An Interview with Rob Pattinson’s Heart

Black Book has released a very interesting interview from the perspective of Rob Pattinson’s heart.  The heart tells the story of Rob as a bad driver, a former smoker, and a movie icon.  It is a fun read, but please be warned that the language is a little rough in places.  Here is a sample – keep in mind that this is Rob’s heart talking, and not Rob:

After Twilight hit, things changed. Rob, as they say, broke. “My circle of friends narrowed pretty quickly.” Says Rob, “I like to be the parasite, not the other way around.” We stopped going out. We stopped performing at open mics. Now I hardly ever race anymore. Now, when he’s not being Edward or Eric [From Cosmopolis] or someone else, Rob lives like the Hermit of Silver Lake. He wakes up and makes himself some juice. He reads synopses of books on Amazon for a few hours. He makes himself soup and peruses some scripts. Largely these are just words, congealed and bland like day-old porridge, microwaved rehashes of other supernatural epics. Ocasionally, I spike when something he reads intrigues me. Like his next drama by the French-Liberian director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire, whose last film, Johnny Mad Dog, is about Congolese child soldiers. This one will be filmed entirely in Iraq. We leave next month. Perhaps there, the bullets whistling by, or at least the possibility that a bullet could whistle by, will cause me to throb. Until then, we’ll bide our time in the back of a car, idling at an intersection and waiting for the light to change. Jeff asks if we’d like to go anywhere in particular, but we’re not sure. “I never go anywhere.” Rob says matter-of-factly, “I don’t even know where anywhere is.”


Read the whole story at Black Book.


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  2. I think my heart just broke a little. I love that he’s not a snide butt about his fortune and fame. He’ appreciative but tired. I cannot imagine the pressure he lives under. I feel for him. I know celebrities are in the lime light and they have to expect that, but sometimes the lime light can be overwhelming and unfair to those who are in it.

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