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EW has released the cover of the June 22 issue which features Breaking Dawn Part 2.  It offers our first full look at Renesmee, played by Mackenzie Foy.  There are actually 2 covers to chose from.  One with just Edward, Bella, and Nessie, and another with Jacob added as well.  

“It’s a hugely important part,” says director Bill Condon, who loved watching Foy and her older costars interact. “They were amazing with her,” he says. “It really brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was especially protective. I’d have to interrupt them when they were in deep conversation to get going with a scene.”

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Read the whole story at PopWatch on EW.Com.


  1. LOVE IT!

  2. MAN!! She really does look like she could be the product of Rob and Kristen!!

  3. OMG!?! I can’t wait!!!! Love both covers!!! Buying BOTH when they come out!!! =D

  4. I was originally bummed about her being older than in the book…but I take it back! She is perfect! From the hair to the look, she has Renesmee down!

  5. Bella looks great!

    The girl who plays Resnesmee is a little cutie.

  6. NO JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dang…they posted more pics and in one of them Bella’s eyes are golden. WHY?!?! They aren’t supposed to be.

    • Pretty sure that picture is in the tent before the big finale scene with the Volturi… in the book her eyes were supposed to be golden or very close to it by that point, I believe.

      • Actually, right before the fight she goes to visit Charlie and mentions still needing the brown contacts because her eyes are still red. I wonder if they just went from red to gold instead of a gradual change like it should have been. In the book it is never mentioned that they turn gold.

        • I thought at that point they were more of a burnt orange, though, so I guess it didn’t seem as much of a stretch for them to be gold in the movie at that point. Hmmm, guess I need to re-read it! LOL

          • (When she goes to meet J.Jenks and is dropping Jacob and Renesmee at Charlie’s)
            “My eyes were not as ghoulish as they had been in the beginning-definitely closer to a dull reddish orange than to bright crimson. Soon they’d be amber enough for me to quit the contacts”

            When she first “wakes” and says to Edward about her eyes he tells her they’ll darken in a few months and they’ll turn amber first then gold. I always thought that it was mentioned somewhere that it takes a year,maybe I read that on one of Stephenie Meyer’s Q&A’s or in the illustrated guide so actually it doesn’t say how quick it will happen nor does it,if I remember mention in the book that they are golden because between her transformation on the 13th September till the Volturi come at the end of December that’s 3months and her eyes are nearly amber so maybe the producers etc just sped it up so we see her like the others,otherwise we’d never get to see Bella with golden eyes once the fiml is over :( the pics. I too didn’t like that they had changed Renesmee’s age but I do think it works..One thing I can’t remember in the books is any mention of what Bella gets once she’s joined the clan/Coven. All the guys have the black wrist things with the Crest on,Alice has the choker,Rosalie the necklace,Esme a bracelet and Carlisle the ring but what about Bella. It looks like she has the same black cuff thing that the guys have on her wrist in the photo on the left? can’t wait till November..

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Actually squee’d and bounced on my toes when I saw this … Until I scrolled down to see Jacob. What’s the betting that the trio cover sells out well before the Jacob cover? Love Taylor, BTW, but he does a good job portraying Jacob, who I’m pretty mad at. But Rob and Kris and pretty Mackenzie look great!

    • rhiannon says:

      i was a little miffed too. but he is part of the story, not as a rival for bella but as another protector for renesemee.

  9. SO EXCITED!!!!! Love the cover, Renesmee looks great!

  10. I dont know what to say ! Ahhhh

  11. Wow! All the pics over at ew are stunning. Bella looks just as I hoped she would, and I think wardrobe have done a fantastic job with this.

    Initially a bit annoyed about renesmee’s age, but I’m over it already and it has to be better than being subjected to some potentially dodgy CGI right?

    Am very excited for November, which suddenly seems so much farther away.

  12. AHHHh!!!! awesome finally but i always knew that Mackzine Foy gonna be RENESMEE since New Moon I always knew it gonna be HER!!!! SHES BEAUTIFUL and glad that She and Jacob can be one of family to peace. 😀

    when they will release in store????!!! in California.. I NEED THOSE TWO!!! 😀

  13. wow..bella finally starts wearing better clothes!

