Photos: Bill Condon Receiving His Lion and Lamb Trophy

Yesterday we shared with you the story on how we gave Bill Condon a trophy called the Lion and Lamb Award (AKA The Lambie) for all his dedication to the Twilight fandom. Today we have photos from Twilightish, Team Twilight, and Jack Morrissey(the photo seen left) who were all able to take pictures while we did the video recording.

I realize that I left out one crucial detail yesterday when I described how it all went down. We gave him the trophy and there was a card to go with it. He opened the card first. It was a Breaking Dawn card that Elena from Twilightish (who has awesome scrapbook skills)managed to modify because it was originally a birthday card. She recovered the inside so it was blank. Then, all of us signed the card representing our sites and the fans who visit them.

So Bill goes to open the card and surprise it’s a musical card! It starts playing Christina Perri’s 1000 Years. He started laughing and so did his editors who you see in the background of the photos. Then after that, he dove in to the wrapping paper and pulled out the trophy.

Bill really really loved it. They are putting it up in the office where they are currently editing the movie. Everyone there got a kick out of it.

Via Twilightish here’s a shot of Bill posing with the award (more shots on Twilightish)

Here’s Bill in the unwrapping and reading process courtesy of Sheila of Team Twilight (see more photos on Team Twilight).

In case you missed the full story. We posted it yesterday. Below is the video we shot as it was going on.