Kristen Stewart Talks Viewing Breaking Dawn Differntly Than Critics

Kristen Stewart has an interview in The Guardian where she talks Twilight history and Snow White.

Many thought Twilight pushed an abstinence message, presenting sex as a danger to be avoided – in this case, of course, specifically because it would involve coupling with a vampire and a werewolf. Was it worrying to have that outlook pinned to her? “I always just very honestly said that that’s not why I did the movie, and it’s not why the book was written,” she says, adding that she finds it frustrating when people read the characters differently to her. “Mostly in this idea that Bella is a weak girl who is just obsessed with these two boys, and doesn’t really think beyond her own needs, and is selfish. And she is, completely, but that’s like the way to live, man! You’ve got to follow your heart. That is actually a really bold way to live, not making concessions, or giving things up … I don’t know why people ignore the sacrifices that Edward makes. I don’t know why the power thing has been viewed the way it’s been viewed, because I just view it so differently.”

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  1. I don’t always agree with Kristen’s interpretation of Bella, but I do love what she says here. People who say Bella is just a wimpy doormat or Edward is a controlling, borderline abusive jerk, clearly don’t know what they’re talking about! Bella is the one who pushes her desires on Edward – his plan is to let her grow old while he trails after her like a sad puppy! If she really was a doormat then Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would never have happened.

    • I couldn’t agree more Emily. I see these people talk about how they would, “never let their daughter read Twilight because it will make them weak and victims of their boyfriends.” blah blah blah My question is, “have you ever read it?” It drives me crazy. I don’t see Bella as being weak at all and in Breaking Dawn you clearly see the manifestation of how very powerful she is.
      think it is really easy for people to tear apart anything that a group of people like. It makes them feel superior. I’m not going to say that Twilight is a literary or movie masterpiece, it isn’t, but I enjoy it for what it is. If people would just stick to discussing the things they don’t like without becoming so vindictive and nasty about anyone who likes or is involved in with the series, a serious discussion could be had. Unfortunately it is just so much more fun to tear other people down and denigrate them. Sad really, but true.

  2. I agree with you Emily.I know everyone has freedom to voice their opions, but seriously did they even read the books? Kristen is totally right, Bella followed her heart, her passion, and Edward sacrifices alot to be with her, as did she. And I’m sorry isn’t that what loave is, give and take? And besides it’s just a story.

  3. Some thoughts:

    1) Kristen Stewart was perfectly cast, right down to her tomboyism, 2) Stewart is Twilight’s best public advocate, 3) Stewart’s articulateness combined with the Guardian writer’s typical cluelessness points to the Twilight franchise’s – both books and films – eventual critical vindication. Even though Twilight has been a juggernaut in terms of book sales and box office, the critical response, with some exceptions, has been as unfair and knee-jerk as the Guardian writer. (Except for blogosphere reaction to the first book prior to the phenomenon exploding and the subsequent backlash. Twi-hate as a mainstream trend got even worse after the 2008 Comic-Con.) Once Twilight fades as hyped pop culture phenom so too will the reflex-like backlash, and more serious and thoughtful critical reevaluations can emerge.

    • I’m as big of a Twilight fan as they come, but even I don’t pretend like it’s a literary masterpiece. It’s a fun and exciting read. People pretending that it’s Hemingway only fuels the backlash. Lighten up, critics! It’s a very interesting, exciting, and suspenseful novel. It’s not out to change the world, so stop giving it unfair expectations!

      • I think I wasn’t clear by what I meant by ‘critical vindication.’ I don’t mean that I hope that Twilight is regarded as highbrow awards-bait (thank goodness). Just that there are popular fantasy, horror, and sci-fi novels, both YA and ‘adult’, that receive critical respect while the Twilight series is bashed in knee-jerk fashion as The Worst Thing Ever, Especially For Women. There’s surely going to be more balance as both the hype and the backlash fade.

  4. It is a really good interview. Kristen isn’t any doormat either. She speaks her mind regardless of what others think and lives the way she wants to. I do take exception to one thing she says. I don’t think Bella is selfish as Kristen says, because Bella sees that Edward is attracted to her and she pushes for both of them not just herself. Bella is certainly no doormat to anyone. She is only weak in that she is a little slip of a human girl. What is inside Bella is so much stronger than either Jacob or Edward, hence the shield that she becomes.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Anytime an interviewer lets Kris talk, not just sound-bite her, I love listening to what she has to say. This was a good interviewer, but she takes even stupid questions seriously and makes them better.

  6. come on dont you see any part that bella was always the boss in her own life if you dont you didnt read the books,i agree with kirsten stewart i get so mad when people get bella an eward all wrong ,i just feel like,THEY GOT TO BE READING A DIFFRENT BOOK FROM ME.or they just dont get it,if u dont understand the twilight saga leave it alone an read somthing else please.

  7. yes!


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