Robert Pattinson on Under 30 Millionaire Brit List

Robert Pattinson is in good company with singing phenomena Adele and the Harry Potter cast. According to THR

The young entertainment crowd is led by Harry Potter star Radcliffe, 22, who is worth $31.8 (£54) million, the Times said. He has increased his wealth by $9.5 million over the past year, helped by the success of his latest movie, The Woman in Black.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson saw a bigger $12.7 million gain in his net worth over the past year, but comes in second with $63.6 million.

Harry Potter co-stars Emma Watson ($41.4 million, up from $38.2 million) and Rupert Grint (unchanged at $38.2 million) rank fifth and sixth on the actors’ list.

Adele, 23, is the young British entertainer who made the biggest jump in the past year. The pop singer more than tripled her wealth thanks to her second album 21 to $31.8 million.


  1. This sounds lazy, but I would never work again, who could possibly spend that much in a lifetime, there is so much need in our world, and I do know its not their faults they are so rich, I just get so sad when I see people laying on vents in the street for warmth.. Not other countries either, right here in the good old US of A. Strange how wealth is doled out.

    • Wealth is not “doled out.” It’s EARNED. These people worked for their money, and they have no obligation to give it all away just because there’s poor people. Rob and company worked 7 days a week the entire time they were shooting film. No days off and working late into the early morning hours with little sleep. People think actors and actresses live the glamorous life, but it’s grueling work. And that’s not counting the constant travel in press junkets and never having a home to live in, just motels.

      • I’d still take that grueling 3 to 6 months for that kind of return any day of the week!

      • I know it isn’t their fault, I do know that, but I know people who work far harder, 7 days a week… Nurses, Sanitation workers, etc, its our world who decides actors, sports celebs, Kardashians, etc deserve (which I do not agree with under any circumstance) the millions they are paid for their HARD work. That said, its just the world we live in, and if I could act I would be doing the same thing, and no, of course they do not owe ant=ything to anyone. My comment was it makes me sad the economic differences of so many, we are a rich country, and our people should not be sleeping atop vents to get warm….(

        • I’m a teacher and I know more than anyone that I’m not paid enough for the work I do. But society puts the highest price on what they find most important.

          Our entertainment obviously means more to us than our kids, the sick, and our homeless. That says alot about us as a society. But I also don’t buy into this 1% junk; this attempt to pit us against each other just because of the money we make and our decisions about what to do with it.

          I’m so proud of Rob. This is a man who barely had money for food and who lived in a run-down flat in Soho, and he’s gone on to become a success in life. He’s not over-indulgent. He’s not one of those movie stars who surround themselves with luxury. He’s the most humble millionaire I’ve ever seen in the public eye. I love him and I hope he makes millions more. In fact, I’ll help him with that. I go see every movie he’s in and I buy the DVDs too. lol

        • Amen to this and the teachers comment! That’s what I’m saying! And, frankly, I wish the Kardashians(sp?) would just go away! I could care less about them and their marriages. I don’t find them even slightly entertaining and I refuse to buy their products and make them richer and more popular for doing nothing!!

  2. What am I missing? According to the numbers of this article Pattinson would be first, them Watson & Grint and THEN Radcliffe. Am I reading this wrong?

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