Summit Confirms Breaking Dawn Is Business as Usual

We feel kind of silly posting this, because we didn’t see how whatever is going on in anyone’s personal lives was going to change their contractual obligations to promote a film, or for that matter stop people from seeing a franchise that they all love. However since it’s an official statement, we’re running it to quell any lingering doubts.

In an exclusive statement to EW, Summit’s president of worldwide marketing, Nancy Kirkpatrick says: “While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead and looking forward to this November’s opening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. We are confident that the film delivers amazing entertainment for our passionate fans and general audience alike.”

We’ve see a lot of discussion about the fall press junket being potentially awkward. Just as a point of reference, unlike Comic Con where people are lined up together at the same table for press conferences and fan panels, the fall press junkets have always been solo events when it comes to Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. In other words, not being with other actors on stage is the norm. The actors with smaller parts have always been doubled or tripled up, but the trio has always had time alone for press Q & A…well as alone as you can be on stage by yourself in a room with 100 press people in it. Also red carpet arrivals (if so desired) can easily be staggered so people are not on top of each other. In fact, as attendees can attest, the stars maybe pose for one or two group shots, but they then walk the carpet solo, not with another cast mate. So, could things get awkward? Possibly, but not as awkward as you might imagine.


  1. Yes, press junkets and red carpets can be “arranged” so it would be less awkward, but what about tv appearances? Haven’t Rob, Kristen, and Taylor done some of the nightly talk shows? Just them? I remember one where it was all the main cast (Kimmel?), but I do believe these three usually do Leno or Fallon. And let’s not forget the morning shows like Today, GMA, etc…

    • That is what I was thinking. Because didn’t Ellen have most of the cast on at once for Breaking Dawn last year? Even if they do go separately it’s going to be awkward for fans since we’re all used to seeing them interact together and joke around.

      Fans understand that Rob and Kristen are not Edward and Bella, but fans still love Rob and Kristen as a couple. And this kind of hurt everyone, just a tiny bit.

    • The vast majority of those appearances are solo ventures. They’ve done one big show as a group and then solos on Tonight show, letterman, fallon, etc

  2. Sue watson says:

    Why can’t people understand that Kristen is NOT Bella and Robert is NOT Edward.

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Yeah, Ellen would be the big one. Guessing that this year they will likely do separate shows, or somewhat separated episodes on the same show.

    Point of info: some of us who see Kris and Rob as Kris and Rob are distressed by this … whatever … for Kris and Rob. When a relationship is wounded or ends, something beautiful ends, too.

  4. As much as I would like to think I’m wrong, I think there will be those who don’t see BD Pt2, or at least see it fewer times, because of what’s gone on. I also know that there are nuts out there, and I am honestly worried, not about an embarrassing, awkward moment between two people who’ve broken up, but about a fan or fans deciding to take matters into their own hands and do something … unwise at the premiere. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I think the security team better keep its ear to the ground.

    • I think you’re right.. Fans can get pretty crazy. I am planning on going to the premiere if they allow the whole camping out thing again but I’m worried about what some people will try to do. Although it was great that they were together, people should just not get involved. A lot of fans seem to think that it’s their responsibility to intervene in their personal lives and they can get pretty crazy about it. I too think that some people will not see the movie as many times due to this. And it is really unfortunate because their personal lives shouldn’t intervene with the stories we love. Unfortunately, some fans love the kristen and rob relationship as much as we love the edward and bella relationship. They might even think this is a real life “New Moon” lol…

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, that’s a scary possibility. Apparently people were posting all kinds of really crazy stuff on Twitter after it all happened. But I doubt anyone would really take matters into their own hands…at least I hope not!!!

  5. Rachelle says:

    Agree with the main points of the post, but also think there is a reason why people are so worried. No matter what, there is going to be that big elephant in the room and the studio cannot control every question the press will ask. Someone is going to bring up the awkward issue that no one wants to talk about.

    Also, there is going to be an issue at the premiere with fans being able to scream and voice their opinions. I am not worried for Rob, but I am worried about Kristen. She received a death threat at the London premiere and that was before all of this. There are some crazy fans in the fandom and while I would love to think everything will be business as usual, that’s just not how this fandom has ever worked.

    • Twilight_News says:

      You bring up a good points but to let you know how these things go, you literally get into the room (talking big group interview where they are at a table in front of a hundred journalists) on press day and let you know two things 1) no questions on anyone’s personal life 2) no questions about other projects. Literally, if you ask outside of bounds your butt is tossed. You agreed to the terms to be there. Literally it’s on a gigantic screen as you come in the door and they remind you before they bring people in.

      As to the individual one-on-ones. It’s Summit/Lionsgate’s camera (you ever notice why the camera angle is always the same)they then give you the recording after. If you don’t play by their rule, no film. The only people I’ve seen with a special deal is MTV and they don’t go the investigative journal route. it’s not their style, plus they’d have too much to lose.

