How Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Quotes Get Taken Out of Context

We’ve seen this happen a bunch to both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. They give an interview and someone takes a comment out of context and tries to warp it into something it wasn’t. Oddly enough this doesn’t happen so much Taylor Lautner, but he hasn’t had as many outside projects and doesn’t do the same amount of press, so maybe that’s the answer.

Here’s how a self-professed Kristen Stewart non-fan came around after exploring Kristen Stewart’s coverage in the media.

The latest in Stewart’s supposed anti-Twilight campaign came during an interview with Australia’s Film Ink magazine, in which she reportedly flat-out says that that Snow White is a better role than Bella. Again, that’s the spin—here’s what she actually said:

It is fairly common to have your story as a woman, even if you’re the protagonist, facilitated by all of the male characters. It’s so rare to have a female lead character being so proactive. She pushes her own story forward, rather then being affected by all of the outside elements. Hopefully we do that, I’m really proud to be a part of something like that. It’s always food for women to feel empowered.

I mean, I can see how she probably finds this role more rewarding than Twilight, but is this really “harsh words for her passive character Bella Swan”? Or is she just echoing what many are saying about Snow White and the Huntsman: that it’s a Hollywood anomaly because it’s led by two strong female protagonists? For all I know, she may just be spouting off one of the marketing bullet points for the film, but at any rate, I hardly think it’s a deliberate dig at Twilight.

The author goes on to cite several more examples including a recent interview from Snow White and the Huntsman. Check it out here


  1. Not planning on watching a KStew movie outside Twilight so she can say whatever she wants

    • Out of curiosity, what makes you say that?

      • I agree that I probably won’t ever see another movie of her’s. For me, it’s because I don’t think she’s all that talented. She keeps the same facial expressions and the same tone of voice throughout most of every film I’ve ever seen her in. Also she doesn’t seem to push herself as an actor. The roles she chooses seem to be close to her own personality, and that’s taking the easy road. She has some bad habits that sneak into her characters; for example, what I call her smirk-and-sniff. It’s weird and unatteactive, and I’ve seen her do it in character and during personal appearances and interviews.

        Granted, I didn’t see Snow White but there has been nothing that would lead me to believe this would be any different. She has a lot of growing to do as an actor.

        • I could not agree more..

        • What about Cake Eaters and Speak? Those were definitely stretching material.

        • Christina says:

          What is the smirk and sniff?

        • I somewhat agree, but she does have some shinning moments of brilliance (Cake Eaters) at least I believe thats the name of it, she was amazing in that. I was floored by her performance. I thought she did a really good job as Joan Jett also. Kristin is growing as an actress, we forget how young she was when starting as Bella, but long before Bella she did Panic Room and we saw how awesome she will become, she was brilliant in that, I absolutely stayed with a knot in my stomach, and part of that was her very believeable performance. I don’t think she is through growing, and yes, its hard to leave your own facial expressions and movements out of whoever you are portraying, but I think her best is yet to come. I think I would see another movie with her in it, but not just becuase she is in it… Watch Cake Eaters, not a fabulous film, but Kristin showed what she is capable of, really good acting.

      • You’ve seen one Kristen Stewart movie, you’ve seen them all. She has ONE expression…maybe two, and that’s pretty much it.

        Robert Pattinson is going to far outshine her in terms of success. He has more talent AND class.

        • smitten_by_twilight says:

          Much as I adore Rob and think he’s going places, could not disagree more. I think Kris has more talent, and I see her reaching star status more quickly. I don’t see much comparison between Bella, Joan Jett, and her characters in Zathura and Runaways, yet they are readily distinguished and memorable.

          Taylor doesn’t get quoted out of context because he rarely says much of import. Rob and esp Kris do, and I love to hear it, but it leaves them vulnerable.

          • She’s never going to break out of the indie, small movie circuit.

            Rob is taking bold steps with his career in the choice of directors and films he’s choosing.

