Video: Kristen Stewart Acceptance Speech Best Kiss #twilight4peat

I still think she should have snogged a cardboard cutout of Rob!


  1. Aw, I was really hopeing that he would surprise everyone and show up. Oh well, Kristen was adorable anyways. 🙂


    I love Kristen. That was funnier and hotter than anything she and Rob can do, lol. And the shoutout to Taylor made me *diiiiiiiiiieeee*

    Kristen, you’re the best.

  3. This was so funny! I loved it.

  4. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Kristen did a great job tonight every time she was on stage! I was disappointed in MTV – what a huge slap in the face to ask Kristen and Chris to present the Best Female award when Kristen didn’t get nominated this year and she’s won that award the past three years running. Really bad taste MTV!

    • I didn’t even notice that till you said something that is kinda like they just shitted in her face. So awful. I so sure that they will get more nominations and win all of them next year.

    • “Kristen didn’t get nominated this year and she’s won that award the past three years running.”

      Exactly. She’s won it three times. Give someone else a chance at it, and why would she not present it if she’s the previous winner? It’s totally a normal thing for a past winner to present the award the next year in any awards show. You all are overreacting and reading wayyyy too much into this.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      I noticed that. Very tacky of the MTV folks, seriously, couldn’t she have presented something she couldn’t have been in the running for?

      Still in favor of the cardboard cutout kiss … but not for next year. Although we may have to accept that they may never kiss for that award – they have definitely been more open about their relationship but still kinda protecting it from media exploitation. Still, we’re voting because we think they deserve the award, not out of voyeurism … right?

  5. Krystol says:

    Kristen makes me smile! She has so much class (when she isn’t throwing the f-bomb around). So, haters, get out. Kristen is awesome.

  6. That was so painful for me to watch.

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