They know, they are not allowing for a stand by line.

      • I have gone to every premiere and never camped out. We go the day of wristband distribution and come back the day of the premiere and have always gotten in the bleacher seats and last time got tickets into the movie with the stars. It has been a great experience. They are messing it up if they are not going to have a stand by line because I can guarantee you that not everyone will show up and more people will come the day of. Summit please don’t mess it up for the people that want to come the day of but don’t want to sleep on the ground!

        • Jimena Arbaza says

          We do not mind sleeping on the ground just to have place in the premier.
          sincerely 7 twihards from Argentina

        • You should camp says

          That is not right, this year they are going to be more firm about that,if you can not camp and you do not have a medical reason, then you should not go to the premiere. Camping is fun,but it is hard. I have always been resentful of those that thought they could just show up the day of the premiere,while others slept out in the cold.

        • As far as I have been told, camping was always required. If you went all those times and didn’t camp then you got lucky. There are plenty of us who are willing to camp out, and do whatever it takes, to be a part of the premiere. If you don’t plan to camp then you shouldn’t even register. You might have gotten away with it in previous years but I bet you won’t this year. This is a whole new ball game. I would hate to see anyone register, then not camp, and get disqualified.

          I also just want to say, unless you are 100% sure you are going to go to LA and attend the premiere, then don’t register. There will be no standby line so by registering and then not showing up, you are taking away a spot from somebody who has been planning for the better part of a year to go. Please, don’t register unless you plan to show up.

          • It is not luck it is called finding the information and planning around it. If you have ever been to a premiere you have seen the maddness but people come that day and can still see the stars arriving. Sone people have jobs and school and can’t live out there for 5 days. Summit should make considerations for this. We have had great experiences the last four movies it is a shame they want to ruin the final one.

          • Twilight_FAN says

            Sorry but if Summit don’t have consideration for those who live on the other side of the country or for those who live outside (Australia France, Brazil….), Not haves privileges to those who do not want to camp. In my case i ask my vacations to be with my daughter in this premiere and we planned everything to attend. Do not see why others can not make an effort.

            good luck twihards!!!

  2. Hi — Sorry still want to confirm something about groups – above you say :

    If one member of a group can’t come at the last minute, will the entire group be turned away?

    No, that individual’s spot will be forfeited. Following the drawing everybody will be ticketed as individuals but groups will be assigned the same check-in time.

    but on the site it says this:

    All group members must check-in at the same time and their designated check-in time for the group to be admitted entry.

    Can you please confirm which is correct?

    • Twilight_News says

      Yes, TwiMoms asked and here is the clarification:

      The first one addresses what happens if a member of the group drops out completely and the question is, will the entire group be turned away. The answer is no. The rest of the group can still camp, but that individual’s spot is forfeited.

      The second question asks if the group has to check in together and the answer is yes. Groups will have their check-in times well in advance and everyone should coordinate to be there together in the group at the time of check in. As mentioned, special circumstances will be taken into account when it comes to an individual who cannot make their group check in time for a reason that’s beyond their control BUT that individual’s absence will not effect the group’s status.

      We’re assuming the ‘special circumstances” is something like a plane delay, or CHP closing off roads or something like that. it sounds like to us they’re leaving themselves open to to deal with what might be a special circumstance on a case-by-case rather than predefine it.

  3. Stephanie Marmolino says

    I see they said no standby line! There is no way all 1200 that win a spot will actually show up to take their space! Will summit give the lottery winners a window if time to confirm that they are going, so they can reissue the spot to other registered fans that don’t make the cut?

  4. They have still not addressed the SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE. what happens to the other X number of spots when all 1200 selected do not show up!?

    • Melissa,

      I think they have……. ” In the event that that Fan Camp spots remain at the end of the entire check in, ticketed guests that failed to arrive within their check-in time may be given alternate Fan Camp spots if space permits. Only ticketed guests will be permitted into the Fan Camp, however, we reserve the right to admit non-registered guests at our discretion.”

