EW Vistis the Set of The Host and Talks Seeker and Wanderer Details

EW was just on the set of The Host movie and they have some insider details for us.

Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s 600-plus-page novel have likely already gathered from the description above that film interpretation of The Seeker is almost the exact opposite of how she’s described in the book. Instead of small, dark-haired, and clad mostly in black, the very blonde Kruger stands regally on some serious wedge heels, dressed in a futuristic cream-colored pant suit. It’s a change designed by writer-director Andrew Niccol (Gattica, In Time) to reflect the “purity” of the egalitarian Souls, and Meyer told me on the set that she happily embraced it. Gattica is her favorite sci-fi film of all time.

As for the delightful Ronan, although she wasn’t working that day, she came out to the set to speak with EW about the film, one day after the Oscar-nominated Irish actress turned 18. We’ll have video of our interviews with her, Meyer, Kruger, and Irons in the coming months — the movie, which is still shooting, isn’t hitting theaters until March 29, 2013, after all — but I can tell you how Ronan is differentiating the alien Wanderer from the internal voice of Melanie in the film. It’s actually quite simple: The Wanderer speaks with a generic American accent, whereas Melanie’s voice is inflected with a Louisiana twang, another Meyer-approved tweak from the book.

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  1. Ronan is such an amazing actress, two different characters and two different accents!

  2. I am so confused….is Mel gonna appear like an ‘apparition’ or are we just going to be hearing her voice? that would be so confusing, even given the accents it would be hard to tell who was speaking.

  3. LadyLovesLeo says:

    This is definitely one movie that you should read the book before you watch! It’s a wonderful book by the way.

    I’m already concerned about the changes mentioned from the book to the movie. To me, the whole point of the seeker being in black was to show that even the souls could have dark side and that she had tapped into hers.

    Stephanie, hang on to control of your material. Look at the mess the studios have made from the Nicholas Sparks novels! I think that’s why I enjoyed THG movie so much – Suzanne was script cowriter and producer. There were only a few things that strayed from the book, but they were tolerable.

  4. This kind of irritates me about the seeker being light instead of dark!! Please go with the books! ugh! Looks like Hollywood has got its clasps on Stephenie. 🙁

    • i respectfully disagree. the light vs. dark completely makes sense with the explanation. the aliens thought they were right because the human race was evil and killing each other, etc. white and light is an international understanding of purity and good, so it actually makes better sense that way. if we saw them all in black it gives a different subconscious impression.

      i know it’s frustrating when hollywood changes details from books–believe me, i’ve had my fair share of griping over several films–but sometimes it’s meant to portray something better on film. i think this is a good change.

  5. With, The Host being my most favorite book of all time, I have to say how disappointed I am with this director Andrew Niccol. I fell in love with Wanderer and Melanie, Ian and Jared and Jamie and Jeb, along with every other character (even the dreadful Seeker).
    But so far everything I’ve read about the movie they are making has pushed me further and further away from the excitment I once had over the upcoming (even tho they’ve pushed the release date I dont know how many times) movie.
    First, with the decision to make what is a very mature and adult love/sci-fi book into a ridiculous teenage movie (trying to attract youth who don’t even like the book).
    Second, with the choice of characters, who are WAY to young to play the ages of the book characters, again, making into a crappy teen movie. (gag)
    And third, changing everything about the damn book! This Andrew Niccol is ruining what could have been the best sci-fi/love story movie there ever was! I’m thoroughly heartbroken for what could have been. Ive hoped for a movie since the first time I read the book, now I just wish they lost funding and stopped making the movie before they release a horrible rendition of an absoluetly AMAZING book.


  6. its not even that Kruger is the wrong actress. I think she will do well, but a dye job and black clothing and dull black shoes would have made the illusion of the seeker more realistic to the character in the book. I don’t ever remember the seeker wearing high heels. I hope that Kruger at least plays the character kind of mousey but curt.
    It makes sense that Stephanie would agree with these changes. She respects these directors/producers,. But i feel like once a book is being made into a movie, the movie should be tailored for US. We related to these character,s..we cried when this character died…We feel, we loved, we hated….When we reread the book, we want to feel those emotions again. When you change the movie, it messes with our emotions. Good Gah, i didn’t realize i was this irritated by this….

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