Breaking Dawn Campfire Image in this Week’s EW

The folks over at Twilight Belgium and Team Jack combined efforts to scan and identify who is who in a new image being released in this week’s EW


  1. I don’t remember this scene in the book at all. Then again I read BD twice when it came out so its been a long time.

  2. CatWhit says:

    I’m pretty sure you don’t remember it because it wasn’t there. I mean why would vampires, who don’t feel the cold, by snuggled up around the one thing that can actually kill them for fun?

  3. jennifer says:

    This must be an added scene….weird!

  4. Maritza says:

    This is DEFINITELY an added scene!! This was NOT in the book….I read it once a few years ago and I still remember!

  5. Gina Fore says:

    Most definitely not in the book. An added scene.

  6. I would guess that is everyone waiting around for the Volturi to arrive.

  7. It is not mentioned in the book, but there is room for it during the last couple days waiting for the Volturi to arrive. Remember the book is from Bella’s pov and Bella doesn’t appear in this picture.

  8. where is bella, edward, renesmee,jacob senna and carlisle

  9. Given the direction they’re all looking, I’m wondering if the Romanians are story-telling?

    …………… Or eating all the marshmallows

  10. mommios says:

    Nope no campfire I recall. Just reread not long ago. Its like the meadow. Which is so crucial to the story and it doesnt appear in the final Breaking Dawn books at all.

  11. Aussietwihard says:

    Are we sure its just not a pic of the cast wauting for the next take as it was so cold while filming ive heard!..although it may be in movie..have to wait n see!

  12. i can say for certain that alot of this breaking dawn 2 is not like the book as iv read it ten times over the years,an i think the screen writers are put down a plot that will seem more exciting to get more money as it seems an action flick an giving us part of the story and what they think will be a better ending to our much treasured books i wonder what stephenie meyer thinks or is she just happy the movies are made,hope the dont do same with the host as i love that book as well.there is an awful lot iam going to miss in this bd2 ,although i will go see it an by the dvd.i have the books i can sit down and read again and again,so let them cut our fav story apart ,but it will never beat the first movie as they got it right an also new moon,after that the tweeked about
    so sad.

    • LadyLovesLeo says:

      I enjoy the movies, but they have killed our beloved story. Even the ones that got closest – New Moon and BD Part 1 – venture pretty far off course. I think we can all take comfort in Stephenie’s increased involvement as a producer of BD2 that she was satisfied with the result – and hopefully we will be too.

  13. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I enjoyed reading all your comments – literally laughing out loud! I agree about the logic of a campfire if not for Nessie – our vamps have perfect vision even at night and aren’t sensitive to cold. Come to think if it our wolves are the same. . .

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