Billy Burke Heading To Comic Con on a Revolution Panel

The first major wave of Comic Con announcements from various studios started today. Warner Brothers just announced their TV shows that will be present. The new show, Revolution, starring Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) and JD Pardo (he plays Nahuel–the guy with the bow and arrow on the steps in the official picture), will be at Comic Con on Saturday, July 14 according to TV Line.

Revolution (NBC) | Stars Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito and Tracy Spiridakos join creator/executive producer Eric Kripke and director/co-executive producer Jon Favreau. (Room 6BCF)

At previous Comic Cons, Twilight actors have also had other shows at the convention such as last summer that had the following:

  • Kristen Stewart Snow White
  • Kellan Lutz The Immortals
  • Joe Anderson (Alistair) The River
  • Taylor Lautner Abduction

In general those panels are really good. You get to see the Twilight stars in a new role, plus you get to hear why you might be interested in the new material.



Looking into our crystal ball (we have no insider info just educated guesses) we think you may see material from the following at Comic Con:

Breaking Dawn
The Host
Apparition (Ashley Greene)
Java Heat (Kellan Lutz)


  1. This looks really good I might start watching it. It reminds me of one of my favorite films staring Kevin Costner called “The Postman”. If you get a chance watch it. Its a great film.

  2. Ha! Now I recognize that guy who is the leader of the Militia. He plays the evil queens pawn in the TV show “Once Upon A Time”.

  3. This looks amazing! I LOVE Billy Burke! Its great to get to see Nahuel too! Ill be watching.

  4. This show looks like its going to be awesome, I hope they can get one of the twilight stars to play a guest role, how cool would the be? Special appearance by Edward! Found a site that shows all the air dates of the show, check it out. See all the dates of each premier for the Revolution TV Show.

  5. Sam (female) A. says

    Billy B, is such an unsung hero, he is a tremendous actor, singer, musician and by far the most attractive man celebrity there is. I’m glad he’s here and I pray for him and his family. Thanks, Mr. B. by the way I am a 60 year old psychotherapist. I would love to meet him.


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