Never Before Seen Intro to The Host

As IVillage reports:

Stephenie Meyer, the famed author behind the uber-successful Twilight books, is taking another of her novels to the big screen. The film adaptation of her 2008 bestseller The Host — which stars The Lovely Bones actress Saoirse Ronan — will hit theaters in March 2013. And while the film’s release is still months away, we have a special treat to tide you over.

iVillage got its hands on Meyer’s never-before-seen intro to the book, which tells the story of an alien race that takes over Earth and its inhabitants.

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THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer, the author of THE TWILIGHT SAGA. Read the excerpt. In theaters 3/29!


  1. I read this book in three days when it first came out. I loved all the complex situations and family dynamics that formed in this book. Its not just about eros love (romance) but about agape love or the unconditional love Wanderer forms for these characters. That is what makes this book so moving and relate-able.

  2. Wow, this is epic. Thank you for posting!

  3. I love The Host, but this “new” content was terrible. I can see why it was cut. It’s a summary of the novel spelled out as if the readers are stupid, and it is completely disconnected from the rest of the story. Like a book jacket or the summary you read on Amazon. Even though the first 5 chapters or so are not my favorite part do the book, they are much better than this.

    • I wouldn’t call it terrible. It does seem that some ”dumbing down” is going on though and I don’t understand why on Earth this was neccessary.

      Does that mean that those of us that bought, read and enjoyed the book before this new addition are smarter than the average reader. 😉

      Shhhh, don’t answer that…. just let me bask in that thought for a while please.

    • I think this is just an intro for the excerpt posted on that site, so that people who jump right in at chapter ten or wherever know what’s going on. It’s not meant to “dumb down” anything.

    • It seems little brown is doing a new campaign for this book, because of the upcoming film adaptation. There’s been a lot of book giveaways around the internet lately. Between this and the bonus chapter, I don’t know what to think anymore. I wish a sequel was published instead of releasing 5 page bonuses every now and then.

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