Stephenie Meyer Talks Needing to Finish The Host Sequels

On the Breaking Dawn red carpet Bella and Edward and His Golden Eyes asked Stephenie Meyer about The Host. Apparently she has a ten-year time frame to write the sequels or someone else gets to write them. The book was published on May 2008 and its publication announcement was in late 2007. So loosely speaking we are coming up on the five year mark for the novel depending on when the clock starts ticking.


  1. It’s reassuring to know that time is on our side.

    And Stephenie is a really fast writer once she gets in the zone — she wrote Twilight in that one summer.

    So here’s hoping…

    • Kathryn says:

      I agree. She said that she has parts of it already written and knows what happens, so I expect that once she has time to actually sit down and do it it’ll come out pretty fast. I wouldn’t be surprised it if happened the way Bree Tanner happened. No one even knew Stephanie was writing anything, then all of a sudden there was one month until the release.

  2. dandelion says:

    i am ok to wait for a longer time for Midnight Sun ~ because i am hoping when it comes out there will be a movie adaptation too ~ and for God’s sake, i want someone new to play Edward and Bella, someone who will be prettier (with an angelic face) and with much better acting skills ~ God bless twilight ~

  3. Christina says:

    Nobody cares about The Host. Nobody. Midnight Sun.

  4. And what do u mean by no one liking the host, I’m still alive aren’t I?

  5. ooooo sooo frustated I want host sequel!!!!!…
    no… noo. no Just me but I can prove us!!!
    if possible make it sequel out soon many fans already dying to see it!!!

    NB:if someone says twilight or host more better just die!!!
    the writers is same so the two of that both are good!! four thumb ups (with legs^^) for both!!
    go stephaie meyer!!!

  6. There NEEDS to be a sequel to The Host!!! I can’t live my life with just ONE of them. It was so well written the first time!!!! A thousand times better than Twilight. Ugh please just finish this one then go to the Twilight stuff. The Host needs to be finished!!!!

  7. Please make sequel to the Host. My favorite book of all time read it again and again like 5000 times.


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