The Host at Comic Con?

This seems a little unlikely, but Deadline Hollywood is reporting the following:



EXCLUSIVE: Author Stephenie Meyer, whose Twilight Saga franchise helped make Comic-Con such an important cog in movie marketing, has something dramatic planned when she and the film’s cast gather tomorrow for their final Comic-Con panel for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn–Part 2. I’m told that the surprise will focus on what is shaping up to be Meyers’ next film franchise, The Host. She and that film’s distributor, Open Road, will be doing something during the Twilight Saga panel. I could not confirm whether this is a sneak peek at footage–the film wrapped just weeks ago–though that would certainly make sense as the author tries to entice Twihards to embrace her next major film.

We’ll let you know what happens, but it would seem odd for Summit to let another company’s film in on its panel


  1. I thought it was odd when I first heard this too. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  2. It’s probably not anything regarding the actual film, but something from Stephenie? If she is going to be there of course

  3. I so wish I was there. The Host is one of my favorite novels.

  4. lauralynn says

    I don’t think Steph has to worry about hooking Twilight fans and bringing them over to The Host because the majority of us have already read it and love it and can’t wait till it comes out. Weather or not we will be as dedicated to the series remains to be seen since Steph still has yet to write the rest of the trilogy.

  5. That doesn’t make sense at all. It is the last CC for TWS film people, we want as much time as possible with them. We don’t want another film taking away time from TWS. Sharing is fine at times, this is not one of those times. Could it be that something about Host will be at some other time – collected with others with short previews without a panel of people talking about each?? I’ve not looked at the full CC schedule to see if any free time or time with collection of shorts that aren’t listed in total. Never been so don’t know if they do that sort of thing. Wrapped filming so recently maybe didn’t know if have something so kind of a surprise??? Speculating here. Guess we’ll find out.

  6. Midnight Sun! Pleeeeease….:)

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