Video: Kristen Stewart ELLE Cover and SWATH News

Kristen Stewart will be on the cover of ELLE once again.  The issue hits stands on May 5.  Tell us in the comments what you think of Kristen’s 50’s mod look.

But ELLE has even more goodies in store for SWATH fans.  Before the magazine releases they will feature a new trailer for the film and an interview with Kristen Stewart.  Follow them on twitter @ELLEUK to get the information as soon as it’s released.

While we’re on the topic of SWATH, Celebuzz is offering fans a chance to win a trip to the SWATH premiere.  Watch the video for details or visit their website.



  1. Wow, you sound so excited, Kristen. *sarcasm* Sound a little alive, please…

    And I don’t need to re-iterate what I think of her looks; they’re droll.

    • That seems a little harsh of you Lucianna. Kristen is beautiful and in a non-plastic sort of way too, and never fails to come across as anything other than a genuine person (something all too often lacking in society).

      I do wonder if the relentless KS bashing from some people, (although entirely entitled to their opinions of course,) is anything other than good old-fashioned jealousy.

      • Yes, because I’m jealous of her non-existent personality. The only times I have ever seen her out of these sort of shoots or movies, she’s either flipping off the camera, smoking, drinking, or dressed like a hobo, sauntering around LA. There’s a great role-model for my sister.

        • But did she ever claim to be a role model? The press intrusion into celebrity lives is inevitably going to catch SOMEBODY doing SOMETHING that’s going to make SOMEBODY ELSE get all narky.

          Fine, be so if that person has set themselves up to be a paragon of virtue or has claimed to be the ultimate role model for our children, but I don’t believe Kristen Stewart has claimed anything of the like. What she or any other celebrity does,when not in the line of duty, surely has nothing to do with us?
          I know for sure that what I choose to do outside of the workplace has absoloutly nothing to do with my boss, workmates or clientele.
          Moreover maybe it’s down to role models a bit closer to home to ensure that our children value the right things and we should not be expecting celebrities to do this for us.

          • Does anyone claim to be a role model? She’s out in public where others can see, she needs to behave.

          • I think we shall just have to agree to disagree on this point. I feel the only people she, you or I have to answer to in our personal lives is ourselves and our nearest and dearest.

            I’d also like to apologise for my spelling of ‘absolutely’ in my last reply. 🙂

    • If you don’t need to re-iterate it, then save yourself some time and don’t say anything =P

      People jealous of Kristen’s fame will be jealous…

  2. I have to see this movie because i’m a huge fan of kristen.

  3. Its not my favorite look on her. The thicker eyebrows remind me of how she looked as a young teen.

  4. At least she doesn’t look fake like some of those stepford actresses out there whose smile is surgically plastered on permanently. I just want to slap them. I like the way she dresses: like any other indie rock girl…aka me…so I guess I look droll…and can’t smile…seriously people she’s just a normal girl.

  5. I LOVE her style and I think she is absolutely beautiful but that cover does her no justice :@

  6. LadyLovesLeo says

    Honestly, the photographers and magazine reps are the ones who choose and control the “looks” and styles used for these shoots. We all have work personalities that differ from our off hours personas. If Kristen chooses hers to be Miss Bad A$$, that’s her choice.