      Plus anyone who does go off topic will find their outlet booted from a premiere red carpet and future Sumit/Lionsgate films. They have too much to lose given films like Hunger Games that are upcoming.

      Of course this doesn’t stop random Paparazzi who pop up on the street, but that’s not exactly unexpected or new.

      The only way this gets talked about at a Breaking Dawn press event is if Rob or Kristen chooses to go there of their own free will, and this seems rather unlikely.

      • Rachelle says:

        I was not just talking about a BD press conference though. If they are doing business as usual, that would also include the premiere and Summit can control a lot of things, but if they do have fan events, they cannot control how the fans respond and some fans are extreme.

        Whether people want to admit it or not, the personal lives of Rob and Kristen have affected things…..the fact that this post was even made shows that… I am sure at the very least Summit is keeping in mind that fan reactions could be an issue.

        I cannot imagine what the LA Convention will be like if Kristen did decide to walk on stage in front of all those fans. I would love to think that everything would be business as usual, but I was at the convention last year and there were inappropriate comments being shouted at her even then, so I could not imagine this year.

  6. Just reading these mature, concerned, well-written posts on the subject restores my faith in the fandom. If only everyone out there was as conscientious and thoughtful about Twilight versus real life, the whole celebrity world would be a better place. I sure love all the lexiconers!

  7. rhiannon says:

    has anyone besides me considered that the tabloids have blown this entire thing completely out of proportion!! who’s to say that rob and kristen havent worked through this already or are trying to?
    i think they belong together but if they dont make it, life will go on. im still gonna see this movie cuz i loved edward and bella before there was a robsten

    • The tabloids have blown this out of proportion. We don’t know what the future will bring or how things go during the premiere. The tabloids are going to keep spinning stories,no matter what happens. It’s ultimately up to Rob and Kristen to decide what to do next. Whatever they decide,I will continue to love both of them and watch their films.

      • rhiannon says:

        exactly, marion!! maybe what kristen feels guilty about is putting herself in that position to begin with.
        maybe she told him the truth, they had one hellacious fight and are trying to work it out.. that is between them. but i have put the last 4 yrs of my life into this series and i am not bailing out 3 months before the final movie!!! lucy and desi got divorced, doesnt stop me from watching I LOVE LUCY!!

  8. I think that this is life immatating art. Bella and Jacob had a full on lip lock and now Kristen has had one with the Snow director. But please rememeber that she is in her early 20’s and most people play the field at this age. I feel bad for Rob but if they truely love eachother than they will find their way back to eachother. She should have been honest about wanting some dating freedom but with a married man? That was just plain wrong. She cheated with someone that she knew she couldn’t have and probably thought it would never come out. She has the perfect no strings attached hook up and thought she could go back to Rob and no one would be the wiser. The ball is now in Rob’s court. I love them together but he needs to decide if he can overlook what she did and how she lied to him. If they do get back together then all the twi fans should respect his decision and not bash him for it. It they don’t then we shoud wish them well and know that after part 2 comes out most people will forget in a year and it is them who have to kive their lives for themselves and no think about how their relationship will effect box office numbers. I feel bad for both of them and hope that in time they can atleast begin to heal.

    much love from a hopeless romantic twi-mom.

    • Christina says:

      That’s the really weird part about the entire thing. Why didn’t she just DUMP him if she was so horribly unhappy that she was considering cheating, and with a married man with children, no less?! It just makes you wonder if maybe she is having some “issues” right now, or something. I would hate to malign her by saying that she’s “crazy”, but her actions were obviously not one of an aware, stable adult. The man you chose to 1. CHEAT with is 2. in his 40’s 3. married 4. has children and 5. is your BOSS, basically. It’s just a very strange decision for her, or anyone, to make.

      • I so agree Christina! I am a little annoyed with people that want to say “They are not Edward and Bella” Hello, really??!! I honestly have not always been thrilled with her portrayal of Bella and I definitely do NOT have them confused with their fictional characters. It’s items 1 through 5 mentioned above.. Just flipping tacky all the way around

        • i agree. i really agree. BUT, it doesn’t mean she deserves to be slandered publicly. just because she’s wearing her ‘sins on her sleeve’. it’s just sad.

  9. rhiannon says:

    dana, i agree with everything you said!
    however i dont even think this was a hook up by a flirtation, started by HIM, that went too far. kristen obviously feels horrible and while i am not thrilled with her; i am not gonna abandon her

    • Dana slachta says:

      I definitely don’t want to abandon her but she has to know and see the hurt she caused. If she was not happy she could have ended things with him first. She is not married or engaged to Rob and she could have just walked away. To go behind the back of a person the you claim to love and do what she did way wrong and it seems as if Rob is not going to stand for that and I applaude him. Love them both and wish them well but I think the the press tours are going to have a awkward feel to them even if they are interviewed separately because they interviews are not going to ignore the big elephant in the room of the big breakup.