          • Twilight Cullen says:

            I disagree. Robert is amazingly talented, he can portray any emotion you ask him to on the spot and that takes alot of talent. Kristen is also very talented in all of the films which I have seen her in. Personally, I think that in some ways, they outshine each other equally. Robert has moved further on at the moment but you never know if Kristen has it in her to leap in front.

        • I have seen Stewart in several movies and I totally agree with what OTB and others have said; she has 1 mood, 1 character, and 1 expression. Now maybe she will grow as an actress and become something more, but right now she leaves me flat. Though I have to admit she did show slightly more range in BD. Maybe she just needs to do a few projects with really talented directors and experienced actors – it worked for DiCaprio.

          • I agree.

          • Twilight Cullen says:

            No. I think that this is very judgemental, Kristen portrays alot of emotions in Twilight, you see her ‘pain’ when James breaks her leg, her ‘zombieness’ when Edward has left her but you also see her ‘passion’ when they kiss and her ‘love’ when they marry. Those were only a few examples of Kristens emotions’. She clearly has more than 1 emotion. 1 character?! What do you mean by that? f you literally mean the character she plays, well in twilight, she is only Bella, so she portrays Bella. You get the idea. You say that ‘she just needs to do a few projects with really talented directors and experienced actors ‘ but I think that Robert Pattinson is very experienced, as is Catherine Hardwicke a talented director. Please explain to me…..

    • She actually has some really good indie movies. You should check them out. Don’t knock it till you try them.

      The Cake Eaters, The Yellow Handkerchief are great ones for example.

      • The Yellow Hadnkerchief was a good movie. I like KStew so I bought without reading any reviews or seeing the preview (bad idea on my part, but it worked out), and I enjoyed the movie.

        While I do like Kstew (my best friend and I are fans), I can agree that she usually only has one expression/personality, though she did do better in BDI and I’m hoping to see her do really well in Snow White this summer.

  2. Stewart is a very good actress; she uncannily channeled Joan Jett in the Runaways and played an entirely different character in Adventureland. I haven’t seen Pattinson’s other movies, but I am curious to see his portrayal of Dali in Little Ashes.

    There is a real craving in the media to promote the notion that Stewart and, even more so, Pattinson despise Twilight. I’ve never seen any evidence for that with Stewart. As for Pattinson, he does have a habit of cheekily needling the series, especially the more over-the-top aspects. And those quotes create pigpiles in the blogosphere of “Pattison hates Twilight.” Whatever Pattinson thinks of Twilight, fans understand that he’s a professional actor, not Edward Cullen.

    It must seem pretty surreal for Pattinson and Stewart, even four years later. They do a modestly budgeted indie fllm by hip director Catherine Hardwicke, and by the time of its release it has become a mega-phenomenon at the level of a Harry Potter or Star Wars and they are instant A-listers. And then every utterance they make about the franchise is put under a microscope by the press and haters who hope to shatter fans’ supposed illusions. Above all, I just appreciate the great work that they and the rest of the cast have done to bring those characters to life.

    • Little Ashes was terrible. It was hard to watch him in that movie.

    • jennifer says:

      Rob did a great job in Water for Elephants. And he had great material & costars to work with. The screen writer did a great job of adapting the book. I liked both the book & the movie equally well. If you want to see him in other stuff, I’d start there.

      Bel Ami looks like it’s going to be good too. Lots of A-list actresses and Rob not necessarily playing the “good guy.”

  3. irrevocablysue says:

    Wow…I really never thought I’d see this many people, at least on this website, bashing an actress that has not only helped make this franchise epic, but has put herself out there in roles that others would never touch. Give her a chance. She might just surprise you. She is very young yet….and has many years to pay her dues. I for one will be watching closely.

    • I agree %100!

    • I agree…. have seen Stewart in several movies and i really loved her!!! haters!!!

    • Christina says:

      I agree with you!!!! I think she’s amazing and gorgeous, she’s totally my muse, and I think SWATH is going to be BEYOND EPIC!!!!!!!!!

