Twilight Comic Con happenings before Thursday’s panels

I’m hearing some chatter that Twilight fans will want to be outside of Hall H at 9:00 PM on Wednesday night. I don’t think we are talking Kristen, Rob, and Taylor showing up. On the other hand, in the past Summit has come by with some pretty cool swag. You don’t want to potentially miss out on getting/seeing something cool. Sometimes you even get some of the actors in smaller parts showing the people in line some love. Just sayin I wouldn’t pick 9:00pm on Wednesday as the time time I’d pop back to my hotel for a nap. I’m going to be there…will you 😉


  1. I’ll be there wednesday afternoon, can’t wait to see what happens on that line =]!

  2. I am hearing they intend to top last year’s event…which featured the Cullen ladies and some members of the Wolf Pack greeting fans at dawn with swag. There are only two things that could top that, a visit from the Cullen fellas, or an appearance by the “Big Three”. I personally moved up my plans to arrive Wednesday morning, just to be on the safe side. Remember, this is the last hurrah, so I think we can count on Summit to pull out all the stops! 😉

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