Max Irons Does Not Want Robert Pattinson’s Fame

Max Irons plays Jared in The Host. He talks about his Macy’s campaign and not wanting to be too famous.

And, you’re the lead in The Host. Twilight fans are notoriously intense, are you ready for R-Patz fame?
“No, no…no. Look, its great for him and he’s doing great Kronenberg projects which come of the back of doing something like Twilight, but you also have to sacrifice a part of your life, and that I don’t particularly want to sacrifice.”


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  1. Can you blame the guy? Who wants the Paps outside everywhere you go! >% Anywho, that’s also the “price of fame”. You gotta do the dance to get the love. Let’s see how it works out for him. =I

  2. I don’t think he has much to worry about. I mean, while The Host and Twilight are written by the same author, there’s still always going to be a distinct difference between the 2 books. While some Twilight fans are fans of The Host, the latter’s fan base isn’t nearly as big as the saga’s. You can’t generally call fans of The Host Twi-hards. Twi-hards are for Twilight. I don’t see The Host breaking any movie records when it hits theaters like any of the Twilight movies did. Plus, Rob’s fan base has increased a little bit more with each movie; it’s always had room to grow. Irons doesn’t have that possibility for development right now since there’s only one movie with no possibilities for more at the present time seeing as there is not progress status for The Host trilogy right now.

    • I have to agree. Twilight probably has a bigger fan base. I haven read The Host yet, mainly because I’m not a fan of the sci-fi ish books. Max Irons will probably gain popularity but it probably won’t be as huge as Rob’s.

      • While The Host book is sci-fi ish, there is also a good love/hate story going on between characters. That is what drives this book, much more than the sci-fi aspect in my opinion.

    • I agree and that’s sad..The Host IS an amazing book.

  3. A new generation of Irons to enjoy watching on film! Nice! Recently read The Host and looking forward to the movie. He looks a little younger than pictured Jared in my head, but he’ll do.

  4. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I’m a fan of both, and I can’t wait to see The Host movie. Of course, I liked Ian much more than Jared (I guess that makes me Team Ian?), so I hope he gets plenty of screen time too.

    • Love the Twilight series and love The Host. I liked Ian also, especially his interaction with Wanda. Much better than Jared and Melanie. Oh well, looking forward to seeing the movie as well.

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