New Bella and Renesmee Still From EW

EW just posted this preview on their Facebook page stating, “See more of Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee) in our Fall Movie Preview issue on newsstands Friday! Visit for more ‘Breaking Dawn’ news!”


  1. Bella giving Renesmee the locket!! Oh my God!
    And Mackenzie looks like Kristen in this one!
    I can’t wait for the Fall Movie Preview issue of EW mag, last year it had like 5 pages of full of brand new BD1 photos! 😀

    • I think, based on the background, that’s actually the tent the night before the confrontation with the Volturi. Of course it’s possible in the movie that’s when she gets the locket.

  2. Fiona Cullen says:

    This is beautiful! Mackenzie seriously looks like she could be Rob and Kristen’s daughter.

  3. That’s the sweetest thing ever ! Right now am just squeaking and going “Aww” and jumping on my sit in back of class! Loved this picture <3

  4. I am so exited for this movie! Nessie is my favorite character in the books, and finally I get to see her in the movies. And this is an adorable picture!

  5. SO EXITED. Why is it not Nov. 16 so we can the movie.

  6. Aw! Adorable. Mackenzie really does look like Robert and Kristen’s daughter. She looks so much like the both of them. Kristen looks gorgeous as a vampire. Not that she wasn’t before. 🙂

  7. Is this a picture without the effects? Bella doesn’t look that pale in this picture.

    • It looks like it might be from the same set of pictures that appeared in the previous EW issue with Bella, Edward, and Renesmee on the cover, not a still from the actual movie.

  8. Faye massenroe says:

    I like how Renessme is wearing purple, Bella’s favorite color

  9. Isabella Marie Swan says:

    Girls you should follow  at once! He is “Edward” and has awesome tweets and updates with cute pics. You can ask him Twilight questions and he even has an where you can ask Edward questions.Really funny I swear!!!:-)

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