    • Faye massenroe says:

      Promote what you love don’t bash what you hate

      • It’s called an opinion. And nowhere did any of us get ugly or disrespectful. Aren’t we allowed to speak our opinions here?

    • Totally agree with you.

      She is an amazing actress her range in films is awesome. Yes most of them are indie flicks but she goes from being sweet and vulnerable in some to kind of mouthy and protective in others. Welcome to the Riley’s is such a great example as well as The Cake Eaters and Speak. Not to mention The Runaways. She portrayed Joan’s character so well and I was astounded at how she completely embodied her character.

      As for the people who say she has one facial expression? Seriously, you’re not that observant. In the twilight movies its a little harder for her emotions to come across because I feel that Kristen uses her eyes to express a lot of her feelings and she wears contacts which can just completely downplay the emotion there. If you watch her performance carefully you can actually feel every emotion there. I watched Twilight again the other day and noticed how well she pulled everything off. I was entranced.

      I think she is an extremely talented actress and will make the choice whether she wants to continue doing small indie films or go onto bigger things, but that’s her decision.

      Totally agree with you though irrevocablysue. 🙂

  4. rhiannon ratliff says:

    they are doing it again!! is reporting kristen said she is afraid of comepeting with jennifer lawrence, ,when are they gonna leave kristen alone???

  5. Hold on everyone… Yes, I do see a resemblance in some of Kristen’s films in regards to her expressions and such, but here’s another thought: Doris Day recently said in an interview on NPR (yes, she’s still alive), she played her characters like it was herself being that person. I think it could be argued that the greatest acting is being yourself and natural, just imagining yourself in another person’s shoes, facing their experiences. So, I guess I like that I see parts of Kristen in her movies. Also, she started really young, so of course she’s going to have room for improvement. I’m very curious to see her style in Snow White. I’m really looking forward to it!

    • All actors and actress bring part of themselves to roles. It’s acting 101. This is why you can get so many variants of the same character from different actors, each brings something new to the table. That is what casting calls are all about; finding the right flavor for the film.

      Kristen is very talented, but she stays within character ranges that is safe for herself. Looking back at her choices of films, there all pretty much the same style of role. Snow White gives her a bit more of an action-styled part, but at the same time, her temperment is pretty much the same as it was with Bella. There is nothing wrong with this, lots of stars make huge careers playing parts like this… Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie, Mark Walberg… all play within the same range, and yet nobody would ever say that they are bland.

      They may never be a Jonny Depp, Julia Roberts, or late Heath Ledger, but they still have a comfortable career.

      Of all the Twilight cast, it is Taylor a worry most about, and it is he who needs to really push beyond the “action-boy” style and try various things. Rob is doing the best at finding different roles with different styled characters, so I don’t see him having too many problems finding jobs.

      • Portateck says:

        You need to go watch “The Cakeaters” and then try & explain the BS… Kristen didn’t play a girl with a disease, she WAS a girl dying from dz… Then go watch ‘speak’… Truly the uneducated should just keep quiet!!

        • I think you misunderstood my comments… I wasn’t trashing Kstew in anyway shape or form, and I was btw, stating a fact. Yes, her pre-Twilight stuff was more varied… in particular I liked her in, “Into the Wild” as well as “Safehouse”. Since then though, it seems that she is staying pretty close to her “safe zone”. Again, this isn’t a jab at her, as many big named stars are just the same.

      • LadyLovesLeo says:

        How could an actor not bring part of himself or herself and their personality to a role? I disagree with you about Julia Roberts though. I find it difficult to watch her movies as I feel she is the same in each of them – silly girl next door with a huge smile and laugh.

  6. That Other Twilighter Girl says:

    I find it interesting That the example in the article is from Australia . I live in aus. And I find so much of the out of context stuff – and discouragement on any thing twilight media wise. I attempt to not watch anything that any of the twilight actors have been in besides twilight. It only happens- me watching their other movies- if I didnt know they were in it.
    I think I do it to preserve as best I can the tie between the actor and their charecter.
    I watched Sweeney Todd only to find Jamie Campbell Bower doing a very good job .

