To the Complete Surprise of No One Breaking Dawn Will Be At Comic Con :)

Variety is reporting what we have all long surmised.


Sony and the merged Lionsgate-Summit, meanwhile, are understood to be planning a presence inside the San Diego Convention Center’s biggest space…Summit’s “Twilight” franchise has never missed the show – which has had fans camping out annually to secure a seat in the same room with their beloved thesps – and they’re expected back for the Comic-Con finale. Lionsgate will bring “The Expendables 2” to the Con, where Sylvester Stallone charmed the finicky masses two years ago.

What we don’t have a clear picture on yet is what are the other events in Hall H with Breaking Dawn. Last year was terrific because Breaking Dawn part 1 was the first panel of the day and the items that followed were more of the cult following type of thing, rather than a studio blockbuster. Camping out wasn’t so much requited as it was fun. Back with New Moon it was a challenge because New Moon was the middle panel on a day that also featured Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Avatar where camping was 100% necessary!

It is likely but not officially confirmed that Breaking dawn will be there on Thursday as it has done every other year. The one thing we do know is that Warner Brothers is doing their highly anticipated The Hobbit on Saturday so there should be no conflict there.


  1. They’d better be there! I’m already looking forward to the panel!

  2. I wish i could go to Comic Con. I’ve never been there and all I’ve always wanted was to go for Twilight, and now that the panel for the last movie is going to be held there, I might have to cross it out of my wish list (and not because my wish will be granted) *sobs*

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