  5. Wow. Summit answered like 5 out of 200 questions asked. Nice going summit.

  6. Vanessa nekuda says

    They are kidding themselves if they think there won’t be a stand by line. There are many problem who are going to be there waiting for an open spot because their trip was booked along time ago. This includes myself. So summit/ Lionsgate NEEDS to address this or there will be the same problem as last year. Tons of people loitering around, forming lines. We twilight fans are just that, fanatics and we won’t give up hope that there is a wristband in our futures. So we are counting on the people who don’t show. So please, forward this to them so that they can address a standby procedure.

    • Twilight_News says

      It’s been forwarded and the answer is no stand by line. The Los Angles police have jurisdiction on the surrounding streets and Nokia security has control on the complex that is their private property. It is up to them, not Summit how they will deal with anyone not ticketed/wrist-banded. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with that answer, just it is what it is.

      • Summit response says

        Well they are going to have 300 people standing around anyway, so they should have a better system going. L.A Pd will only get involved if their is interference or disruptive behavior. They could have a stand by line else where at L.A live, they could even have a line up someone besides L.A live. If they could do it for Hunger Games they can do it for Breaking Dawn. Your basically tell us that, you will not be filling the spots for those that register and do not go.

        • Twilight_News says

          Just to clarify, I’m not in a decision making capacity. I’m just repeating what their info is regarding the specifically asked question.

  7. M Twilightlover says

    Well Summit has really screwed this one up. They are not even staring the truth here: last year people did arrive last minute at the red carpet and were given spots and attended the movie. A lot of unhappy people. And I’m not even going! I know for certain people are going to enter, win and have no real plan to attend. This is not right.

    • MTwilightlover says

      It doesnt even make sense: if you don’t show up on the assigned check in date, your are screwed? what about people with children, work, lives that can’t commit to being there for that many days in advance? That does not make me any less of a fan. I live over 200 miles away and unfortunately have zero family to help me out and take over the responsibilities of my kids. I would love to be there but it just didn’t work out. Back when are group first discussed it, I was going to come out maybe on Sunday afternoon through the day after the premiere. Glad I didn’t plan on it b/c I’m disqualified.

      • Twilight_News says

        It’s always been since Eclipse a camp out required. To line the red carpet. The day of sometimes there were extra seats in bleachers. Last year 90% of those bleacher spots went to people who camped out for four days.

  8. Hate these rules. I am already booked, but can’t camp b/c won’t be there until after Thursday. I want an opportunity for bleacher seats or an area for fans. Definitely Summit needs to address this issue. I completely agree with Vanessa nekuda that lots of fans will hang out just waiting for any type of opportunity to be part of the last red carpet premiere for the series.

    • Twilight_News says

      I think they did address it, I grant you it’s not the answer you wanted, but they did address it. They believe they will be full with people wanting to be there because this is the last time and there is a huge volume expected. So there is no stand by line provision listed. Not saying I agree or disagree with that stance, just that’s what their stance is. Now whether or not Los Angles police(surrounding streets) and Nokia security(the complex is their private property) will allow non-tickets fans to congregate in the area, is out of Summit’s control.

  9. How will the handicap issue be handled? We can provide documentation that my husband is 100% disabled. Summit says case by case. Do we call summit directly after the drawing?

    • Twilight_News says

      ” Do we call summit directly after the drawing?”

      Yep that is exactly the situation. If you are selected let me know and we will connect you with the correct person.

      • In my case, I’m with a disability in my right leg, do not need a wheelchair. Used only a cane to help me walk. I DO WANT to be in camp and activities, and on the red carpet just need to use my cane. If I selected (cross my fingers) you must also notify Summit (through you) and it’s necesary the medical certificate?
        Thanks a lot

        • Twilight_News says

          If you are lucky and get chosen if there is any type of medical issue involved we will find out contact person from Summit who will be vetting these cases and pass your info along

  10. Well the cleared up that the “guardian” must be with the minor at all times, but they didn’t exactly tell us WHAT documentation we need to bring with us in order to show that we are guardian for that person. Will a notorized letter signed by the minor’s parents work giving us full responsibility over that minor during the dates we are there? I already have a notorized medical release form signed… just need to know what else I need for her! I’d hate to get picked and then her not be able to enter. Thanks guys!!!!

  11. Summit response says

    I was there last year, the people in the bleachers across the street were not their the first day. They did not have 1200 people until like 2 days later. Their was only 700 people their the first morning at 6Am, this is a lot of hooey and I don’t feel like the blog site administrators have any understanding. They get in anyway. So what is to them.

