Jane Seymour Talks Austenland and Stephenie Meyer

Known for her roles in such films as Somewhere in Time and James Bond as well as being Dr. Quinn, Jane Seymour is now taking on the role of Mrs. Wattelsbrook in Austenland. The films is an adaptation of Shannon Hale’s novel and is produced by Stephenie Meyer’s new film company.

“I play the awful woman who runs the place,” Seymour says, “and I’m completely wrong about everything… this absurd concept, this whole thing, It’s quite funny.”

If you have read the book and it’s sequel then you know that Mrs. Watttelsbrook is one of the only characters to appear in both books.  There is no word on whether the sequel will be filmed, but Seymour had this to say about Stephenie Meyer:

“She’s unbelievable.  She was very hands on. In fact, so were all of the women in that movie. Shannon Hale wrote it. Jerusha Hess directed. It was actually nothing but women.”

Read the whole article at the Hollywood Reporter.


  1. I love Jane Seymour! Can’t wait until Austenland comes out. 😉


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