Next Movie Power Ranks Twilight Saga Actors

MTV’s Male TwiHard takes a look at Twilight actors using Power rankings. Here’s how they assessed Robert Pattinson’s potential career grid.



2. Robert Pattinson

Floor: Christian Slater
Ceiling: Johnny Depp

My younger readers may balk at a Christian Slater comparison, but in the early ’90s his poster hung on young girls’ walls – right next to Kurt Cobain and Luke Perry. Slater never broke out of his teen heartthrob stage as Johnny Depp did after “21 Jump Street.” Pattinson should keep looking for unique roles as Depp has and not settle for easy schlock as Slater did.

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  1. thabisa indy skoti says:

    I think nw he should move 4ward, he’ll always be our Edward but he has 2 grow bigger with his acting

  2. Moonbeam says:

    Oops. He says Cosmopolis floundered but it hasn’t even opened yet LOL.

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