    • Respectfully you are wrong. Talk to Amy @ohmycarlisle on Twitter who also writes for His Golden Eyes. She was there from day one the wee hours and on the bleachers

      • Summit response says

        I was there and know the numbers, the last people were in the 700s at 6am, you can talk to one of my friends who came in at 10 oclock the day of wrist band give away last year. She was in the 800’s she still got to sit in the bleachers inside the Premiere.So I know I am not wrong. You can ask anyone that was there. I am not trying to be respectfulness, I just know I am right. That is why first come first serve is better.

    • Twilight_News says

      Also Mandy from Mandy’s mind blog was there day one and landed in the dead last row in the last section before before rest of Tent city 3 ended up across the street like Amy (also tent city 3) did. When you take into account how many more people are going to want to be there because this is the last chance ever, that’s a lot of people.

      • Norma Bartholomew says

        I can also attest to the fact that last year was not “first come first served”. I got there about 6 pm Wednesday evening. There were about 200 people around various parts of LA Live, all staking it out, trying to figure out where Summit was going to gather fans to start the process in the morning. When the process started at about 6 am Thursday morning there were indeed about 700 fans. My friends from Florida, Arizona, and Sweden who were all standing right by me were all chosen before me and camped in Tent City 1. For whatever reasons, Charles didn’t pick me until the end (I was clumped together with the last stragglers). I was assigned wristband #666 and was in Tent City #3. I had a blast during the camp out and met a lot of new friends. In the end, I was in the front row of the bleachers across the street, got great pics with the cast, tons of autographs and a ticket into the premiere. The last Twilight premiere that was” first come first served” was New Moon in which when you arrived in the streets of Westwood, you pitched your tent behind the last in line (we were right behind some ladies from Australia). It was easy and simple. Except Westwood couldn’t accommodate many people and a lot of people were turned away (of course, who tries to go to a Twilight premiere the night before?) I won’t go into the craziness that was the Eclipse selection process because it was downright insane; but I still got into the red carpet and into the premiere. But this selection process is completely different. I am truly frightened. All I can say is good luck to us all, my friends…

        • Summit response says

          Yeah people are missing my point, I am a little confused why you got put on the bleacher across the street and not on the black carpet, my friend got front row bleachers on the black carpet and she was in the 700 range. But my point is that first morning their was only less then 800, I know it was a little more random than just plain first come first serve,but I still think this year if they had done it first come first serve less then than a 1000 people would show up the first morning, the people coming in late should not get in before them. That is my only point. I remember I got picked first with my group because we were standing up by the side walk where Charles began choosing groups. I thought it seemed like he was going from front to back. Yes, it was random,but I still felt I had more control over my number than a lotto.

  12. I understand everything but at the sometime its still confusing to me! I still see people just going to sign up and not go just because they can! Also I had to get a note from my doctor to even fly to LA even though its not physical will it still be medical and how will I let them know since I can’t camp like that

    • They are definitely taking documented medical conditions into account. If you get chosen and can provide documentation from your doctor as to why camping out is not acceptable for you they are allowing for that. If you get picked and have a medical condition you will have a way to submit that.

  13. Jana Giacomi says

    Thank You TwilightLexicon for getting answers to the questions put forth. I really appreciate that you will assist those of us with Handicapped issues in getting in contact with the right people to get a decision on our cases if we are lucky enough to get our names drawn in the lottery. I have wanted to attend one of the premieres in the past few years but didn’t think there would be any way I could survive a camp out with my physical issues. That there is even a chance to be there is very exciting and I’m so grateful for the small ray of hope!

    Thanks you again for all you do for the Twilight Saga Fans and Fans of TwilightLexicon.


  14. Oh ok thanks for answering about the medical answer…

  15. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen says

    People you should follow on twitter. He is ”Edward” on twitter. Tweets awesome pics and has cool tweets with conversations with twihards, quotes, pictures, and etc.

  16. This red carpet premiere will be my first one ever and camping out in tent city would be my first, if selected of the radom drawing ! what I want to know is there going to be a fee to pay to be able to camp out in tent city and is there going to be a fee or what price would it be to be at the premiere on the 12th of November! also Im sure there are restrooms in tent city but is there any showers available in tent city to keep clean until the end of the premiere !

