Video: Kristen Stewart on Leno

In case you missed it, Kristen Stewart was on Jay Leno last week promoting SWATH.  She talks about the reshoots for Breaking Dawn Part 2 including a foot injury she sustained.  She confirms that the reshoots were all about the hunting scenes.  She also confirms that there were “fake children” used as stand in for Renesemee.


  1. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Loved this interview last Friday. By far, Kristen’s best yet. I was so proud of our girl. Can’t wait for June 1 to get here! I’ll just have to occupy myself watching Bel Ami on demand until then.

  2. Looking forward to SWATH even more now. Funny clip from the Flintstones. Good interview.

  3. She seems so relaxed and stress free. This is a great interview.

  4. Awesome!

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