Stephenie Meyer comments on The End of Twilight, Kristen, and the Future

E! caught up with Stephenie Meyer out in NYC for Fashion Week

On the Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders situation she stated: “That’s so not my business.”

On the Twilight films ending: “I tend to get really sad when I have to [think about the final film],” she said. “So I’m sort of putting it off. I figure it’ll be a really emotional night when it comes out and we know that it’s over. That’s going to be rough.”

On what she’s doing now: “I’m writing now”


  1. Classy lady on not commenting on Kristen.

  2. Sweet! Hope it has something to do with Jacob & Renesmee! ;-D Or finish up Midnight Sun. =)

    • Always hoping for MS!

    • I will hope for midnight sun every time she mentions she’s writing. forever. until it comes out!!!!
      We need something to look forward to after BD2 :'(

      I just can’t grasp the concept of it all coming to an end……….

  3. I love her !!!

  4. Midnight Sun Please!!

  5. I’m so ready for this movie but also not ready to give this experience up. I have met some of the finest of people because of this one love story. I wonder if Stephanie realizes how big the connection has become between so many people? We are having a Twilight Party in December and again I have met even more folks because of that. I’m pretty certain that when I am in my wheelchair and in a Nursing Home, I will be telling my grandchildren all about my days of meeting the twilight cast, the birthday exchanges, and lifelong twi-sisters I have met. <3 my twilight experiences have been very special!

  6. thephantomcat says:

    Stephanie’s classy and beautiful as always.

  7. I highly doubt she is writing Midnight Sun right now. She has said before she isn’t into the vampire mind yet. I think she could be writing the squeal to the Host

  8. Please write something Volturi-based!

  9. anntaylor16 says:

    yes Midnight sun pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

  10. I love twilight and want to read the Host before the movie but I think it would be cool to have a totally different story. I get that she needs a break from vampires to recharge. She wrote the books way before the movies and then spend 5 years on the movies. That’s a lot on one topic

  11. I hope it’s a sequel to the Host.

  12. Stephenie is very beautiful. Love this photograph.
    I think the more people bug her about Midnight Sun the longer she will wait. 🙂 I do hope she finishes it though. She is a talented author.

  13. PLEASE Stephenie Meyer write a sequel to The Host that book is just AMAZING!!! I love Twilight but I think that she should write another book for The Host. 🙂

  14. MORE STEPHANIE… We would love to hear more from her…PLEASE

  15. I really doubt that the “writing” she’s referring to is Midnight Sun. Mainly because when she was asked about it at comic con, she she got all angry about it.

  16. As much as I’m hoping she’s writing Midnight Sun, I highly doubt it. So I’m hoping it’s the sequel to The Host that she’s working on now.

  17. I think that eventually Stephenie will come back to Midnight Sun, but I doubt it’s anytime soon. Hmmm, I wonder how old I’ll be when she does complete it……

  18. I adore Stephenie and I’m so glad she’s writing again because I love her stories. She’s is so classy and I hope she finishes Mednight sun ‘sigh’.

  19. Writing?


    I assume that she is writing sequels to The Host… which really, really, really needs to be finished.

    Even if, like Twilight, that only means it is “finished.”

  20. I would love anything Stephanie writes.She is scuh a good writer no matter what the topic. .Loved all her books. V

  21. Thumbs up to her actually writing now! Would be nice for her to finish the next book in The Host series before the movies start to roll out!

  22. HOORAY!!!! She’s writing!!!

    And seriously, I expected no other response from her on the KS situation. I actually would have been SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED had Stephenie said ANYTHING other than what she did. It’s not her style and she is all class.

    And can I just say how pretty she is? (:

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