    • twilight_mom says

      There is no fee to camp out. Camping out is for your spot on the red carpet. There are no showers, everyone who camps out books a hotel nearby to shower.

    • No there are no showers available in tent city… everyone books a hotel room nearby to go each morning to shower and to store your luggage, i would suggest only taking a backpack with things you need while you are in TC and leaving everything else in the room because you will rarely be at your tent to watch your things. 🙂 hope this helps!!

    • Thanks Everyone for the helpful info ! I hope Im one of the lucky ones that gets to go!

  17. So is there a way to garentee seeing the movie? Is there tickets, or how does that work? Thanks! 🙂

    • twilight_mom says

      There is no guarantee to see the movie. Tickets are not for sale. there is a charity auction for that but it is expensive.

    • I was at the Eclipse premiere last time back in 2010 and was one of the lucky ones to be inside the red carpet and see the film. Security told us the first 300-400 people who had camped out would be able to see the film along with the cast and crew. It was such a satisfying experience and I hope they do that again this year. Well that is if I’m able to even get in again =/

  18. Question I still have, will we be able to leave during the day to go back to a hotel & shower, grab something to eat, ect..?. Never done this before & from what I’ve read nobody has said anything on that.

  19. Shanna Green says

    It says IDs must match names at the check in but what about minor kids? If I get picked I was going to bring my 14yr old niece and she doesn’t have any ID. I’ve never been to anything like this and if I get picked I wanted to make sure I have everything I need.

  20. Aleisha Steptoe says

    Ok I have a question, and it may seem redundant, but I figure I’m asking it a different way;-). It’s about leaving the camp site also. I know on the original camping rules for this year you said that there would be certain times for people to leave. And also that there will periodic checks everyday, I’m guessing for wristbands. Will they tell us when we can leave for food or go to the hotel to shower? The reason I’m asking is because if I get picked out of the chosen few I want to get a hotel room, but I’m afraid that I might loose my spot if I leave. Because I at least want to be showered and fresh on the day of the premiere;-).

    • If possible leave the camp, last year nobody reviewed the bracelets, just to enter the area of Tent City 1. My neighbors never put their camp and more to two tents were abandoned. The day of the premiere, the two couples were there and nobody said anything.

      It’s your first year, no?, you don’t leave, because the activities are funny and the actors go to the camp any time.

      You need booking a hotel near to the Nokia, shower 7am, breakfast very early and then nothing only tent city all day!, maybe a small lunch, and “dinner” at 8 pm; then perhaps more emotions! who knows?!

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        @Victory , Yes this is my first year if I get picked. I’m really that worried or afraid about leaving the Tent City for the hotel, but I more wanted to know the process when dealing with leaving Tent City for food and the hotel.;-) That is if I get picked, I’ll have my fingers crossed for everybody and myself. Hopefully all who wants to go will be able to, staying optimistic;-).

    • Hi there,

      My niece and I were there last year in tent city #3 and we were able to leave to take showers at the hotel where we had a room and we also left to run get food and stuff when we wanted. Not once did they do a wristband check the entire time we were there but they did check whenever we came back to the area, which was a good thing. I know of quite a few people who came and put up their tents and did not sleep in them as well.

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        @mlj Thank you for your insight, it’s good to know they’re a little bit lenient when it comes to checking wristbands, and like I said to @Victory I really wasn’t that scared to lose my spot if I get picked, but more wanted to know the process in Tent City, thank you again;-).

        • You are very welcome! It’s a great experience and you will meet alot of people. Just make sure to bring some good blankets and stuff… it got pretty cold and it rained one night as well. 🙂

          Just thinking about how much fun we had, makes me smile! If you have any more questions, please ask. There are many of us who are more than happy to share what we know.

          • RAIN!!! it’s true, the last year my tent was very close to the end of the carp in tent city 1. that night my little tent don’t resist, the floor was wet. My recomendation if you can put at the floor an air mattress. It’s more dry and soft 🙂

  21. Question about registering with a group with a person under the age of 18. I know it said that if they’re underage, the parent or legal guardian has to accompany them. Is there any way to have guardianship appointed to another member of the group over the age of 25 so that the parent doesn’t necessarily have to go with them if they are unable to?

