Stephenie Meyer Q&A in EW

Robert Pattenson Life has more stills from the EW issue that will be out tomorrow.  Their stills feature a Q&A quick interview with Stephenie Meyer where she talks a little about The Host, the Twilight phenomenon, and the name Renesmee.  

“I would never name a real child Renesmee.  But in fantasy, you can name your characters anything you want.  I couldn’t have named [Bella and Edward’s] child Lindsay.  I couldn’t have named her anything that already exists-it would have felt wrong.  I had to pick a name that I felt was completely and totally unique, which opens you up to heckling.  Which I’ve taken.  I take all my heckling, and I totally get it!”

See all the scans at Robert Pattinson Life.  


  1. jennifer says:

    And yet, you know that some ding-dong will saddle her child with that name (and all the ridicule that comes with it) for the rest of her life because she’s s “super-fan.”.

  2. Is it just me or is the name renesmee conpletely normal ? Or maybe its of how much I think about it ?

  3. Christina says:

    I like that S.M. said that New Moon was her favorite book to movie interpretation of the Saga. NM is my favorite as well, just because I think the film feels very authentic. They changed some things of course, but I felt like C.W. really cared more about making a movie based on The Twilight Saga than using his own creative license to “improve” upon it. There were incidences in other movies of things that really take away from the impact of the film, things that simply should NOT have been in the movie, but you can just tell that the director was thinking to himself “Oh, I’m so smart, this is such a great idea, I rock” when onscreen it’s just cringe-worthy (such as the HORRIBLE horribly done CGI vein scene in BD1).

  4. Christina says:

    P.S. Stephenie looks gorgeous, as always.

    • I agree, Stephenie is beautiful. Renesmee has really grown on me. When I first read it, I wasn’t a fan but now I like it. And it’s no more unusual than most of the names in the world, really.

  5. Well…Renesmee is definitely unique, and they call her Nessie and Ness for short. I guess it just seems normal to me because I had to grow up with tons of people mispronouncing Alyxaundrea and thinking it was weird, though now people just call me Ally…

  6. In new moon, chapter 15 what does bella mean when she says that jake could say what he wanted about them being a messed up pair…. Downright normal?

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