Why Stephenie Meyer is Working on The Host Sequel next Probably

The good news is The Host wrapped and Stephenie Meyer is writing. She doesn’t confirm it, but heavily hints that the sequel to The Host is next.

Going back to when The Host novel first came out Stephenie said she imagined it as a trilogy called The Host, The Seeker, and The Soul


It took us a bit to find this footage, but Stephenie Meyer mentioned having to write The Host sequels within ten years or someone else could do it for her. The Book was announced in late fall 2007 and published in May 2008. So depending on when the clock started ticking we care coming up on the five year mark and that’s two books that have to get done!


  1. It would be awesome for a host sequel or anything from her!!! Im craving to read another one of her stories 🙂

    • Me too — eager for more!

    • amber ivers says:

      I agree. I can’t wait to read a sequel. With the ending of the first one, she opened up lots of possibilities. The ending was a great one but I crave more. Especially, with the new humans. So much potential. I hope this rumor is true because I can’t wait to read at least a sequel. What is going to happen to Jared, Jamie, Mel, Ian, and Wanda now.

  2. Since I know the book that shouldn’t be named is most likely not a possibility, I hope the sequel to The Host is next. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

  3. Being from the UK I can never watch any of the MTV interviews – it is SO frustrating!!!!

  4. JustMe44 says:

    Seriously?!?! Why would you start a series of books and let someone else finish it? Why even bother? I’ve been rather disappointed lately that all she does is movie stuff, and that it’s gotten in the way of her writing. I mean I know it’s her decision to do what she wants, but man I miss being able to read new stories. It’s one thing to have to wait around for an author to finish writing a book but it’s a whole other thing to have to wait on them to even begin to write the book because they are doing other things unrelated to writing. It makes me downright sad.

  5. So is there any concrete news on whether the sequel is actually being written?? I would literally draw up a count down calender if there was! Is there a site with up to date info on this?

  6. I think we are putting a lot pressure on Her, I would love midnight sun to be finished and a host sequel but I doubt if this is going to happens. Maybe we will have to keep dreaming !!!

  7. Please please please write a sequel! i loved the host soo much, i never cried that much for a book since the boy in the striped pyjamas. Im definitely nit ready to let go of these books, i rushed this book reading every spare moment i had,finishing in 3 or 4 days. I need to find out more about the new humans they have come across, i felt the ending was a bit abrupt. P.s if there is another edward or jacob, peeta or gale when the movie comes out team ian all the way!!

    • IanO'sheaforlife says:

      She said she isn’t going to continue Midnight Sun until the hype dies down. While she was away on tour for breaking dawn it was realized online without her knowledge and she was upset. I personally think that the twilight saga has gone far enough. We don’t need to repeat the series from every characters point of view. I wish people could be happy with the fact that she put out a perfectly good saga, and that, as sad as it is..,.its over people. You can only go say far.
      Now the host on the other hand, is just beginning, it has so much potential! It’s so different from twilight, and somehow the same. Same style of writing, but goes so much deeper. It’s beautiful, and I cried for Mel and Jared, Wanda and Ian….I can’t get over it.
      If you haven’t read The Host, then maybe while your stewing over this long drawn out over done series of vampire books you can read her other work, which in my opinion made me respect her a lot more as a writer.

      • i agree. i loved twilight, but the host was way better. she needs to write the other two, or me and my friend will be sooooooooooooo sad. i’ll probably cry for a week.

  8. I hope she writes some more to the Host. It was awesome and I was glued to the book when I read the first page.

  9. I cried so much while reading this book that when I finished it I wanted to kno what was next. I usually dont read sequels until they all come out cause I dont like waiting to read the next parts but I just heard so much dat I did and now I just cant wait to see what happens. I hope she doesnt take too long yo write it the movue is not out but it would b nice to see the same people in all of the movies is not the same when they use different character.

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