Breaking Dawn Premiere–101

We’ve been getting hammered with questions about the impending Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere from both fans who have attended before and new fans. The long and short of it is that we don’t have any information.

Summit Entertainment is now owned by Lionsgate, as with any corporate restructuring we imagine there may be some changes. If for no other reason, we’ve seen this thing get bigger and bigger every year and the Nokia plaza (which is private property) only has so much room. There will probably be certain protocols put in place, but we have no details.

However we do want to say this because these seem to be our most frequent questions:

Q: How do I get tickets to the premiere?

Answer: You don’t. You have to be invited by someone. Last year Summit happened to give a ticket to every fan in the plaza, but that was the first time that happened. If you get to the plaza, you get to camp out an see stars. If you’re lucky and up close maybe you get to snag a few autographs and a photo or two, but there are no guarantees.

Q: How do I get tickets  to the after party?

Answer: You don’t. You have to be connected to someone in Hollywood, win a contest, etc. They are not up for public sale.

Question: But Robert, Kristen,and Taylor on Twitter said…

Answer: Well, considering that Rob, Kristen, and Taylor have no Twitter account, and Rob and Kristen don’t have Facebook, whoever you’ve been talking to is not who you think you’ve been talking to, and they are about as reliable of a  source as my great aunt Susan.

So, just to repeat, we have no info. Anyone claiming to have info doesn’t. There is nothing official anywhere. As soon as we know, you’ll know!


  1. This goes for the UK premiere too. I get dozens of emails asking the same questions as you are getting. I have a FAQ page in place with the answers which funnily enough are similar to yours!

  2. The only advice I can give is expected INSANITY!!!

  3. Maybe it´s a little foolish of me to say this but.. I really do think that they´ll allow camping out to meet the stars AND see the movie this year. I mean, they did it last year with Lionsgate owning the company and it was the only year they did it. Also, they allowed camping out and entrance to the premiere of the Hunger Games which is also owned by Lionsgate…….. So I think they´d want to do something special for the last one maybe? I just really hope they do because I pass LA Live every day on the bus on my way to school and it just makes me excited because the premieres are always soo fun. I really hope they allow camping out but I guess we won´t know until later. All there´s left to do is wait now… keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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