Producer Wyck Godfrey Assesses the MTV Best Kiss Chances

Producer Wyck Godfrey Assesses the Best Kiss Chances at the MTV Movie Awards that air this SUNDAY> Vote now!

We love Wyck, he’s the guy who has stood by Twilight since day 1! In fact, did you know that Stephenie Meyer is teaming up with Wyck Godfrey’s Temple Hill production company post Twilight to produce the movie version of Down a Dark Hall


  1. Wyck, it was their *wedding* kiss.

  2. I love the wedding kiss, it gave me goosebumps, and melted my heart. I have always voted Twili

    ght for every category possible at the MTV awards..

    However, i must say, Ron and Hermione’s kiss in HP7 was EPIC.. I cry, smile, clap, jump up and down every time i see it. It was awesomely placed in the movie at the perfect time, and was heart wrenching.

    For the sake of winning 4 years straight, i hope Breaking Dawn wins first kiss, and it it certainly deserving, but I dont know that it was really better then Ron & Hermione….

    Its hard to be a die hard fan of both series in times like these!!

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