EW Gallery Featuring Arm Wrestling and More!

There are also stunning photos of the Denali clan, the Amazon clan, Alec and Jane, Jacob and Renesmee. Check it out!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

  2. Melinda says:

    I love the arms. You knew Kellen Lutz would look good even while losing to a girl.

  3. And here I had the thought this morning that Summit needed to start promo of this soon so they could build excitement up for it! XD!

  4. Can’t wait! The arm wrestling scene is one that I’m looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

  5. I was at work when I saw this… Had a fan girl moment and scared lots of my co-workers. I’m 30 still a die hard twilight fan.

  6. My heavens! I want an Amazon!!!!!! 😀

  7. I just died a little.Can’t wait till november!!!!

  8. These are AWESOME seriously the colours and the costumes I’m feeling pretty excited, probably because I haven’t seen them like this before, and I already knew Kristen Rob and Mackenzie were buetiful and perfect 😀

  9. jennifer says:

    Let’s see…In the Twilight film, the students go on a field trip and Edward walks up to Bella out of the blue & says ‘We can’t be friends.” In the book? NO! Not to even mention the flow of the movie and B&E falling in love never making sense in the context of the film.

    In New Moon (film), Felix & Edward fight and Felix man-handles Edward pretty badly, never mind Edward’s mind-reading ability that has always kept anyone else from EVER laying a hand on him. Ditto to Demitri grabbing Alice despite her future-seeing ability which are both thoroughly explained in the books as keeping them from ever losing a fight.

    In Eclipse, oh lord! Where do I start??? Bella never would have “shamed” or “dissed” Edward by riding off with Jacob in front of the school like she did in the movie. And Edward would not have allowed it. Bree never sees the wolf pack in the book otherwise the gig would have been up and the Volturi would have known why the Cullens were able to beat the newborns. This is kind of a BIG plot point at the end of the Breaking Dawn book… And the biggest gaffe of all in that film, IMO: Riley & Victoria being able to get a hold of Edward despite his mind-reading ability and Bella actually cutting herself and “saving the day” when that NEVER happened in the book – never would…because of Edward’s ability! He is always one step ahead of both of them.

    Oh, and….let’s talk Breaking Dawn: the whole Cullens fighting the wolf pack thing in BD P1 which would never happen because in Stephenie’s own word: someone would have died. And Edward NEVER yells at Bella in BD because he doesn’t want to upset her in her fragile state. He does everything in his power to keep things calm & quiet around Bella even to the point of threatening to boot Leah out of their territory after she yells at Bella.

    Since when has Melissa Rosenberg ever minded changing key plot points from the books in the films??? The last film of the series is hardly the time to start complaining about the differences…Get over it, sit back & enjoy the movies. I did…BD P1 anyway. The others still piss me off too much to watch. (:

  10. I didn’t care for some of the changes in the movies.. but hey no book to move adaptation (and key word is adaptation) is going to be word for word, scene for scene. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and there is LOTS of stuff added or missing (esp how Snape dies, DID NOT like that change one bit) But hey, I just go in with an open mind and try to enjoy the movie as a companion to the book. BD is a much better movie b/c SM got involved and I think she was like you effed up the 1st 3 movies, you’re not going to eff up the 4th one!

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