7 Things You’ve Never Seen Robert Pattinson Do Before

The Male TwiHard at Next Movie has a list of 7 things we’ve never seen Robert Pattinson do before in Twilight that he does do in Bel Ami.

1. Wear a Top Hat

Top hats were apparently all the rage in 1885 France, and not just for formal events. According to this film, they were considered great “walking-around” hats. Whether you were walking to buy flowers for your wife, or off to your journalism job you didn’t deserve, or headed to see one of your mistresses for a daylight love tryst — a top hat was called for.

It seems odd we don’t have this! Edward would have been great in a top hat!

Check out the entire list here.

Warning Bel Ami is an R-rated film.


  1. Lucianna says:

    Hmm. Robert’s earned my respect from BD, and he does look good from that angle. The hat works for him, too. What film is this?

    • Pretty sure that’s a still from Bel Ami. And he definitely gave an excellent and heart-wrenching performance in Breaking Dawn!

  2. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Just a reminder to everyone, you can still watch Bel Ami even if it doesn’t open in your area theater – you can rent it on demand at Amazon and itunes. I don’t know if it will remain available after the movie opens in theaters tomorrow, but the Amazon rental is good for 48 hours – so you could rent it this evening and watch it unlimited until Saturday evening.

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