  10. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    Ya know, there was a movie starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore called “Nine Months.” Just prior to the start of the press junkets, Grant was arrested for soliciting a hooker. It cost him then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley. When he appeared on Jay Leno, Leno asked him, “What were you thinking?” “I wasn’t,” was Grant’s answer.

    Perhaps we should turn Leno loose on Kristen? I can just hear him now. “Kristen, what were you thinking? You have this handsome rising actor who obviously adores you, and you toss him to the curb for some old dude director. What was your thought process?”

    After some lip biting, hair twirling, and awkward squirming, she’ll give a lame ass answer. I’ve tried to defend her in past posts, but this is getting annoying. How selfish to shine the spotlight (and a bad one at that) on her in this way. Not fair to the rest of the cast, crew, franchise, Summitt,and Stephenie Meyer. I swear Kristen’s acting like she’s related to Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan.

    • rhiannon says:

      get off your high horse!!!!! she is 22 yrs old she is human she made a mistake!!!
      and FYI hugh grant and elizabeth hurley did not break up til 6 yrs later!!

      • Barbara J Rodgers says:

        Rhiannon, as I have said in earlier posts, I have defended Kristen BECAUSE she is 22 and 22 year olds make mistakes. However, you missed the Hugh Grant analogy completely. If you reread my above post you will notice I said, “It cost him then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley.” I did not say WHEN it cost him, just that it did cost him. It was Jay Leno’s interview that was so compelling; it was Jay Leno’s question, “What were you thinking?” that made for interesting commentary. Grant admitted he wasn’t thinking and he made a mistake.

        Instead of reading statements (which may or may not be the work of agents and personal press corps) it might be more advantageous to Kristen to come clean in person, on air. Like many fans, I will respect her much more if she did that, rather than reading “statements.”

        That is my sole point of view. Kristen made a mistake, one that will cost her dearly. She is 22. I personally think she is easily influenced, sometimes by the wrong people. However, if you had read the nuances of the English language in my post, you may not have demanded that i “get off your high horse”
        but realized we were both saying the same thing.

  11. I just realized this whole scandal thing has ruin all hopes of us seeing them KISS for their last MTV Best Kiss Award next year. I know all of us thought they would every year and they have. But I highly doubt they will win again. Just sucks that we won’t get to see them kiss. I was really hoping they would finally do it the last year.

  12. Am I the only one who was surprised that Kristen and Rob are supposed to be together?! or at were? I am a Twilight fan and I never thought that they were togehter…and they say that they were in a relationship for 4 years?! and no Twilight fan has known about this?
    I don’t know yes it is possibly true that Kristen had an affair with the director but that she and Rob were together…i just dont know =/ is there anybody thinking the same way?

    • rhiannon says:

      it was pretty clear to everyone that they were together but they never confirmed it. brangelina never confirmed they were together either. but 7 yrs and six kids its kinda obvious

    • I just think you are on the late ball when it comes to Robsten. There was a HUGE Robsten vs Nonsten fanbase out there in the wood works and just recently in the past year (ever since bdpt1) has Kris and Rob been letting little clues slip by that they are actually a couple. This by far has been the biggest and most official way of outing this relationship, even though it had to come with such bitterness and heartbreaking events.

    • there were tons of fan sitings of them out at night at concerts and stuff holding each other, kissing, etc. (among other things). i think it’s pretty accepted that they were together.

  13. Christina says:

    Seeing that photo of them together at the top of the page is soooo depressing. I’m surprised to hear you ‘say’ (or write, I should say) that Kristen and Rob’s breakup would not prevent any fans from seeing Breaking Dawn. I think, though this is just my opinion, that this fiasco has changed many fans’ entire perspective of The Twilight Saga. I, for one, am going to see BD2, but I am not going to enjoy it anywhere near as much as I would have before this incident. It’s very hard to believe in E/B anymore, now that this has happened.

    • But that’s the thing.. Rob & Kristin ARE NOT Edward & Bella. Bella & Edward ARE NOT Kristin & Rob. Seems a lot of fans are having a hard time separating the actors from their characters. As mad as I was when this broke, I have since gotten over it. Its not my problem nor my job to make things right. Only R&K can do that. I will still watch BD2 and as soon as the movie starts will be in Edward & Bella’s world until the credits run.

  14. Whatever happens to them, I’m still going to support them. I’m still going to see BDpt.2.
    I hope Rob and Kristen can work through this together. Whatever the end result is, either they stay together or not, I hope they at least talked to each other about it and get answers from each other. If they do end up separating, I hope that they can forgive each other eventually and maybe become friends again. Or heck, be cordial to each other at least.

