Comic Con and the “No Camping” Rule

Due to the fact that we now have a time schedule for the Breaking Dawn panel on Thursday, we know that there will be panels before and that “camping” will be required.  We’ve been asked a few times about advice for camping because we have camped out in years past.  However Comic Con has changed up the rules somewhat and we want to make sure that those of you who are going are planning accordingly for that long line into Hall H.  This information can be found on the Comic Con official site.  


For safety issues we cannot allow anyone to line up in the Park until ALL tents, canopies, stanchions and work is completed at the Park. This also includes areas adjacent to the park, so please no waiting nearby for work to be completed. We anticipate that all work will be finished sometime Tuesday morning (July 10), however this is not a guarantee.

Because this is a safety issue, we have been told that anyone waiting in the area before all work is completed will be asked to leave regardless of time of arrival or length of time they have been waiting.

In an effort to accommodate as many people as possible with the least amount of impact for all, please follow the rules below:

  • Camping is not allowed.
  • No tents, canopies, inflatables, cots, beds, furniture, large coolers, heaters, large fans, large umbrellas, chaise lounges, open flames, or anything of similar size of any kind as determined by the Convention Center.
  • You are allowed to have one chair per person of relatively normal size. You may use a sleeping bag or blanket as well, provided it is only taking up the space of one person. No facilities or services will be available in the Park, so plan accordingly.
  • Restroom access will be available in Lobby G of the Convention Center from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM each night starting Tuesday, July 10. No other access to facilities will be available. Please respect the grounds and dispose of trash in trash receptacles.
  • Please do not leave any trash or waste behind.
  • No “saving” a spot in line unless it is only temporary, such as a restroom break.


How does this differ from years past?

Back in 2009, I’ve seen tents and canopies and inflatable beds and all kinds of things that make sleeping out much easier. However last year in 2011 those were no longer allowed.  It sounds like they aren’t allowing for any accommodations for protection from the California sun given that even large umbrellas are banned(no idea if this means golf umbrellas or beach umbrellas), however it does sound like they are putting up the same protective canopy that they did last year and they need time to put it up without people being under it as that would be an obvious safety hazard.   Add to it no large coolers and you’ve got a problem storing food on site.  Also, if you’ve gone as a group and left one person in line while the others go get food or go back to the hotel to shower, it doesn’t appear that will be allowed either. There will be random badge checking going on, but I’m not sure how they plan on enforcing the “no saving places” rule. Also, take note that you officially can’t start lining up until all the roping and work on the area is complete, which they hope will be done on Tuesday. It will make Comic Con a very different experience this year, that’s for certain!


  1. I understand that the conditions will be somewhat difficult, but I would leave the convenience of my own house without giving it a second thought to go camp there, if I was given the chance. As may other fans would.
    PS I’ve slept in an outdoor handball court in a sleeping bag while in summer camp – so much better than the beds they’d given us, so the only problem I guess for the lineup would be the heat… Good Luck campers! 🙂

  2. No large fans, so they only want the cute thin twi-hards then, how rude! 😉


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