Rob Pattinson to Appear on Daily Show

Everyone has been talking about Rob’s upcoming appearance on Good Morning America, which will air live on Wednesday Aug 15.  But according to The Gossip Cop,  the first interview that Rob will offer post “the big split” will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday Aug. 13.  

The story also points out that these interviews were booked months ago and that they are to promote Rob’s movie Cosmopolis.  Given how private Rob has always been about his personal life, and that we’ve actually seen him walk out on interviews that have refused to sway from they Robsten questions, we’re betting that there won’t be much discussion about his personal life in these interviews either.  

Read the full story at Gossip Cop.  


  1. This is the part of celebrity that sucks.. having your heart laid out in public to the whole world. I too doubt there will be discussion of anything except movies… My heart is with him, I know he’s young and will recover, but it still doesn’t feel like it and hurts like hell…

  2. Christina says:

    John Stewart is funny but also a respectful, kind-hearted guy (or so he seems on camera). I don’t think he’d ask Rob/Edward any horrible personal questions. To me this seems like the perfect kind of easygoing “comeback” interview.

  3. Jon Stewart is the perfect first interview. He’s respectful yet funny. He’l handle it professionally as he does with all of his guests. This is a good first step out for Rob. Well done Mr. Pattinson and well done by your staff.

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