Kristen Stewart Issues Official Statement Regarding US Weekly Photos

Usually we don’t really cover things like this, but since Kristen Stewart has issued an official statement(it has been verified as authentic) we are. Earlier today US Weekly published photos of Kristen Stewart in a compromising position with her married, Snow White and the Huntsman director(edited: as has he). The statement was given to People Magazine, which we believe is a sister company to US Weekly.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. “


  1. I like to quet Ray Chaierls. For what the wife needs to say to Rupert ” Hit the road jake . Don’t you come .” Becase he miand a life long commite to trus and love her. But he goes do this to her and the kids.
    If I was married and my other hafe did somthing to me and my kids. Like he did he wound be looking for a divores lawyer.
    That what I think the wife needs to do. Before it happeins to her agane with some other women .

  2. If Rob forgives her he’s a better man than me. No trust no marraige, I’ve been married for twenty years but if the trust went then I’d rather be on my own than be put through all the heartache of wondering what is she up to now.

  3. Verified or not, I smell publicity stunt. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Kristina says:

    Glad to have found your website as an avenue to express how I feel as a Robsten fan in the midst of these dark dark days for our favorite Hollywood couple.

    I was skeptical at the beginning of all this mess. Yes. I didn’t believe anything written or published by the tabloids. Heck. I didn’t believe the “official” statement of Kristen. Was I in denial? Yes I was. I don’t know Kristen personally but from what I have observed in her interviews, she seemed very sincere and passionate when it comes to her roles –most especially her role as Bella.

    I respected that they denied their relationship to the public to avoid scrutiny and exposure to the media. For days, I searched online and asked friends what they thought of this whole mess. I waited for Rob or Kristen to just come out and say “Shut up, it’s all lies.” Still–no pictures nor interviews or word from their media representatives. I assumed they just want to go incognito and let the lies die down.

    But deep inside of me, something is telling me–something is true. Which? I’m not really sure. I don’t know them personally. I saw the pictures of Kristen with Rupert and I was praying they were all photoshopped. But then again, something is telling me there is some truth in this whole mess.

    If the official statement is indeed true, I sympathize Robert and I feel for him. I really really do.
    Age is not a determinant for maturity. I married the love of my life when I was 22 and we’re still together! Yes everyone makes mistakes but I really wonder what made Kristen do what she had done? Or even allow it to happen? A happy person in love wouldn’t even dare allow herself to be hugged or touched like that! So what happened? 🙁

    I hope a lesson is learned in all this chaos. I just hope that “time heals all wounds” in this case. I truly wish them both the best.

  5. I’ve been trying very hard to reserve my judgement. I saw the pictures yesterday and I’m afraid there is no other explanation for them, they are really Kristen. This whole situation breaks my heart and doesn’t make a bit of sense. I I can’t understand why she just wouldn’t break up with him quietly. Why pick a married man with two children to mess around with? Why wear Rob’s baseball cap when you are cheating on him??!!
    All I can say that “IF” this is real, then I’ve lost a lot of respect for Kristen. I know people make mistakes, but this is beyond a mistake, this is deliberately hurtful, damaging and destroying people’s lives. Those pictures show her looking right at the camera, she knew she was being photographed. Why not go somewhere private? Again, the whole scenario makes no sense to me. I’m reserving my thoughts and energy to the victims of this horrible situation.

  6. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    Well, I just viewed the photos on the online version of “US.” There is not doubt Stewart and Sanders were together. However, there is only one photo that looks as if they are kssing. Notice I said “looks.”It is grainy, and the angle is way off. Other picturesappear to be staged.

    Kristen has not always been the brightest bulb in the marquee when it comes to being sensible about her behavior. The paparazzi are all sensationalizing this with quotes that “she was all over him,” etc. If this is true and they are such great photographers, where are those pictures? They just don’t exist.Most of the pictures appear to have Sanders all over her; she looks indifferent to the whole thing, I think they were staged.