  7. SilverTongueDevil says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if all the people that are bashing her are the ones who get a kick out of Jersey Shore and think it’s talent. She has grown as an actress and anyone can tell that from her earlier NON TWILIGHT films. I’m very excited to see Snow White. She’s quircky and you can take it or leave it but one thing is for certain…..your trolling around on web pages bashing her and she’s making millions. I think we can tell who has the upper hand.

    • There is a big difference in being a troll and just stating an opinion. None of us have been disrespectful, just giving our views. I wasn’t aware that a person had to love every single actor/actress in the saga to be a fan. Since when? Any number of actresses could have played Bella and done a superb job.

      And no, I don’t watch Jersey Shore. I’m a little old for such ridiculous nonsense.

      I think the consensus seems to be that Kristen isn’t stretching outside of her comfort zone very much, hence the idea that she only tends to play one flavor of character. Whereas Rob is doing everything he can to break away from his Twilight persona….as he SHOULD.

      A difference of opinion does not a troll make.

  8. Honestly, I find her to be a wonderful actress. Do I think she was right for Bella, not really, but I’ve loved her in just about everything else I’ve seen her in. “The Messengers” comes to mind as she breaks down, displays genuine fear, frustration and stress. I really think she is talented and I hope she goes on to do some really wonderful things.

  9. I honestly think that Kristen can be a good actress. Maybe she wasn’t amazing as Bella, but she can act. But, I think Robert Pattinson is going to do a bit better. Kristen will come in a close second. I;m looking forward to seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. It looks completly different from Mirror Mirror and the Disney version. And from what I’ve seen from the trailers, Kristen looks lke she is doning a great job.

  10. radiowidow says:

    More people looking for a controversy that doesn’t exist, especially if it’s another excuse to bash Twilight. She’s touting a positive of the role she’s playing in SWATH. That doesn’t mean it’s a stab at Twilight.

  11. Now, as touching Kristen’s words. Even IF she was taking a dig at the Bella character, should we honestly be upset, outraged, or shocked? As much as she’s bragged about how much she loves the part of Bella, I can’t see her trashing it, as Twilight has boosted her career beyond her wildest dreams… HOWEVER, playing the devil’s advocate, let’s say she was digging at the Bella part. Maybe she did have a few issues with the script, the character itself. So she finally says something about it… who really cares…

    Kristen Stewart isn’t really Bella.. she plays the character. It’s her job. Just like any job, not every day is a happy day. Not every decision in regards to the producer, screenwriter, editor, is a decision she might agree with. I’m sure during the making of Twilight there were several battles. Kristen isn’t the type to NOT voice her opinion.

    We take things for granted because most studios have PR crafted and polished to a T. They ONLY show you things and interviews that paint the project in a good light. That only makes since. The actors and actresses involved are explicitly told to only give the good stuff…but again, it’s no different than any business. You work for a said company, you can’t get on a public forum and write about how horrible you think the company is. You get fired.

    In all honestly, I don’t think Kristen would personally take a jab on Bella or Twilight. I think she sincerely loves the project. You can tell that in her interviews. Shoot it is Twilight that allowed her to meet Rob and Taylor, both of whom she has become very good friends with.

    However, if she is implying something negative about Bella or Twilight in general… so what? She’s human. I still like her the same irrespectively.

  12. I’m from Australia and they are always spouting the most ridiculous crap. Don’t have anything else to write about. Blerg!

    • That Other Twilighter Girl says:

      Ah yes , me to S in a Sunday paper one week had an article that said Stewart was coming to aus. The next week they were ragging on her

  13. LadyLovesLeo says:

    I think one reason people keep analyzing and criticizing the Twilight movies and actors are due to the large number of movies that it entails. Five movies cover quite a bit of screen and calendar time.

    If there is one movie that you feel isn’t the greatest, you shrug your shoulders and move on. You would probably give those actors another try in another movie and formulate an opinion from there. But we keep seeing the same cast come together and revisit and expand on the same material.

