Video: Jackson Rathbone Talks Breaking Dawn Battle Theories on the Red Carpet

Last night, the crew from Hypable was at the Perk of Being a Wallflower red carpet (which is an AMAZING movie). In any case, they had a chance to chat with Jackson Rathbone about the much hyped battle scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 and popular fan theory on how it may pan out.


  1. Vampire Girl says:

    He is so adorable! Love the eyebrow & big smile action!

  2. Aussietwihard says:

    I cant view it here in australia??

  3. If they did that Charlie Swan scene, it would be funny, but it would break my heart. </3 I'll be like ' none of the happened? ' D:< Ahaha.

  4. Can’t view in the UK! 🙁

  5. They just keep teasing us about this ending!! I wanna know already!!

    Jackson is so cute.

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