Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Interview Video

Warning language, but a look at part of her Twilight life.

Details on how to get the magazine issue here.

Our favorite quote from the article is this:

Me and Rob got into a lot of trouble,” she told me with a smile. “We wanted it to be not so polished. Catherine was all for that. But we were getting notes from the studio. They wanted me to smile all the time. They wanted Rob to be not so brooding. We were like, ‘No! You need to brood your ass off.‘” A worldwide box-office take of almost 400$ million certainly proved that the audience was ready for an unsmiling Bella and a brooding Edward. The fact that emotionally involved fans have taken the films so personally has only increased the sense of responsibility Stewart already felt to her character, to the point where Bill Condon, the director of the last two installments, affectionately calls her the “Twilight-book Nazi,” because her commitment to staying faithful to the novel.”

You can catch some scans here


  1. What did she say that needed a warning? This is ridiculous!

    She looks stunning though!

  2. Love it!!! She’s absolutely STUNNING!!! 😉 Gotta get the mag now! LOL Love her! =)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Okay, she really IS “the fairest one of all”!

  4. Omgosh she looks stunning!!! Love the clothes and location; I will be buying that issue of VF 🙂

  5. radiowidow says:

    I love reading her interviews. She tells it like it is, no glossing over as if prepped by someone else. She stays true to herself, and that’s to be admired.

  6. I think they must have meant the strong language was in the article, not the video. She sure looks fantastic!

  7. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since some of the photos surfaced back in the winter. I’m so glad that she and Rob are finally acknowledging each other. I can’t wait until my issue arrives!

  8. McKee21 says:

    She looks breathtaking. She looks beautiful; the makeup, the beautiful clothes. She is getting more comfortable in her own skin and it shows. As she matures, her interviews are getting better and better. She is really a beautiful person.

  9. I think the photos are beautiful, but…. and I know I will be called a hater, and I am not… I hate her interviews, the things she says well, it shows her age, she is very immature, In the Elle (?) I think it was Elle anyway, she said she wished someone would F— her over. I know she is young, but really, she will be messed over one day and I dare say she is not going to be wishing for it then. That said, I think she is drop dead gorgeous and I would love to look like her, and enjoy all the wonderful things her life entails, but I never enjoy her interviews, her language is inappropriate, and the things she says are silly. AND NO, I DO NOT HATE HER, its just my opinion, someone else loves her interviews..just opinion.

    • I agree regarding the language. I think she has a lot of interesting, intelligent and unique things to say, but I have never understood why some people feel the need to use that type of language when they are obviously capable of being incredibly articulate otherwise. With a complete vocabulary to choose from, why not say what you want to say in a more appropriate and refined way? I don’t necessarily think it’s indicative of her age, because I’ve heard a lot of people older than her speak in the same way, but I wish she were mature enough to realize it’s just not necessary…

      • I hear Rob talking that way also, and I think it is because he must hear it so much, and also in my having relatives from England, the curse words we use here do not have the same meanings that they do in England, and their curse words mean nothing to us here. I think he hears these words so much, perhaps from her, that he thinks it is apropriate and okay and cool to to say those words. It is way overkill and not cute at all. She is lovely, and very caring about her film projects, but I agree that I wish she would clean up her words! But I do love them both otherwise.

        • OK question from the UK.

          Is ‘Pissed’ considered cursing in the US? Because over here it is a curse word, generally meaning drunk/intoxicated. Though increasingly it’s being used more and more to mean ‘angry’ .

          As a rule though, I think we mostly share our swear/curse words don’t we?

          • Yes, when people say “pissed” used here in the US, they mean they are angry. I don’t think it is considered on the same level as most curse words though. It comes across as a bit tamer, like someone using the word “crap” rather than the stronger or more offensive options. Though, I still don’t use them, because I don’t like them and don’t want to set that example for my kids…

  10. My favorite shot of Kristen in this video is her in the black hat, with the huge black skirt and white top.

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