Best Kiss Let’s Rock the Vote For a #Twilight4Peat

The MTV Movie Awards take votes daily. Last year voters got complacent on a couple of categories and actors like Xavier Samuel didn’t get recognition. Don’t assume Twilight will just win! Get over to MTV and vote!


  1. does the daily counts show up anywhere? so we can know how our favorites are doing.

    • Nope. They don’t show any kind of results till the awards are announced on TV. I suggest just voting like you never have before. By my predictions the fandom isn’t as strong as it was in past years and the rest of us need to pull the others’ weight and keep pressing that button. I really hope they win this year.

  2. there is no other couple who can kiss as good as bella an edward,in every movie in the twilight saga,an breaking dawn,it was so romantic they are great together kirsten stewart an roert pattinson

  3. Daily voting guys come on we can do it <3

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