MTV Awards This Weekend Time for the #twilight4peat

This is the last chance we have to rock the vote, folks. We have two categories: Best Kiss and Best Movie

Make sure you vote each day over the next two days.

Kristen Stewart will be attending the awards. Maybe she can kiss an Edward cardboard cutout if Breaking Dawn wins?


  1. Kristen kissing an Edward cutout will be more exciting to me than seeing the leads of the other movie franchises on the stage.
    Actually, I’m thinking about not watching at all. I’ll still vote a lot for BD, but MTV has gone too far in pissing off the Twilight fandom. If we don’t watch, they’ll lose a lot of viewers…!

  2. I hear what you’re saying. On the other hand, I’m a little torn between between not watching in protest and wanting to support Kristen.

    • I feel the same way. On the one hand I want to support Kristen and I’m still voting. However I’ve decided to skip the show this year,since they decided to shut us out. That was not a smart move on MTV’s part and they’re going to loose alot of viewers.

  3. Glad to see it has not taken over all of Mtv.

  4. Well, if Rob’s not there, and none of the Twilight cast is going, I’m doubting we’re gonna win anything this year. Darn you MTV. Please prove me wrong people.

    • I think that probably what will happen. Breaking dawn won’t take any prize but I’ll vote anyway. I LOVE breaking dawn, it’s the best movie in the series and MTV makes all of us so pissed of.

  5. Ruth Alicea says:

    I hope for Rob to be in the MTV movie award………….

  6. I am so upset with MTV. I’m voting also but feel that, after all of our support for their crappy show, they cut us out big time. I don’t intend to watch the program either.

  7. Vampire-girl says:

    I agree couldn’t they have just let Twilight have their last year. It’s obviously rigged for the Hunger Games. I think BD should have also been in for best female and best male performances, as well as fight.
    I’ll just watch on here for news if BD has won, am not watching either.

  8. I agree with everyone else above. I never really liked watching the MTV movie awards. I only watched the Twilight previews and when they won awards. I really don’t want to watch this year either. I actually liked the Hunger Games movie but I’m not some crazed fantastic as I was in the being for of the twilight fandom. I love Harry Potter as well and this is their very last year in awards so I’m voting for them in all categories except Best Kiss. I really hope BD wins Best Kiss and Harry Potter wins Best Movie. But other than that I don’t care.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Hi Kessehu, I love HP as well it was actually those books I read first, and I don’t follow book lists or read much, so the first I saw of Twilight was the trailer. I love vampires but the romantic ones like Bram Stoker’s and I had seen some of Kris and Rob’s films prior as well. After that I got all the books and fell in love. Am glad to see someone else who likes both, I see no reason why we can’t.
      I didn’t like the Hunger games film I went with a friend but it’s only because it’s not my type of thing that’s all.

  9. rhiannon says:

    guess i am safe in assuming no teaser trailer no clip no NOTHING!! MTV, go brooke yourself!!!

  10. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen says:

    I’m soooo dissapointed this year. Twilight-movies were always really special for me, and MTV Movie Awards was my favourite award show with the cast and the awards to Twilight. It was almost like a tradition to me. I voted and watched it every year. The whole cast have always been there + awards like the best-kiss. The whole ”pack” was very entertaining. Twilight got always nominated in many categories, but what happened this year? Why did MTV do this to us? I’ve voted, but it’s just 2 categories and Rob will even not be there. It’s like the award has lost it’s appeal to me. Twilight isn’t over yet, there is 1 movie left, but MTV has dicthed Twilight. Sad, when most of it’s viewers are Twihards….

  11. Even you guys dont watch the show tonight, I cant help but stress to VOTE!!!!!! Make sure you vote. Lets at least try to get a win!!!!

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