Twilight Stars in Commercials From Chainsaws to Volvos

Since just today Kellan Lutz is in an absolutely genius commercial that does a riff on Twilight (again kudos to whoever wrote the ad copy for Time Warner Cable because they nailed!), we thought we’d put up some of the other commercials starring Twilight actors (most of which were made before they were household names).

Jackson Rathbone as a bumbling college student.

Kellan Lutz being chased by giant rodents, a little grainy, but hilarious.

Kristen Stewart exposure to Volvos happened early.

In fairness this first starring Ashley Greene one is not quite a commercial (It’s a clip from King of California) but it might as well be an McDonald’s ad. Can we say EXTREME product placement?!


  1. it isn’t Volvo but Porsche. Clever young lady, getting a nice ride to school. others are funny.

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