Kellan Lutz Arm Wrestles Kristen Stewart

A week or so ago we had some images of Bella and Emmett in story board form of the anticipated arm wrestling scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Kellan Lutz confirmed filming the scene in a conversation he had with Us Weekly at a recent event.

“Kristen and I have a fun arm-wrestling scene,” Lutz said.  “I’ve been looking forward to that since day one of the franchise!”

But with the Twilight franchise coming to an end, Kellan is not shy about being interested in other franchises like Hunger Games.  He told E! News at the same Us Weekly event the following:

“I love the script, I love the movie, everything about it!”  Lutz said he’s “always been” a fan of the franchise. “I got hooked reading all those books,” he said. “I remember before they ever started making a movie, I was like, “I would love to be a part of this!'”

What are your thoughts? Would you love to see Kellan in Catching Fire or Mockingjay? Leave us a comment and let us know.


  1. I think he would be great as Finnick Odair!

  2. Kellen would make the perfect Finnick!!!!

  3. yes finnick kellen would be great for the role or even boggs

  4. Lynne Stringer says:

    Now we just have to hope that this scene makes the final cut!

  5. I always wanted him as Finnick but I heard they won’t do cross overs so from what I understood no Twilight actors can audition for parts in THG

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