Robert Hits the Daily Show and Gets Ice Cream

Robert Pattinson hit the Daily Show to promote Cosmopolis. He was asked about the recent Kristen Stewart scandal but pretty much ducked addressing the situation. Host John Stewart started out with a unique welcome to Twilight fans in the audience who may not have been familiar with the show’s format (it’s way different than Leno or Letterman) and proceeded to serve ice cream to make Rob feel better.

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Democalypse 2012 – Welcome Twilight Fans, This Is a Topical Comedy Show Edition
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Robert Pattinson
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  1. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I’m not a regular Daily Show viewer, but I thought the entire thing was great. I thought the tag line running on screen at the first of the show to the “Twilight Fans” was hilarious, and I thought Rob was really a class act. Way to go! It wasn’t the first show that came to mind for a Rob appearance, but I was impressed with both Rob and Jon.

    • I agree completely. I have never watched the Daily Show before but I thought that was hilarious! And I love that Rob actually kept eating the ice cream. (: He has handled this whole crazy episode with class and he makes me proud to be a fan of his.

      No matter where he got his “big break” I think his career will soar and I think it would have with or without Twilight.

  2. Not me Mr. Stewart … I’m a regular watcher. I just adored this interview!!! I love Jon so very very much.

    • Christina says:

      So am I! We rock! I honestly didn’t expect Jon to mention the break up at all, but I think that he did so respectfully in a way that probably still excited viewers.

  3. Rob and Jon are class acts. He really loved Kristen and you can see what she did has hurt him. I feel bad for him. But the way he handled it here, not saying much, he still loves her. But he is a classy guy. They both did good tonight.

  4. class act for both of them.

  5. Christina says:

    I feel so bad for Rob. Especially after watching this interview; he just seems like such an amazing person. Funny, smart, and kind. UGH K-Stew, why must you make me hate you!!

  6. The ice cream was the best part. Made me want some.

  7. I’m just soo proud of him! He handled the interview pretty well. Hope things between Rob and Kristen workout for better!

  8. he is handling the press very well, but he definitely doesn’t seem totally like himself (i.e. compared to other interviews). You can tell he is really sad and not totally comfortable being back in the public eye so soon. It’s heartbreaking. But he looks great, and I will definitely boost his cosmopolis numbers 🙂 We love you Rob!

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