The Host Movie Filming to Start in New Mexico

Much of The Host Movie was shot in the very same place and surrounding areas as was Breaking Dawn: The Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge and the surrounding countryside.

Now the production is moving to New Mexico for some authentic outdoor ambiance. Frances Fisher, who plays Maggie, Tweeted the above photo today.

Here’s some more info that the stars have dropped about the production via Twitter:

Stephen Rider:

regarding Stephenie Meyer: “Yeah, she’s on set almost everyday. She’s the best!!”

regarding reading the book: “we all have”

regarding the whole experience: “The cast is stellar and everyone is fully on board with the project. Truly an amazing experience!” and “Its gonna be great! The cast, crew, and producers are wonderful!!”

regarding the contacts: “They look great! Can’t wait for you to see…(he’s not allowed to tweet of photo of them)

regarding his character: “I’m the Seeker’s right hand man. The second lead seeker in the movie. Seeker Reed…” and “I don’t have a scene with him[Jake Abel]. But do have plenty of scenes with Diane Kruger and Saoirse Ronan.”

Frances Fisher

On hair color: He’s a blonde(Boyd Holbrook’s(kyle) confirms her hair is white for the film

regarding who is playing Sharon: you could tell us who will play Sharon? please?? ;)” I can’t; you will know why when film comes out!

regarding who is the funniest on set:
director Andrew Niccol

regarding who is playing Doc (still not listed on IMDB) Scott Lawrence is Doc


  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if Kate Winslet was Sharon?!

  2. I live in New Mexico! Wish I knew where they were filming!

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