Kristen Stewart on Doing Press With Charlize Theron vs Twilight Cast

Too bad people don’t ask her better questions, it’s not like we don’t want to hear the answers


  1. The Twilight fans want to know more wish the stupid interviewers would ask them ! IT’S NOT OUR FAULT not everyone just wants to stare and to be honest I would love whoever took Bella’s role. I like Kristen a lot but I wonder sometimes if we had different actors for these movies.

  2. New hospital, lol.

  3. If fans can take a moment, there’s an entire trail of interviews attached to this one. The link for the next interview appears directly after the current one. They’re actually quite good and Kristin handles herself very well. There’s also some interesting conversations with Charlize Theron as well.

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Charlotte, the comment that made Kristen uncomfortable originated with Josh’s question to Kristen about owning porn. I thought the interaction between her and Charlize was very natural and inoffensive. And that Kristen is made uncomfortable by the topic is kind of testament to normalcy, particularly at her age.

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