  15. Am I the only person hoping that they still do a commentary together? I love their commentaries and I think we may miss out on that.

    • their commentaries are my favorite part of the dvd–almost more than the actual movie (and in some cases, definitely more than the actual movie). but we have to think about why they were so much fun to listen too–it’s rob and kris as great friends, bantering and being normal. if their aren’t friends anymore (let’s just assume), then it wouldn’t be the same.

  16. it’s hard to let it go, but i feel like the sooner the world stops talking about it, the less awkward it might be. fans and the rest of the world knowing about their personal business (or part of it anyway) will create a huge wall between them and us. 🙁

  17. Isabella Marie Swan says:

    Girls you should follow at once! He is “Edward” and has awesome tweets and updates with cute pics. You can ask him Twilight questions and he even has an where you can ask Edward questions.Really funny I swear!!!:-)

  18. Going to see the movie. And for any and all movies that come out.The press soued only ask ? about what was it like filming, ect. Not about their life of set pried. The press juket and prim is about the moive not the acters personle live .

  19. LadyLovesLeo says:

    How long has it been since some of you were 22? It’s been a few years since I was that age and in the years that have passed I’ve gained quite a bit of wisdom, but to dismiss Kristen’s actions as the fleeting mistakes of youth is downright silly. By the time I was 22, I had graduated from college and had been working in some form for over 6 years. I was by no means perfect, but I also didn’t participate in an affair with any of my married bosses. Right or wrong, I always accepted responsibility for my actions.

    Kristen has been working since she was 9 years old. She’s not a child anymore. She’s been a professional actor long enough to know how to conduct herself on and off camera and a celebrity long enough to know that someone is ALWAYS watching. I believe this is an attitude problem – she thinks she can do or say anything she wants without regard for anyone or anything else. I mean did you really read the snarky interview she gave in the July Vanity Fair?

    I am a fairly new fan of the saga (less than a year), and I have to say this does change my attitude about the movies. I have defended Kristen and her attitude in the past, but at what point does sassy become crassy? Now that this ridiculous fiasco has surfaced, I see that same haughty attitude in her performance every time I try to watch one of her movies. I know she’s not Bella or the girl next door, but her whole outlandish “episode” punches a big reality hole in the lovely fantasy world the movies used to hold for me. I’ve never liked them as much as the books, but now I don’t care for them at all.

    • LadyLovesLeo says:

      And if you can stand a little fandom teasing, check out the video of Will Ferrell calling Kristen a “trampire” on Conan:

      If you’re geoblocked from the video, a written story is here:

    • I agree with you whole heartedly. The girl has been around long enough to know better. Even though she is “only” in her early 20’s she is an adult. My 9 year old knows that messing around with a married man is bad, how can we say a 20-something doesn’t know it? Hell, how come a 40-something married man not know it? Maybe it is harder to “grow-up” in the spotlight, but you would think you would be more intelligent on what you do when you know the spotlight is always on you.

      I truly feel that people shouldn’t lose their love for Twilight over this mess. The movie is just a story line that we all love for what it is, not for the actors that play the part and the lives they have outside of the film. I know I will still be there with my group of TwiMom’s watching when it comes out. I still went and saw the others and I haven’t liked the acting quality of one of the main characters from day one. I don’t think a little bad relationship is going to stop me now.

  20. I’d be lying to myself and everyone else if I didn’t say that ,Yes–I’m hurt for Rob- he seems like such a decent, funny, down to earth guy–but on the other hand i’m not going to crucify Kristen. Each one of us, at one time or another, has done something to someone we love and have been ashamed and immediately regretted our actions. The difference between us and them, we’ve never had it go public–world wide in your face newstand, t.v, print and web based public. I’m not excusing or ignoring anyone’s actions but the details are truly none of my business..

    Having loved the movie series for the past 4+ years I think the reason this is also different is because we as a fan base genuinely care about these actors. i’ve gotten to see a small glimpse of (possibly) the real people they are in the interviews i’ve watched and have enjoyed how they all seem to truly like each other.
    Nothing will keep me from the final installment- i’ll continue to support the series and the actors that i love.

    My thoughts and prayers are going out to both of them.

  21. Does anyone know when tickets will start selling? Normally they start selling them in June. It’s August and tickets aren’t for sale yet.

  22. I think, Rob is professional. So, I think, everythig will be OK. He will not want to hurt his fans or fans of Twilight….. I thik, he will be doing everyting, what will be necessary…..
    Rob, i love you.

  23. BellaBaker says:

    I’ll bet not everyone feels its business as usual… TWIHARDS!!! lol “Chillax”

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