  22. I know it said that if someone in the group is underage, the parent or legal guardian has to accompany them. Is there any way to have guardianship appointed to another member of the group over the age of 25 so that the parent doesn’t necessarily have to go with them if they are unable to?

  23. When they say an email will be sent out immediately upon registration… if you’re being registered as a group, is it just the group manager receiving registration confirmation or will all members of the group receive this email confirmation upon registration??

  24. Aleisha Steptoe says

    I have one more question, on the day of the premiere, where do we put all of our tents, sleeping bags, and suitcases? Do you have to take it to your hotel room? Or is there going to be a place to put all of our stuff, around the camping area?

    • No, you need booking a hotel very near to the plaza, because the afternoon on sunday or monday at first time the tent city it’s off. Don’t exist warehouse or some special room.

      And for the shower!!! that it’s the all most important 🙂

    • On the day of the premiere, the tent areas are torn down to get the area ready. You will need to be out of there first thing that morning, by 6 am I think OR leave the night before to go to your hotel room.

      There is no place to store anything so be sure to book your hotel room through that night. 🙂

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        @mlj Thanks for the info so I know how to have my hotel room set up, and since some people leave the night before the premiere to go to their hotel room, or that morning of the premiere, they do tell you the day before what time they start lining people up for the premiere right? I’m sure they do, butt again I just want to know procedure;-).

        • Hi there,

          Yes, they tell you what time line up will begin and you willline up according to your check in/wristband number.

          Last year, we just got there early onthe day of the premeir and just waited until line up. The press was there, Boo Boo came by, we met up with friends. It was so fun!

        • Aleisha Steptoe says

          I meant to say if I get picked, I know how to set up my hotel. Wasn’t trying to be cocky, because we’re all in same boat come tomorrow, good luck everyone;-).

        • Aleisha Steptoe says

          I meant to say if I get picked I know how to set up my hotel room now, wasn’t trying to be cocky by leaving that out. Because come tomorrow we’ll all be in the same boat when registering, good luck everybody;-).

  25. I have already said this but I want to reiterate this point one more time……

    DO NOT register unless you plan to show up. Registering just to see if you can win is selfish and takes a spot away from those of us who have been planning to go for over a year. Please, be considerate and only register if you plan to show up.

    • Completely agree With you. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t do it.

      There are a lot of fans who will be reasking everything just to be there (like me) and if someone takes out the space that could have been ours and don’t show… Just imagine it was backwards.

      I will actually will say, not pretending that people hate me, but if you’ve been there before and have seen the guys and lived this experiencie, please let newers get their chance. I know that this would be completely different and even more special, but I’m just saying this because I’m desesperate and don’t know even what I’m doing or saying but it’s just that it looks so unfair how everything is handle.

      I’m still praying for me to have this chance.

      And by the way, another cuestion, or suggestion. I don’t know if summit could actually send an email, for the fans that didn’t get that chance. Is just that sometimes you know something weird can happen to the mail, spam and so on. And I will get really worry and my mind can fly away and think that I got the chance but not the email… I don’t know, but I will be really useful if summit gives acceptation emails and so the ones that carries bad news.

      Thank you so much.

      Let’s not loose hope!!

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        I’m keeping hope alive myself;-), it really won’t hit me until around the 16th when their suppose to send out e-mails to those who were picked and if I receive one or not;-), and also like @JiMena I feel Summit or who ever’s sending out the e-mails for those who are picked should also send out apologetic e-mails to those who aren’t picked so they’ll have some piece of mind and at least know. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for everyone and pray on it;-).

      • I agree with you completely. With the people who have gone to the premiere before. Please just let the new fans come! I mean it’s the very last twilight premiere and I want to go badly! I have not gone before and If I do get selected I’m willing to go.

