Robert Pattinson Not Fond of His Madam Tussauds Likeness

Robert Pattinsom talks to the Metro about Cosmopolis,fame, and Twilight:

“…He was literally replaced when Madam Tussauds gave him a waxwork. A really, really terrible waxwork. ‘It looks like Hugh Jackman,’ he exclaims. ‘I think it IS Hugh Jackman – they’ve just smushed it in a bit.’ Or maybe it’s the inner Pattinson, the one who feels melted by the Twi-light. ‘If you get famous, you can really buy into it, then you go nuts. But I never really felt comfortable going, “Yes, I’m famous!” I don’t know why.’

On November 16, the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part II, will be released – and so will Pattinson, he hopes, from the hysteria of Stephenie Meyer’s teen saga.

Can he give us a reason to watch it? ‘It’s really funny, the last one,’ he chuckles. ‘I mean, funny and completely insane. There’s Jacob is falling in love with my daughter, who grows into an 11-year-old in three months! There were so many scenes where it felt so bizarre.’


  1. Rob seems to be doing a lost of complaining lately….

    • anita, as with the “nickname” question, as well as the wax-work replica question—he was asked and he answered honestly…answering is not complaining. and by the way, i’ve been to london, and while taylor’s is right on the money, rob’s is NOTHING like….so–he’s not wrong, and he’s not complaining.

  2. I have only seen pictures of the waxwork and it is definitely not good. They seriously need to go back to the drawing board and start over. As for Rob not liking his nickname, well I guess that’s his choice but I like it. It’s better than some of the things the haters have called him. I’m with Rob on moving on from the screaming masses. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have thousands screaming at you. What makes people think they have a right to do that? I will never understand the fanatical and obsessive way some people behave to and about celebrities. Besides, Rob has grown up and deserves to be treated as a man and not a teenage heartthrob anymore.

  3. I Loved the books, and it didn’t feel bizarre reading them, it was such a easy read. I wonder if we had had a better script writer who didn’t just leave out key elements all the time, would it have been so bizarre? ET wasn’t bizarre, Harry Potter was awesome, but so were their script writers, who built the characters, the relationships and the backgrounds so people were not scratching their heads! I remember being in the lobby after Twilight showing and saw a man literally scratching his head telling his wife (trying not to hurt her feelings)honey, I just din’t get it, I’m sorry. That was what drove the people I brought with me to go buy the books, so I suppose thats the good that came out of that script.

  4. I don’t blame him. I liked the saga a lot more until all the fan over-obsession created negative distraction.

  5. Oh, good. I am glad they are going to age her instead of computerizing her face on toddlers.

  6. I don’t blame him, it looks nothing like him.

  7. I agree with him. I haven’t seen a waxwork image of him yet that I think has done him justice.

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