Reports of Line Forming Already at Comic Con 2012

Photo above from @Laury4Rob It’s going to be interesting to see how security deals with this one. It sounds like they dealt with overnight security from the Convention Center. The AM supervisor may have other ideas. They also may end up with Comic Con staff not recognizing the line once they are on site. Crapshoot really. You can be dealing with a guard who says one thing then a shift change, a new supervisor, and you have a whole new set of what they say is OK. Until Comic Con gets those tents up and Comic Con security combined with Convention Center security says, “OK a line can start” nothing is 100% certain. Last year I got in line early Tuesday because of reports of a line on Monday. Reality was the room holds 6,500 and I could’ve waited until Wednesday and saved myself a night on the hard ground with freight trains twice a night. My goal was to be in the room (tons of jumbotrons everywhere so you can see) not to be upfront. There were maybe 200-300 of us online until midday Wednesday. They also moved the line three times while I was there. This year, I’ll check it out when I get there on Tuesday afternoon and play it by ear.





Apparently they are working quickly and the official Comic Con tents are going up. Last year they were not up until late Tuesday.

However Comic Con as of 12:50Am on Monday just Tweeted the following (let’s not antagonize the officials!):


  1. Jessica says:

    Comic-Con just sent a tweet refering to the line-up guidelines and asking people not to line up for hall H because the set-up is not complete.

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