  26. I had a question about the the whole registration process. If we register and are not chosen and since is no standby line, how will the remaining tickets be given after everything. I know u stated the people who dont come on time will be given a second chance cuz they are put at the bottom of the list.. But after everyone has gotten a wristband and u still have remaining wristbands, are u able to send an email or a phone call to those who wanted to attend just to give them an opportunity. I know some people will go if there given a chance and to make it fair for everyone that has register and no given away to people who didnt even bother to register. I know its a long shot but there’s always to hoping. thank u…dina rod:)

  27. Does anyone remember how many wristbands they gave out last year??? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere, but I’m not for sure. Trying to think of a rough number of how many might try to sign up this year, trying to think of my odds here…

  28. Last year it was only 1200 in total if that helps…

  29. If you signed on and the parent/gaurdian cannot make it to the premiere, can you still take the child with you? Asking for permission for that person to come in with you or something? I was just wondering, so I could take my little nephew, and my sister’s group already registered. Can he still go if his parent/gaurdian did not go?

  30. U can’t if the person who signed them up is not going since they are not over 18

  31. What if the parent gave you permission to take the boy, even if he got picked, and if my sister’s group got pick, can he still go?

  32. No he can’t cause whoever signed him up has to be with him

  33. When will the drawing begin may I ask? This is my first going, that is if our group gets picked.

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      I think it starts after 12pm (pacific) on Monday, October 15th (tomorrow) when registering close, because in the rules they said they will start sending out confirmations in e-mails of those who were picked to go to the premiere on October the 16th (Tuesday) or around that day.

  34. When I registered for camping, I got a message across the top of my screen that said: “”You’re going. You’re order is complete.”

    Does that mean I’ve already been selected as a camper??

    Sorry if this is a stupid question . . I’m a Twi-Mom and this is my first time doing this!!

    PS Good luck to ALL – -what a great ride this has been 🙂

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      @ Sherylin Good luck to you too, and when I registered seeing that message kind of threw me off too. But I’m sure things will still go in the 4 phases that are stated in the rules 1.register, 2. drawing for those to go to premiere, 3. If you get picked, you’ll get an e-mail and information, and 4. you go to premiere and check-in. I think they just picked this site to host the registration, and to make sure everything runs smoothly with that. Or I may be wrong, hopefully someone will answer your question that has more knowledge about it;-).

  35. So I recieved a mail of my reciept. When or If someone gets selected, do you have to print that reciept out?

  36. There are already about 400 Groups that have registered – well over 1200 people, probably around 2400 people and that is not including individuals that registered and will register by tomorrow afternoon when the link goes down. Good Luck to all and may the odds forever be in your favor…..Summitt, really wish you would have confirmed this lottery earlier this summer…shame on you.

    • Where did you hear/find out this information?

      • Summit should at least have blocked the registration when the limit of the entry was already full. Instead of keeping peoples hopes up by keep entering them. I hope we did entered anyway, but It would be sad for me to find out that I was one of those people or groups that are in the range of 400.

        • I agree, those dihards out there you know registered right when it opened. I think they should have cut if off then…that’s what Comic Con does for heavens sakes. You see what number you are when you get into the site, they give u updates to let you know where you stand. It’s going to kill me to wait till Tuesday & when I don’t receive an email, my heart is going to be absolutely broken!!! I just want a chance to see the cast one more time before this is all over!!!

    • O.K. I was thinking about this, I’m confused I thought groups were figured the same as an individual, so if 400 groups have already registered, wouldn’t that be the same as if 400 individual people have already registered??? Sometimes I’m a little slow at this, so I called my friend & she is confused now too. So I thought I would ask so I understand better.

      • JaimeOCTwiMom says

        @ Brandy – yes and no… remember each person is counted as an individual in the registry however the group leader has to be selected for the group to win… so with 400 groups, that is not 400 people when a group can consist of up to 10 people… with already 400 groups, that is WAY over the 1200 number… when the link was up and running, you could go to the site again and click the group drop down to see how many were in there and not ‘register’ again… that is how she pulled that info…..

        I agree this whole process is Bulls!*#*… it should have been first come first served as in years past… because all these people who signed up and say they aren’t coming until the day before or even some who registered just to see if they win wills crew it up for everyone…. so even though they say no stand-by line.. I call BS on that.. they will have to take people on the sidelines in order to fill it up.

        • Thank you for clarification. I pretty much know that I probably won’t get picked, even though this is like a huge dream of mine & has been for the past 4 years. I feel like they are taking something very special away from me. I should have done the premiere last year, but I did the convention in L.A. & couldn’t afford to take more time off work at that time.