    Also, as someone mentioned above both the movies and the actors have been highly sucessful and made quite a bit of money over the life of the franchise. Some people just don’t like to see others do well, and would be more than happy to twist their words to take a stab at them.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed it, but celebrities with “nice guy” and “good girl” personas (i.e. no drug use, scandals) are always targets for the media to jump on any morsel of news they can to try and taint that reputation.

    That being said – as far as criticism about the actor’s performances, they are just working within the material they have been given. If you’ve read the books (for this or any movie adaptation), you usually have a better understanding of the characters personalities and where the actors are coming from with their portrayals. People say that Rob is just standing around sulking, scowling, or smirking – doesn’t that pretty much sum up Edward in the books? How does one accurately play a mind reading vampire with 100 years of wisdom in the body of a young man? People say that Kristen’s performance of Bella is unchanging – well, the material of the books covers a period of almost two years. How much do any of our personalities change over that period of time? If you really compare the first and last Twilight movies available, you will notice a small evolution of Bella. And why wouldn’t Kristen bring part of her own personality into the role? In the book, don’t we all find Bella to be an accessible everygirl/woman kind of characteer?

    I mean seriously, there are some people that will always love Twilight (insert “the movie”, “the book”, “the actors”, etc. here), some people will always hate Twilight, and some people will just never care. If you like it / them, enjoy and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

    As a wise man once told me, opinions are like @** holes, everyone’s got one.

  14. Caroline says:

    I love Kristen Stewart and I can’t wait SWATH to come out. I’ve always identified with her because she’s misunderstood. People think that she’s bored and uninterested, when really that just her face. I’m the same way; people always think I’m a snob because I don’t have a fake smile plastered on my face all the time. She is someone who got to be under the radar as a child actor and then Twilight shot her up to the A-list. I think that it was weird for her and hard to get used to. Kristen has said a million times that she is the biggest Twilight fan and that she loves the character Bella Swan. People thinking that she’s trashing the Twilight series is insane.

  15. What I *like* about Kristen is that she isn’t all about the money – she *doesn’t* go for all the big hollywood movies. There’s nothing wrong with the indie film circuit! That’s where some of the greatest acting comes from.

    I totally agree with Caroline. I’m such a big fan of Kristen because she doesn’t do the Hollywood-fake-smile thing. She’s true to herself and doesn’t put up with bullcrap. She’s actually an actor, not a celebrity – or at least, she doesn’t pander to the celebrity ideal.

    Can’t wait for Snow White!

  16. I like Kristen Stewart, and I’m looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman. so yeah, I agree with her. Maybe her role being Snow White is much better than Bella Swan.

  17. Kristen was extremely lucky to be somewhat new and cheap to be chosen as Bella Swan. Remember, they didn’t think it was going to be as grand as it turned out. There are many more beautiful and better actresses out there. I agree with everyone who says she needs to grow as an actress – when you see her in the interview for Snow White – sitting next to Charleze Theron – you can definitely see who has class – who knows how to talk to the camera. While Charleze is all grace – Kristen is hunched over and doing the “sniff and smirk” written above.

    She didn’t make Twilight – Twilight made her and she needs to thank her lucky stars that she got the role – or she would be a nobody.

  18. First off I think Kristin is under such a micro scope that she can’t even breath without someone saying she did it wrong. I feel bad for her. I think she tries to move on with her other projects and talk about them accordingly, but keeps getting dragged back into the twilight world to compare rolls. As much as I love the Twilight fandom I think at times we are a little to judgemental. If we don’t like what’s done with the movies or what one of the actors said in an interview, then lets read the books again, cuz that’s where it all started.

  19. We all need to respect each others opinion. It seems that everytime someone comes here and dare to make a negative comment about any of the Twilight actors, they get “attacked”. If they don’t feel that Kristen is very talented then that is just the way they feel and they have every right to feel that way. It is just their personal opinion. I happen to think Kristen is a wonderful actress but that is just my opinion also.

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