    Remember the movie “Nine Months” starring Hugh Grant? Just before it was released, he was arrested with a hooker, and eventually he and long-time girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley broke up. Jay Leno asked him, “What were you thinking?” His answer,”I wasn’t.” Yes, he is older than Kristen by decades. But I feel the same applies here. She just wasn’t thinking. While there are lots of mature 22 year olds, most of them aren’t. As I said previously, I am certainly not the same person I was at 22 as I am at 61.

    Who jumped all over Pattinson when he had his fling with Nikki Reed? Oops. I guess it’s okay for the man to screw up? Boys will be boys, but when women do the same thing they are called sluts and whores?

    Sure, this has hurt anyone associated with the Twilight franchise. Could it have been a publicity stunt? Maybe. But the bottom line is, she screwed up, intentionally or unintentionally, she screwed up. Instead of the “Kristen cheats on Rob” headline, the more appropos headline should read “Sanders secduces Stewart.” Let’s call it what it really is. If she was a few years younger, he’d be arrested as a pedophile!

  7. Barbara J Rodgers says:

    I just looked at the “US” photos. They look staged. The one showing them kissing is “grainy” and the angle is all wrong. Kristen has never been the brightest bulb in the behavior marquee, so let’s call this what it is.

    What bothers me is it looks so staged. With the way the paparazzi swarm her, how could it not be? Then, the are papps are being quoted as the expert witnesses? People who are paid to exploit and invade people’s privacy? Gimme a break.

    Did Kristen use bad judgement again? Yes. But, when Rob had his little fling with Nikki Reed, where was all the moral indignation then? Kristen screwed up, plain and simple. Has she hurt people? Sure. But, she’s 22; I am certainly not the same person at 61 as I was at 22.

    So a young woman uses bad judgement; she gets called a slut and a whore. A man does it and he’s a hero; another notch in the bedpost, so to speak. Instead of the headline reading “Kristen cheats on Rob,” it should read “Sanders seduces Stewart.” Let’s call it what it really is. A few years ago, Sanders would have been arrested as a pedophile.

    • Huh?? Please tell me you are joking. IF Rob indeed had a “fling” with Nikki Reed, it cannot even compare to what KS has done. Rob and Nikki were SINGLE. They were free to do what they like. I cant believe you are trying to compare what Rob did to this. So Rob mess around with SINGLE women so it is ok for KS to cheat on him with a married man? KS was caught with a married man and a father of two kids. She knows this mans wife. Stop using the she is only 22 excuse. She is a grown woman and she knows the difference between right and wrong. She knew exactly what she was doing. I may be a different person today than i was at 22 but my morals and values have not change. I would not have mess around with someone’s husband back then and i sure would not do it now. I am so sick of people making excuses for her because she is only 22. She is a cheat. A low down dirty skank cheat. He cannot seduce her if she did not want to be seduced. You make her sound like a retard. Rob was not caught in a car with a married woman. Oh and by the way a few years ago Sanders would not have been arrested as a pedophile either. Catch your husband with a 22 year old and see what kind of excuses you make for her.

  8. Do you think her affair will have an affect on whether or not fans choose to see the last movie?

    • It probably will, although I really don’t think it should. If you’re a fan of the saga, it doesn’t mean you have to like her or the choices she’s made. Go to the movie, enjoy the story, enjoy the performance and when it’s all over, go ahead and talk crap about her and her idiocy. Don’t let her stupid decisions and cruel mindset keep you from enjoying the last movie of a saga you’re so passionate about.

      There are plenty of actors out there who I think are complete garbage as human beings, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying their movies. Personally, I still plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2, and enjoying every minute of it… WITHOUT whining about her personal indiscretions after the movie was done being filmed.

    • I will definitely see BD2, but it will be painful watching Rob and Kristin. Before this scandal,Rob looked so happy whenever he was with her. I just don’t understand how she could do this to him. What was she thinking? And why would she do this in broad daylight? I doesn’t make sense. If she didn’t care if he found out, then why didn’t she just tell him? She had to know that the paps would be watching her.

  9. I’m just so sad about this. If Rob really loves Kristin the way I imagine he does, then he must be devastated. I think he and Kristin could overcome this if they both want to, but having those photos flashed in his face will make it difficult for Rob to forgive her. All I’ve every wanted for Rob is for him to be happy. I hope things work out for him.

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