          Also this whole waiting to find out one way or another is a little ridiculous. People do need to schedule flights & hotels & make plans…

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      I’m curious to where you got the info too, but if that’s the numbers that are stacking up we just have to take it for what it is. I’m just ready to know, I’m anxious, I want to go to this premiere so bad;-).

  37. Wow, surprisingly I was thinking it would be a lot more by now. My only prayer is that some of the people that get picked are newbies (like myself), so that some of us get a chance to experience the excitement of the premiere before it’s all over!!! I have a feeling that a lot of people who have signed up have been there before, have gotten autographs, pics & maybe have gotten into to see the movie & my heart breaks cause I know some of us out there who won’t be picked, won’t ever get that again…

  38. Aleisha Steptoe says

    And my last comment about wanting to know where you got those numbers was directed @Linda Cullen-Packer.

  39. Aleisha Steptoe says

    And my last comment about wanting to know where those numbers came from was directed @Linda Cullen-Packer.

    • The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for “groups”. You can see all the groups who have already registered. THAT is where she got the numbers from. Any questions?

    • The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for groups. You can see all the groups who have already registered. THAT is where she got the numbers from. Any questions?

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        @Melissa Mehas-Lacher Ok I guess they’ve blocked people from doing it now, because you can’t go past the registration button unless you’re going to register for the first time. I just hope it comes out to be fair, because I really want to go;-). And I didn’t mean to offend anybody, just wanted to know how got the numbers.

    • Melissa Mehas-Lacher says

      The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to bd2premiere(dot)com and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for groups. You can see all the groups who have already registered. THAT is where she got the numbers from. Any questions?

    • Melissa Mehas-Lacher says

      The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to bd2 reg site and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for groups. You can see all the groups who have already registered. THAT is where she got the numbers from. Any questions?

    • Melissa Mehas-Lacher says

      The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to the reg site and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for groups. You can see all the groups who have already registered. THAT is where she got the numbers from. Any questions?

    • Melissa Mehas-Lacher says

      The numbers are easy for anyone to see. Go to the reg site and register, like you are going to register again (but don’t submit) and click on the drop down menu for groups. You can see all the groups who have already registered.

  40. Melissa Mehas-Lacher says

    I posted this from my phone. I don’t know why it posted multiple times. Sorry.

  41. Has anybody get anything?? When Will this start? Which will be like the time limit for me to know if I didn’t get selected??

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      @JiMena I’m ready to know too, but maybe by the end of the day they’ll have their picks, I’m anxious;-).

      • I’m freaking out to much. Please if anyone gets something let us know.

        Good luck to everyone!!!

        • According to Twitter, now it won’t be sent out till LATE tomorrow PACIFIC time… So VERY late for us East Coasters tomorrow night.

          • Aleisha Steptoe says

            Yeah I just read some of the posts on Twilight Lexicon’s Twitter page, and it is going to be on Pacific Time when they post or send out the e-mails I think, so that means late tomorrow for Central and Eastern Time zones. This is going to be a long wait…

          • Oh God!!!

            I´m already dying and now this…

            C´mon PEOPLE!!!

            Thanks guys for letting me know, I was at work and by miracle this was the only website that I could see, the only unlocked ha!
            I was running ang running to the bathroom to update my mail because I was having such a bad reception and nothing…

            I guess that co-workers may have thought I was really sick haha!

            Thank you!!!

  42. I would give it today & tomorrow. U never know how they are working it.

  43. U won’t even get a hotel all the hotels are booked up and sold out

  44. Well as people find out they won’t be able to go or don’t get picked, I’m sure somewhere reseverations will be cancelled.

  45. Alot of people I know our still going anyway and there’s another factor and not just twilight the reason hotels are sold out at least not this time maybe last year u could have

  46. U just called jw Marriott & got a room.

  47. Sorry i mean I just called jw Marriott & got a room.

  48. Aleisha Steptoe says

    This feels like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, trying to win the golden ticket, we’re just waiting to see if we’re picked for the 1200 slots that are open;-). But to me this premiere is way better than Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory;-). Yeah I know I’m weird to have thought of that analogy, but that’s me;-). But I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this;-). I know I’ve already said good luck twice;-), but good everybody. I hope everything works out alright with this drawing;-).

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      And people may ask why I wrote the above post was because I tried to bring some humor to hold us over until tomorrow;-)


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