  14. I LOOOVE IT!!!!! I just CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!!! ;D ???

  15. YEEEHAW!!! I am so excited to FINALLY see a SNEAK peek at Vamp Bella and Renemsee! Holy Vamps Batman Bella looks freaking awesome! Who knew being one of the undead would make her look so AMAZING! Mackensie is absolutely perfect; she is more like rob and kristen than I ever expected her to be! FANGURL SQUEEEEEEE I cant wait til November!!

  16. Alicia Douglas says:


  17. Twilibrarian says:

    I’m disappointed. I had hoped Bill Condon would have kept Renesmee as a toddler. As a producer, I’m surprised Stephenie Meyer allowed this.

    Not to take anything away from Mackenzie Foy, but Renesmee is too tall & too old looking. Where are the chubby baby cheeks?? I’d be willing to accept up to kindergarten, but Renesmee looks like she’s heading off to an exclusive private Junior High School. She doesn’t age past toddlerhood in the book. She was an infant when we last saw her, and you think this is acceptable? This is almost as big an “OOPS” as making Renesmee CG. Sadly, the critics are going to have a field day with this.

    • rhiannon says:

      critics will, rip it apart no matter what!!! they always do, who cares??? this is the last twilight movie, let’s just enjoy it and haters can go brooke themselves!!

    • Toddlers are adorable to look at, but not much for acting. I totally understand why they did this.

      • Twilibrarian says:

        I agree with “toddlers are adorable but not much for acting”but I hope this is Renesmee near the end of the movie. She just can’t go from an infant to this look too fast. What about the scene where Charlie holds her? She’s like a two years old in the book. I agree MacKenzie Foy looks adorable, I just hope her Renesmee shows up a bit later in the film, that’s all.. Maybe they are keeping that part under wraps until November. I hope so. I dont want the overnight Tom Hanks look in BIG – 12 years old when he goes to bed, and 30 when he wakes up! It worked there, but not here.

    • Given the lack of understanding regarding story in previous Twilight film reviews, I think it’s safe to assume that movie critics don’t read!

      We should be safe.

  18. (Amy leans over to check the calendar.)

    156 days. That’s too many.


  19. Love it! She is so cute, she could be their real kid! Can’t wait!

  20. Fiona Cullen says:

    The covers look so incredible! (It is so, so frustrating how difficult it is to get Entertainment Weekly in Australia 🙁 )

    I understand the issue people are having with Renesmee being too old, but as others mentioned, toddlers and not the best actresses so I am fine with Mackenzie Foy. I just hope they are true to the book with all the events that unfold, especially the end, I don’t want there to be some massive physical fight like what they have been hinting towards, that’s not the way it is supposed to. 🙁 And Bella’s eyes do look a bit golden in the first picture, they had better not suddenly make her eyes gold in the film.

  21. Aussietwihard says:

    I am loving these pics…saw the first one yesty and its my phone wallpaper..still cant stop looking at it..and yeh always knew it wld b mackensi..hopefully they will show us her aging and not jump straight to how she looks above…im happy with the pics not needing to buy it..but yep am in love with them and its only 154 days here!! Yay !

  22. That Other Twilighter Girl says:

    I think its great that Kristens actually wearing a great sweater dress like in the book 🙂
    Are the photos from a photo shoot for the article or one for all promotions?
    And I’m pretty sure that Renesmee won’t appear the age she should, but we should remember their using Mackenzie’s face on other girls bodies in the movie 🙂

  23. jennifer says:

    I hope she’s not that tall in the movie…….

  24. I hate that they call her “Edward and Bella Wild Child”. That is sooooo misleading. Did anyone over there at EW bother to read the book or find out anything about Renesmee before writing something like this. EW always give the movies bad grades anyway and it seems that their articles are always insulting on a sly. I love the cover of just Edward, Bella and Nessie. It is just so great to see them as a family. I like that in one of the photos where Nessie is touching her mothers face and her father is standing protectively over her and Jacob is there but standing off to the side respectively, letting this little family have their time together. I want to see E & B doing the parenting. Not Jacob. That seem to be a big problem in the book.

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